How to Negotiate Your Job Offer from Harvard Business School Professor Deepak Malhotra [video]

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  • Michael

    I love this video, thanks Andrew.

    Do you have any negotiation tips for a new professional? I think when you’re fresh out of school or on your first/second job out of college, there’s a feeling that you need to “take it or leave it,” since the job market is so tough these days. Is there any room to ask for better salary, perks, etc?

    • Andrew

      I’d say the same tips apply. You have to find out where the employer can wiggle and negotiate with it. You may be able to get a better or even just different sounding title, guaranteed holidays off for that year (usually goes by seniority, so new hires always work Christmas week, et. al.) or things that may be inconsequential to them but valuable to you. Going into a negotiation where you NEED what it is the other party is offering is always a weak foot, so if you have to take what they’re offering, see what you can get that’s not monetary.

      • Michael

        Thanks, that’s very helpful. I wish I’d seen this lecture six months ago!

  • Jacob P.


    This is invaluable content, and you’re dissemination of it, will speak volumes for the utility of reference, and reputation of your website. I took the finer points of Deepak’s “negotation” tips into a performance assessment of an existing career of 5+ years, amidst 3% budget cuts, across the board– where I, myself was outnumbered in a closed door office, 2 to 1 by my leadership.. and I walked out of there with a 6% percent raise and a 4% COLA increase. The mere act of the continuation of this information, has improved my life financially and beyond, that is why I frequent this site in moments of doubt, insight and exploration of improvement.

    • Andrew

      That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  • Conor Sherman

    this was great talk thank you for posting it

  • Adam B

    This is a fantastic piece of information! Some of us didn’t go to business school or take classes in college that focused on this type of very important information, but now find ourselves in careers where this skill is needed. If you have any more of these, please post them up.