Father’s Day Gift Ideas He’ll Actually Want

Father’s Day Gift Ideas He’ll Actually Want
The best Father's Day gifts (that aren't a "#1 Dad" mug).

There's an art to finding the perfect Father's Day present. You can go with the classic “Trifecta of Bs” (booze, bacon, beef) but that's just as expected as flowers on Mother's Day.

And if you're fortunate enough to have a dad that you want to celebrate, you want to do more than what's expected. Plus, now you're at an age where you've gotten to know him as a person, rather than just the person who wears a tie. (Don't worry, he really did love all the tie-themed cards you brought home from school. Because you made them for him.)

But that means that now you can get him something that speaks to the man behind the Dad. Maybe he's a movie buff, or an avid gardener. Maybe you're a dad yourself now, and he's a proud grandpa. Or maybe he's kind of hard to shop for.

We got you.

We've homed in on niche interests, and also included upgrades to useful household items. Because our aim is to find things that celebrate the many types of men who are dads. And please drop your own purchases and suggestions in the comments. We–and dads everywhere–appreciate it.

walnut valet tray

Walnut Valet Tray

Mark Graham, $49

Maybe dad has plenty of “stuff”. But does he have any stuff FOR his stuff? A handsomely utilitarian valet tray keeps his daily essentials neatly in reach, so he doesn't have to wonder where his keys and wallet are.

the dad hoodie with multiple pockets

The Dad Hoodie

The Dad Hoodie, $98

Great for new dads (and dads newly promoted to Grandpa), this hoodie is essentially a wearable dad bag. It would also be great for grilling, tailgating, hiking… any activity where you need to be prepared. Pre-fill the pockets with some of dad's favorite snacks, while you're at it.

custom family portrait illustration art

Custom Family Portrait

Etsy, $20+

Instead of trying to coordinate everyone's schedules (and outfits) for a family photo session, send in a few pics of your fam at their best and let the artist do the rest. (Note: listing is for a digital download, so make sure you leave yourself time to get the portrait printed. We do all of our Free Art Printables at Costco for cheap, quality posters.)

wurkin stiffs magnetic collar stays

Magnetic Collar Stays

Wurkin Stiffs, $29.50

A great gift doesn't have to be flashy. This set of sturdy magnetic stays discreetly corrals flopping, flaring collars, leaving dad free to concentrate on more important things.

burro buddy lawn and garden holding tray

The Burro Buddy Lawn & Garden Tray

Amazon, $39.95

If dad's a lawn ranger, he probably already has all the shovels, rakes, trowels, and shears he needs. However, he probably doesn't have a good way to organize and shlep everything from the shed. Help him with the yard work even if you live too far away to y'know, actually help him with the yard work.

deep tissue body massage gun

Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Amazon, $59.99

Whether it's the aforementioned yard work, triathlon training, or just some reluctantly-acknowledged arthritis, percussive therapy can work wonders on dad's sore muscles and achy joints.
ambient wifi smart weather station

Ambient WiFi Smart Weather Station

Amazon, $169.99

More accurate than the default app on dad's phone (and with many more features and functions) this wireless sensor array measures everything from temperature and wind speed to solar and UV radiation, providing useful data for gardeners, storm trackers, and people who just like to know what's going on in their own back yard.

beef jerky in a toolbox

Exotic Jerky Toolbox

Man Crates, $59.99

If your dad has a bit of an adventurous culinary side, try him on a box of jerky sticks crafted from the wilder end of the edible meat spectrum. Pair it with a bottle or 6-pack of his favorite libation.

dollar shave club gift set

Dollar Shave Club Gift Set or Gift Card

Dollar Shave Club

He probably taught you the finer points of shaving. Now you can return the favor and upgrade his grooming routine with a set of face-smoothing essentials. 
beardscape beard and hair trimmer

Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

Brio, $79.95

Help dad wrangle his whiskers with a quiet yet powerful trimmer that the Primer team has used for years. With an integrated adjustable ceramic blade that's stronger than steel and an assortment of guards, the Beardscape makes it easy to dial in the right length and won't burn out in six months.

brass and marble barware set

Brass and Marble Barware

West Elm, $67.58

If dad's known for his skills with a cocktail shaker, elevate his home bar with this elegant set. Maybe he'll even teach you some of his secret recipes.

set of four kabob grilling baskets

Kabob Grilling Baskets, Set of 4

Uncommon Goods, $17

More versatile and easier to flip than skewers (and less likely to be used as weapons by the kids at the table), these grilling baskets make cooking shrimp and veggies on the BBQ a breeze.

steel and nylon garden stool with tool bag

Gardener's Tool Seat

Uncommon Goods, $40

Help dad garden smarter, not harder, with a folding work station that's part stool, part tool bag. The organizer also detaches from the seat for easy transport. (Note: tools not included.)

waterproof phone pouch set of two

Waterproof Phone Pouch, Set of 2

Amazon, $9.99

Swimming, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking…if dad does it, this waterproof phone pouch can keep his device (and cards, cash, etc.) protected and in easy reach. The thin yet durable material makes it easy to use the touchscreen and take photos under water. Just be aware that it does not float, and plan accordingly.

history of space travel puzzle

History of Space Travel Puzzle

West Elm, $17

Fans of space, science, and creating order out of the chaos of 500 oddly-shaped cardboard pieces will love this jigsaw puzzle. The enclosed poster serves as both a design reference and includes information on every crewed mission since 1961.mesh grill bags set of two

Mesh Grill Bags, Set of 2

Uncommon Goods, $22

Sure, the BBQ gods demand a sacrifice, but does every grilled veggie have to turn into a burnt offering? Not anymore!

portable solar charger

Portable Solar Charger Power Bank

Amazon, $46.99

Hikers, campers, and those who spend a large part of their time away from outlets need a reliable source of power for their devices. This solar-powered charging bank works great when dad's off the grid (plus he can pre-charge it at home). It's also a useful addition to any emergency kit.

yeti roadie cooler

Yeti Roadie Cooler

Yeti, $199.99

Tall enough for wine bottles, spacious enough for 3 6-packs, and insulated enough to keep everything perfectly chilled all day and all night, this durable, compact cooler also doubles as a seat or a beverage perch in a pinch.

sixteen feet digital tape measure

Digital Tape Measure

Amazon, $31.99

No more messing around, squinting, and trying to count sixteenths of an inch. This digital tape measure displays measurements on an easy to read screen, calculates midpoints, saves measurements, and can even calculate corner measurements without bending the tape–just switch the starting point to the back of the device and it factors its own length into the reading.

chemex pour over glass coffee maker 

Chemex Glass Pour Over Coffeemaker

Amazon, $49.95

This iconic coffee carafe is as easy to use as it is elegant. Which is important when your aesthetic sensibilities don't really kick in until after your first cup of joe. Pair it with a pound of dad's favorite whole beans.
a record of my vinyl companion journal

A Record Of My Vinyl Companion Journal

West Elm, $17

One thing record collectors need more than (well, almost as much as) that rare LP they've been chasing down is a way to organize and catalog each and every disc they own. Help dad keep track of every last track with this handy journal.

glass topper cocktail smoker

Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

Uncommon Goods, $40-$100

Infusing spirits with a wisp of smoke not only looks impressive, it adds bold flavor and complexity to your favorite drinks. This device is a simple yet effective way to imbue an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or other classic cocktail with new dimensionality–and drama.

stainless steel insulated can cooler

Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler

Amazon, $24.99

Nobody likes a warm beer or soda. Or a sweaty, slippery cans, for that matter. Keep dad's beverage of choice at his preferred temperature with this insulated container. It also keeps hot drinks hot, and doubles as a tumbler, so dad can take his coffee or tea on the go.

cinephile card game

Cinephile Card Game

West Elm, $20

Movie buffs of every genre and era will enjoy testing and showing off their knowledge. There are multiple ways to play, and multiple levels of difficulty, plus the open-ended nature of the game allows for fan-made remixes of the existing rules.

leatherman pocket tool

Leatherman Pocket Multi-Tool

Amazon, $59.95

Dad might already own a multi-tool or two, but here's why this one deserves a place in his collection: not only is it compact, but each and every implement is on the outside of the tool, and can be opened and closed with one hand. Simply push with a thumb to open, and close with a secure magnetic lock.

black leather wireless phone charging tray

Wireless Charging Tray

West Elm, $175

Give dad the gift of a clean, uncluttered desk or nightstand with this streamlined wireless charging tray. Great for phones and earbuds, with a handy tray for keeping his keys and wallet close at hand, it's a subtle but substantial improvement on his existing charger.

tabletop corn hold game

Tabletop Cornhole Game

Uncommon Goods, $8-$50

Take dad's favorite outdoor game indoors when it's too cold or rainy for backyard bean bags. The launching platforms are adjustable, so that nobody's projectiles end up in the mashed potatoes instead.

outdoor campfire or grill popcorn maker

Outdoor Popcorn Popper

Uncommon Goods, $17

If dad's a popcorn aficionado, you know he thinks that the pre-popped kernels just can't compare. This compact popper is easy to assemble for fresh, fluffy popcorn on the grill or over a wood fire, with a self-storing handle so it packs small for camping trips.

ninja air fryer kitchen appliance

Ninja Air Fryer

Amazon, $99.99

To cook is human; to air fry, divine. This multi-functional cooking device not only creates perfectly crispy food (with far less oil and fat than traditional frying), it also roasts, dehydrates, and even reheats food to the perfect temperature and texture. Plus, its components are dishwasher safe–unlike the oven and microwave.glassware with united states constitution and declaration decoration

Constitution and Declaration Rocks Glass

Uncommon Goods, $16-$30

Some might say that these glasses are Old Fashioned, but we say that democracy never goes out of style. Here's to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

magnetic wristband for tools

Magnetic Tool Wristband

Amazon, $10.99

Anyone who's ever tried to hold onto a nail, bolt, or other small bit of equipment (or wished for a third hand) while working on a project will appreciate this simple but essential magnetic wristband. It's also great for helping Dad keep track of all those small parts and pieces that tend to get lost in his toolbox or pockets.

art of jazz book

Art of Jazz Book

West Elm, $35

More than just a musical genre, jazz is a creative medium that has challenged, influenced, and inspired the visual arts field–from album covers and photography to the work of Picasso, Warhol, and more. Engage dad's eyes and ears with this fascinating guide.

pig eyeglass holder

Pig Eyeglass Holder

Uncommon Goods, $38

The greatest glasses conundrum is that it's impossible to find your glasses if you're not already wearing your glasses. This trusty porcine provides the perfect perch for dad's wayward specs.

What's your foolproof gift for dad this Father’s Day? Share it in the comments below!

Ali grew up in New York and currently lives in Philadelphia, where she works as a copywriter. She enjoys cooking, playing the guitar, and powerlifting, and has a brown belt in Krav Maga. You can find her collected articles on health, fitness, and other lifestyle topics at https://alibzagat.contently.com/ Instagram: @alibzagat