The Final Countdown: 18 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

The Final Countdown: 18 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day
The clock is ticking – we've created a collection of small gifts that will make a perfect package to open.

You might be a little old for finger paintings and salt dough handprints but one thing remains true about Mother’s Day gifts: they hold a lot of sentimental value. So whether you’re shopping for your own mom or helping your kids put together a carefully selected package to show their mom how much she means to you all, you’ll want it to feel extra special. 

After all, most moms love flowers and candy, but they don’t quite say “I love you” like a collection of gifts picked lovingly just for her. And the best bit is, you know she’ll be thinking of you whenever she goes to use them.

Need a little inspiration? Our list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2022 features presents that can be given alone or as a set. And since we know all moms are unique, we’ve selected a wide range of pieces that she’s bound to treasure as much as she treasures you (awww).

image of ancestry dna kit

23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit, $149

Let her trace back her lineage with a DNA kit, a gift that will fulfill the whole family.

image of a white inslutated water bottle

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, $31

Mom on the go? Give her one less thing to think about with a handy vacuum insulated water bottle that ingeniously includes a compartment for stowing keys, airpods and more while exercising.

image of an ad for a house cleaning service

Handy 3-Hour Home Cleaning Service Gift Card, $99

Give mom a day off with a three-hour cleaning session – leaving her some free time to spend with you.

image of a woman wearing a black sleep eye mask

Gentle Pressue Sleep Mask, $34

Treat mom to a perfect night’s sleep with this highly-rated weighted blanket for the eyes.

image of a bottle of cocktail syrup

Gourmet Cocktail Syrup, $20

Mom’s cocktails just got more impressive thanks to this Pink House Alchemy Lavender Syrup, with over 1,200 reviews.

image of a bottle of spicy honey

Bees Knees Spicy Honey, $15

Foodie moms with a sweet tooth will love this Bees Knees Spicy Honey, delicious on fried chicken, fries, cheese, and even pizza.

image of a box of tea bags

Big Heart Tea, $13

Big Heart Tea company could be named after your mom, so why not gift her this small-batch herbal infused ‘Cup of Love’ with her breakfast in bed.

image of organic olive oil

Castillo de Canena Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $28

Nobody cooks better than mom and expensive versions of common essentials make great gifts. This award-winngin luxury Castillo de Canena Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is biodynamic and is produced by a family company making olive oil since 1780.

image of a cylinder shaped water bottle

Purist Water Bottle, $56

We all want the very best for our moms, which is why this bottle features an unbreakable glass interior so she’ll never get a metallic taste or the hint of last week’s coffee.

image of a wine bottle insulator

Wine Bottle Insulator, $90

Perfect with summer weather coming up, this Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator will keep the drinks of Mom and her guests cold for hours.

image of a grey throw blanket

Throw Blanket, $69

Give mom the gift of cozy so she cuddles up on the sofa with this beautiful gray throw by Santa Barbara Design Studio.

image of packets of essential oil after excercise towelettes

Run Sweat Recover Essential Oil Towelette, $11

Elevate a busy mom’s post-workout cool-down with a set of refreshing, oil-infused towelettes.

image of the minimalist kitchen book

The Minimalist Kitchen, $22

If your mom loves to cook, this cookbook inspires home chefs to expand their repertoire by paring back.

image of potluck cookbook

Potluck: Food and Drink to Share with Friends and Family, $19

And if mom loves to host friends and family, give her years worth of new ideas.

image of brew better coffee at home book

Brew: Better Coffee At Home: Better Coffee At Home, $13

Mom’s run on coffee, so give yours the gift of even better tasting homemade fuel with this beautifully shot guidebook.

image of three packages of trail mix

Trail Mix, 3-Pack, $23

Whether your mom loves a healthy snack, relies on post-workout fuel, or just enjoys tasty bites to enjoy throughout the day then this award-winning, healthy trail mix will go down a treat.

image of a twelve count pack of chocolate bars

Mast Chocolate Bars, 12-Pack, $36

Okay we know we said chocolate was an obvious Mother’s Day gift, but when it’s as tasty (and well-designed) as this organic 12-pack from Mast then it really does feel extra special.

image of a soy wax candle

Best Mom Ever Soy Wax Candle, $20

Top off the ultimate Mother’s Day gift package with a made in USA soy candle that literally tells her how much you love her.

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