Equipment for an Awesome Home Workout: Focus on Indian Clubs

An old school tool from the 1800's finds a new home in the 21st Century.
  • Heavy duty black resin is durable & doesn't fade
  • Weighs 2lbs each
  • Used to strengthen the shoulder girdle
  • Improves flexibility

The early history of the Indian Club sounds a lot like an aerobics class – a group of people exercising behind a leader as they all swung through the same motions together.  Not the most manly image, but when you update it with the knowledge that British Soldiers adopted the clubs to help increase their flexibility, strength, and agility, it becomes a bit more masculine.

The Indian Club is meant to be swung in a variety of patterns to strengthen and stretch the shoulder girdle, a part of our anatomy that is susceptible to injury unless properly exercised.  Increasing your athletic ability in the shoulder area will help you lift heavier weights and allow you to play your favorite sports (baseball, golf, tennis) with a reduced tendency to injure the shoulder.

I personally like to use the Indian Clubs to end a workout, as I have a relatively light pair.  After a long workout, it feels good to stretch the shoulders out and return some flexibility as the muscles tighten and become sore from lifting weights.
My set is from IndianClubs and retails for $49.95

Indian club

Robert Fure

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