Light Layers: 21 Choices for a Comfortable Fall

Light Layers: 21 Choices for a Comfortable Fall
Combine items similar to these to allow easy, sharp layering, without having to take 2 or 3 layers on and off all day.

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  • Matt Septer

    Great options here. You’ve probably done this, but what’s the rules on layering with a Henley? Or is it just rock an undershirt w/ a Henley on top? Or a quarter zip over the Henley?

    • Andrew

      Hey Matt,

      The henley is a versatile layering option. Check out some of the photos I did here for some ideas:

    • DanPatrickFlores

      I feel like the quarter-zip would have too much going on (buttons from the henley and the zipper from the quarter-zip) at the sternum.

      I tried both the cardigan and flannel shirt combos Andrew linked to, and I liked both looks. Personally, I left the flannel unbuttoned.

  • Jonathan

    hey quick question that has nothing to do with layers. I bought a pair of maroon colored Levi jeans but I’m having trouble figuring out what color shirt I should wear with it. All I could think of are neutral colors like white, black or gray. Can you help me out with my dilemma?

    • Vejovis

      Patterns/plaids with royal blue, teal, ochre, olive, beige/tan…you might start with a patterned button up with a small amount of dark red/maroon as a reference and then see what looks good. You could also layer that button down under a solid-color cardigan/v-neck sweater/shawl/cowichan in a thicker weave like cable knit and pair with boots to keep in step with the season. The only thing I wouldn’t do is pair with another dark, royal color since that might come off too Christmas-Eve-service.

  • Scott Burgeson

    That overshirt does not seem to exist on the frank and oak website. Please take my money! Where can I find one with the same style buttons.

  • Bo

    I’ve picked up a Donegal Elbow Patch sweater from Frank & Oak (extremely similar to the J. Crew sweater) as well as the Gap fleece cardigan pictured above, and both have proven to be excellent picks thus far. I also have the Merino cardigan from F & O as pictured, and two nice crew-neck sweaters similar to the ones above. In short, this post is right on the money as far as fall layering goes! By far my favorite season.

    • Andrew

      Nice! Glad everything worked out for you!