The Getup: Early Winter Wednesday

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  • Mark

    I love this selection, but a quick question for ya. I’m an athlete, so Levi’s straight fits usually get tight around my butt, quads are more forgiving of muscular builds?

  • Mark

    Sorry, that was supposed to say “quads and calves. Do you know of any brands that are more…”

  • Kevin

    I always liked those boots from lands end canvas but I have a question. I need some boots that are versatile and weather resistant (such as these work boots) that look just like these, but I almost find it a necessity to now have a zipper somewhere on the boot to make it about 500x easier to take it off/put it on quickly. Any suggestions? I know more ‘fashionable’ boots like some of steve maddens and john varvatos have em but I want it on a work boot.

    • Andrew


      I did some searching this morning and nothing came up. I would suggest you look for actual work boots, versus those sold to wear casually. Specifically duty boots for soldiers or police have side zips. I have a pair of duty boots that have this feature, but they look like SWAT boots unfortunately. (Or fortunately, depending on your style. 😉 )

  • Kevin

    Anybody have a pair of the work boots? I am about to pull the trigger on it since it looks so damn good!

    Btw, if anyone wants to buy anything from Land’s End today use promo code: DISCOVERLE and pin: 6702 to grab a quick 25% off.

    • Andrew

      Awesome! Thanks for the promo code!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the advice Andrew! Can I just say, I love the fact that all the staff of this magazine makes an effort to help their readers. You guys are awesome! Keep up the amazing work

    • Andrew

      Glad we can be of service! 🙂

  • Alex
  • TJ

    Wow, I can’t believe how well priced all these items are. That is why I love this series.

  • Suresh

    This is a Great series and i always end up buying atleast two from the list.

    Has anybody tried the Waxed Canvas Field Jacket. I am really tempted to get it, but not sure how durable the material and the look and Quality of the Jacket in Person.

  • Ward

    Love the shirt from the Gap, purchased it on sale two weeks ago for $39.99. I have received numerous compliments about the fit/style of the shirt.