Designer to Deal: Rugged Americana

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  • John

    Articles like this are exactly why I love Primer. It’s GQ minus the snobby attitudes and stupid prices.

  • Andrew Selby

    I love having the ability to choose which pieces to pay up for and which ones to grab the discount version.

  • Zach

    I would absolutely love to see more of these with the frequency of your Getup articles. These are amazing.

  • tim r

    Just an FYI – J.Crew Factory will often have discounts and sell that same chambray for around $35-$45 when all is said and done. I got a red one this year that I love and the fit, quality and feel are leaps and bound above Old Navy. Great write up Andrew. Love the color mixing here.

    • Andrew

      Are the factory shirts the same? My understanding was it was a different line (read cheaper/not as good).

      • Dan

        They aren’t the same. They are cheaper alternatives but I would probably put them on par with what’s available at Gap or Old Navy anyway so…

        • Not Alan

          Seems like a few years ago some mainline J.Crew items would trickle down, but I don’t think they do that anymore.

          • tim r

            From what I gathered talking to the manager and sales reps at stores this was the case up until even as recent as 6 months ago when I asked.

        • Brock

          They’re not JC quality, but better than Gap and Old Navy for sure. Plus, yeah, crazy sales all the time.

      • tim r

        I had the same concern a while back and asked the manager at the JCrew store in Time Warner Center in NY and he noted that the shirts are only cut differently and are available in slightly less options and more basic styles. Most of the time the fabric in their work shirts lines / pants / sweaters are identical. The Factory items I’ve purchased over the past 2 years have held up perfect (no wear issues) and are much more comfortable than other brands in this price range. I’ve also noted they’re cut better shape wise for an athletic physic than gap or Old Navy (which wear on me like a dress around the waist) and fit better in the shoulders.

  • Tom

    Yeah, Andrew. This is what we’re talking about.

  • Dave Oeskovic

    Great post, love the comparisons and ability to choose where to spend. And I can personally vouch for the Caterpillar boots and shoes. They are surprisingly comfortable and weather beautifully.

  • Steve Kraft

    The Levi’s link goes to a page that says “No matching results”; proof that $40 Levi’s 501 don’t exist…

    • Andrew

      Sorry there was a problem with linking to internal pages, but I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Dave NJ

    $140 for raw denim seems like a steal no? the raw denim article featured $300 jeans. kinda like the fossil watch better too..

    • Andrew

      Yeah, it’s all relative I suppose – the 1000 Mile Boots are worth what they cost, but it’s still a lot of money.

  • Casey

    Great stuff. I have to say that the 1000 mile boots are worth every penny. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything!!

    • Casey

      Oh yeah, and my local Target has short-sleeve henleys on clearance for about $6.00

      • Kurt

        Sweet! I guess I’ll have to go check my Target tomorrow, the Mossimo tees and henleys are my favorite.

  • Zander

    Andrew, your barbour link actually goes to Burberry Brit. Not that its bad, but Barbour shouldnt cost 627. More like 327.

  • Jack


  • Kurt

    I already own pretty much this exact outfit (the cheap one) but with a grey henley and blue chambray shirt. Would that look OK?

  • Brock

    I think you should also factor in tailoring. If a J. Crew shirt fits perfectly, it’s worth the extra cost. If it doesn’t, buy a Gap shirt and have it altered (taken in, sleeves shortened, whatever). I try to avoid buying higher priced items AND paying the tailor tax, when possible.

  • Dom Lamson

    Which watch is that specifically? The link brings me to just the band.

    • Andrew

      That’s just a picture of an old Fossil, probably not available anymore. Use whatever you have!

      • Jack

        i actually have that fossil, and up until now I havent used it at all. that actually looks awesome.

  • Randy

    OK, so typically when you show pieces together, are you suggesting layering them together?

    • Andrew

      Yep, so the henley goes under the chambray shirt.

  • Bryce

    I just ordered the caterpillar boots. I’ll report back with my impression of them when they arrive in ~2 weeks.

  • Garrett

    Awesome, more for guys with a tight budget!