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Survival Guide

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Social distancing, working from home, and lots of handwashing is the new reality. So …

How are you going to rock it?

Every day we’re seeing how smart, resilient, and positive the Primer community is. It’s inspired us to tap our network of experts, contributors, and friends for ideas about how to help you thrive in these extraordinary times.

Keep checking back for regular updates to our special coronavirus coverage, and be sure to share your lockdown stories via email, Instagram, Twitter, and the comments section.


ways to improve during social distancing

11 Ways Smart People Are Using This Crisis to Improve Their Lives

The key to surviving any situation is to keep making decisions, don’t freeze up, and propel yourself forward. How do you do that during a pandemic? We’ve rounded up tips inspired by our favorite productivity warriors.

Physical Health

best home workout according to science

The Best (And Fastest) Home Workout According to Science

Staying fit will help you beat the ‘rona, as well as the anxiety and cabin fever that come with it. Here’s how to work out faster and harder, according to research.


work from home tips

My 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Working from Home

Primer's editor & founder Andrew Snavely breaks down how to actually get things done after working from home for 9 years.

work from home with kids

How To Maximize Productivity While Working From Home…When Everyone’s Home

Don’t let roommates, family members, or even the cutest toddler distract you from staying on top of your professional life while you’re working from home.

work from home office productivity tips

The Ultimate Work From Home Space

27 productivity, body movement, and style upgrades to 10x your setup.

Sense of Self

how to cut your own hair

How to: I Cut My Own Hair After My Stylist Taught Me Over Facetime

Keep your cut regulation with pro tips from a 14-year veteran of the demanding LA hair scene.

comfortable wok from home men

Comfortable Now, Stylish Later: 24 Picks

Making the most of your work-from-home wardrobe.


how to make better coffee at home

How to Make Better Coffee at Home According to a Barista

How does your favorite barista make their richest, most satisfying cup of joe when they’re at home? We show you how.

reverse sear steak on cutting board

Miss Eating Out? Make the Best Steak at Home with the Reverse Sear Method

Bring the bistro home with our expert-sourced and in-house tested fool-proof perfect-steak procedure.


film school movies streaming

10 Movies You Watch in Film School That Are Streaming Right Now

There’s never been a better time to earn that BFA in Film Studies you’ve always dreamed about with Primer’s 100% free and unaccredited program. Hit play and enjoy.

best shows streaming

10 Great Shows to Stream Now That You’ve Burned Through All of Your Obvious Choices

Have we reached Peak Premium TV? Find out for yourself with these top picks, whether you’re in the mood for funny, thoughtful, or action-packed.


how to journal

How to Get Into Journaling: The One Thing That Can Change Everything

Being on lockdown means coming face-to-face with your own mind – here’s how to make it a positive encounter.

how to brainstorm

Brainstorming is an Actual Process Invented in the 50s and None of Us Have Been Doing It

Use your safer-at-home time for R&D on how to improve your own life using this time-tested method from a genuine 5th avenue mad man.

Make the best of it.
stay safe,
Stay Strong.