Rethink Your Swim Trunks: 14 Swimsuits You’ll Want to Wear In and Out of Water

Rethink Your Swim Trunks: 14 Swimsuits You’ll Want to Wear In and Out of Water

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As you can probably tell from the fact that you’re sweating right now, summer is here. That means two things: you’re going to start measuring time in hours you need to wait until you can crack open a beer (outdoors, obviously), aaaand that you’re going to need to track down your swim trunks.

Now when you’re breaking out last year’s suits for the season’s first beach day, you might find they fit a little differently than you remember (no judgment here, we know from experience). Or maybe you’re just ready for a new look. Luckily you’ll have ample opportunities to roll up in trunks this summer, so picking up a couple of new pairs is always a good move.

This year, we’re favoring more down tempo colors and styles, meaning muted colors, subtle patterns and textures, and updated, flattering cuts. The goal here is to ditch the brightly-colored, too-long board shorts of yesteryear and opt for something a little more put-together. The best part about these picks? Some of them look so much like dressy-ish shorts that you can almost get away with wearing them to casual Friday at the office. Almost.

28 palms

28 Palms 7’’ Inseam Hybrid Board Short

Amazon, $35

As an Amazon original clothing brand, 28 Palms has created a pair of rock-solid, classic swim trunks you can get for a price so low it’s ridiculous they’re not technically on sale. They come in 10 solid colors with ultra-subtle heathered patterning, and buying from Amazon means you can Prime ’em to your house and be suited up poolside in just a couple of days.

huckberry swim trunks

Howler Brothers Sayulita Watershorts

Huckberry, $59

Simply put, these swim shorts by Texas-based label Howler Brothers have managed to distill the best of old-school cool into a 7½” inseam, 5%-stretch piece of awesomeness. They’re available in two washed-out, beachy colorways, come equipped with all the premium fixin’s we look for, and look damn good either dry or wet.

jcrew swim trunks

Fair Harbor Nautilus Board Short

Fair Harbor, $68

If you’re looking for a patterned option to add just a bit of life to your muted summer short collection, the Nautilus Board Short by Fair Harbor has all but perfected the low-key, nautical-inspired print game. Here’s the best part: despite being ridiculously soft, they’re actually made from recycled plastic bottles as part of Fair Harbor’s sustainability mission.

rip curl swim trunks

Rip Curl Contra Board Shorts

Nordstrom Rack, $26

As one of the pioneers in the boardshort universe, Rip Curl has been outfitting pro and amateur surfers alike with quality seafaring threads since ’69. These Contra Board Shorts are about as vintage-looking and understated as it gets, and come in at a slightly longer 8’’ inseam in case trunks that hit too much above the knee aren’t your thing. With a retro lace-up fly, a buttoned back pocket, and a muted hue, it’s hard to go wrong.

buck mason deck shorts

Buck Mason Deck Short

Buck Mason, $75

If you’re not already wearing Buck Mason, it’s time to start. Season after season, their design team absolutely nails the laid-back-but-still-put-together vibe of faded, sun-bleached fabrics, and these deck shorts are a testament to that. This no-fuss pair comes in a quick-drying cotton-poly blend with a bit of added stretch, and proves that simpler is better and always more stylish.

Think we missed a pair the people need to know about? Let us know down below.

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