The Getup: The Grad Student

The Getup: The Grad Student
Looking professional while working for the school and trying to fit in with campus culture can be hard. Mix patterns and textures to get a put-together but not dressed up look.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • JB

    That Copper River Bag looks eerily similar to another reputable company’s product…

  • Jake

    haha when i saw this post, the first the that came to mind was “oooo, the fabled grad student getup’. great post

  • LV

    JB: I had that same thought, especially since the other bag is sitting right next to me…

  • Mike

    This is my favorite style website by far. Within the past 6 months I started caring how I looked but didn’t know how to up my style. My hours long web search led me to a Getup and it was exactly what I was looking for. Andrew, you’ve done a great job! Glad to see the bucks back for another getup too!

  • Zachary

    Would love this, but couldn’t afford any of it on my stipend. Grad students have to look sharp on essentially minimum wage.

  • PhD

    “Working for the school” isn’t quite right; should be “working for the school for barely above minimum wage.” When can we see the getup: poverty line edition?

  • Gary

    Thanks for this getup Andrew. I’m a law student (so not quite working for the school, more like getting worked over by the school lol) and this getup is a perfect medium for a comfortable and professional look for law students. One great thing about the Banana Republic is if you sign up for their email list they consistently send out coupons and notifications about sales. I bought the same shirt in this getup (different colors, same style/price) when they had a 40% of everything sale.

    I would love to see some more of your ideas for us graduate/professional students, maybe this can become a more regular type post for the site as well?

  • David

    Great options, though a word of warning on the Merona argyle socks from Target, I bought that actual pair about a month ago, fraying and loose threads began appearing after the first wash. Almost unwearable now.

  • Jason

    I’ve been waiting for this post for quite some time. Another awesome PRIMER getup!

  • Deke

    I second David’s comment. I bought a few pairs of the Merona socks. They all started looking pretty rough after only a couple washes. I guess you can’t expect too much for the price, but I figured I’d get a few more wears out of them.

    Good looking getup though.

  • Ron

    As a grad student i wish i could spend 80 bucks on a shirt! but, primer getups are inspiring nonetheless…I can usually afford maybe half the stuff and definitely wing it on the rest

  • Omar

    Thanks Andrew!

    The only things I’d switch out are the pen and kindle fire. I currently use a blue frixion ball point pen (they also have red for those of you who like making undergrad cry). I’d switch the tablet for a utlrabook.

    Great getup! Thanks for putting this together.

  • Omar

    by the way, you can find the lacie key, 8gb version for about a buck more on

  • Omar

    @ PHD,

    i know what you mean. If you wait, you can get banana republic shirts for like 44 when they’re on sale. Still expensive, but I’ve found it works out because they last longer than shirts of lower quality. (just get your measurements at a store for their classic and slim line). I got 2 today for 25 each shipped. (I signed up for the banana republic e-mail and found out their on-sale stuff was discounted 30% more during lunch today).

    You can get similar pants from Levi’s for 40 ish, or go to a mervyns or ross and get some for $20.

    Use a pair of brown shoes that you have instead of those grey ones (they’re sold out anyways).

    Everything else, except the watch and bag, seem affordable.

  • Andrew


    I must have 10+ pairs of the Merona socks and love them. I’ve had most of them for more than 2 years I would guess.

  • Jake

    i 2nd that. i have about 10 pairs of merona and i throw em in the wash with everything else, and i’ve even had 3 or 4 of them for about 5 years now..(eww)

  • Frank G

    Great looking item! I especially like the look of that Copper River Bag… Soon much I just purchased one thanks PrimerMag…

  • Ryan

    Which company are you guys referring to when you say that the Copper River bag is similar to another product?

  • Ryan Hastings

    Do you have another source for getting the bostonian eastbends? Amazon is out of stock on almost all colors except for sand. It seems that they are pretty hard to find

  • Dennis

    Getting things done might be the most important addition to any getup of all time.

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