The Internet’s Favorite Beard Trimmer Has Just Been One-Upped

The Internet’s Favorite Beard Trimmer Has Just Been One-Upped
Tired of junky hair trimmers that tug and burn out?

Thanks to Brio for partnering with us and offering Primer readers a free Zero Blade attachment ($25) with their Beardscape purchase.

There are two types of guys who grow beards: The lucky ones and the frustrated ones.

If you’re a guy whose facial hair comes in even and full and the entire beard maintenance procedure is just a joy each time, you’re a lucky one.

My bet, however, is that this hasn’t been your experience. If you’re growing a beard for the first time and just discovering the how and the how often, you’ve probably been surprised to discover that having a beard isn’t just simply “not shaving” anymore.

We Shape Our Tools, Then Our Tools Shape Us

A beard grooming ritual should be as much of an experience as you want it to be – clean up and get out – or a slow, methodical self-care routine. However you like it, it should be precise, smooth, and effortless.

Unfortunately most of the grooming tools you’ve likely come across do not live up to this.

This is the result, I can only assume, of the everlasting quest of making products cheaper for a general population of men who were conditioned over decades that they shouldn’t/can’t spend the money to buy quality things if it is anyway related to their grooming. Hell, telling a guy he’s out of touch or soft because he has a “$50 haircut” has been a favorite insult for generations.

You continue that cycle long enough and you find ourselves in what most guys assume is the only option: A place where all the beard trimmers on the Target shelf are light duty, plastic, glorified nose trimmers with beard guard attachments.

brio beardscape 2
Brio Bearscape V2

If you’re anything like me as I’ve gotten older, you’ve learned the benefits of investing in the right tools. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a computer or a camera lens or a clothing item only to have it trip up whatever solution it was supposed to provide.

And for the unlucky beard guys – that is, realistically, most of us – having a beard trimmer that:

  • tugs
  • nicks
  • requires a million passes
  • takes off too much or not enough
  • always dies as your cleaning up before an important event
  • never works right after it tipped over on the counter
  • and feels more like a Time Warner remote control than a hefty, long-lasting grooming tool

big breath in…kind of makes you want to just shave the damn thing off once and for all.

I have run my whole business on two Macbook Pros for 14 years. They’re fast, always work as expected, and sturdy. They make doing what I do easier.

The Brio Beardscape is the MacBook Pro of beard trimmers: It feels solid and is a pleasure to use because you can trust that it works as expected.

The result? It turns being an unlucky beard guy into having a beard ritual I look forward to.

brio beardscape 2 size
This ain't no teeny trimmer

This is because of several primary engineering focuses:

Brio Beardscape Differences

Sharp & Long-lasting

The Beardscape makes use of ceramic trimmer blades, instead of the standard metal blades. This creates less heat and friction – and less noise. It also contributes to longevity: Brio’s ceramic blades are four times harder than steel.

Close up of ceramic blade on Brio Beardscape v2

The Beardscape feels like a real tool in your hand. It’s hefty enough and large enough to allow balance and precise motion. I can guarantee your first reaction to holding one will not be, “This feels chintzy.”

Crazy Battery Life (and Awesome Charge Indicator)

Beyond its lifecycle longevity, the Beardscape 2 also features a lithium ion battery that lasts up to 240 minutes, depending on usage speed. Meaning that even if you used it for 10 minutes every day at its highest speed you wouldn’t have to charge it for 18 days. In practice, I charge mine maybe twice per year, an experience echoed in the verified buyer reviews.

Couple that with the digital battery meter that provides a down-to-the-minute estimate of remaining charge, and you’re never going to get caught with only one side of your beard cleaned up before a presentation, wedding, or date night.

a brio bearscape beard trimmer digital battery meter

In the event you do get caught with a dead battery Beardscape, it also runs full power when you plug it into the wall, unlike many cheaper options that will only charge the battery when plugged in.

Laser Precision or Chain Saw

The built-in adjustable blade with the included trimmer guards offer impressive granular control with a .3mm adjustment range allowing precise trimming and maintenance for a guy who needs to take off just the slightest bit of length.

brio beardscape length adjuster

But if you need to mow through a forest of facial hair without snagging or pulling, the industry-leading power of the quiet high torque motor can cut through the thickest hair without losing RPMs. Utilizing that power in conjunction with the included trimmer guards actually gives you a capable head hair trimmer too.

Confidence-building 2 Year Warranty

Part of the reason I trust in MacBook Pros is Apple’s reputation for customer service. They’ve proven to me over the years that when something happens with this device that I trust to run my business, they’ll make it right and quickly.

How can you trust investing in a Beardscape is worth the money when you’ve had such disappointing experiences with beard trimmers before? Brio’s 2 year warranty and dedication to making things right means you're not going to be burning through cheap trimmers every few months.

The New Beardscape

Because of all this, we’ve been fans of, and linked to, the original Beardscape model for years, and this is consistent across recommendations and reviews online. It is not a cheap trimmer, but when you’re tired of burning through the light duty options most commonly available, everyone from Reddit to Youtube to Brio’s 4.5 star average with over 1,300 reviews on Amazon, bearded brethren offer confidence in their decision to upgrade.

Brio Beardscape version 2 differences
Beardscape 1 on the left, Version 2 on the right

Brio continues to fine-tune the design with the Beardscape 2, which features a larger battery, an enhanced digital display with cutting length and battery life, improved ergonomics, and a nice-touch travel lock to keep your bag from buzzing when you’re on the go.

If you have the original Beardscape, you’re still set. But if you’re tired of working with sub-par trimmers or in need of an awesome Father’s Day gift, The upgraded Beardscape 2 is a trimmer that provides a satisfying beard ritual to even the unluckiest of beardsmen.

Primer readers get a free Zero Blade attachment when they order a Beardscape 2!

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