The Getup: Every Item Under $50 – Spring Heat Wave

Spring was like, “nah,” and summer is all like, “I can hang out if you want,” and we’re all like, “Guys, make up your mind.”

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waxed duffel gap denim jacket Axe Gold Dove Men+Care Prive Revaux sunglasses abercrombie shirt and shorts levis sneakers leather nato watch primer instagram

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  • Ross

    This is a great idea for a getup post. I know Primer looks at finding great prices for affordable quality outfits but I like the budget friendly focus on this one. I personally do a lot of shopping at Old Navy because of their great prices on closet staples that I can’t live without but I often wondering if their quality is inferior because of the price. I mean I like their styles, and do see anything wrong with the quality, and they have medium tall sizes so it’s a win win for me but should I be concerned with the “stereotype” of Old Navy being cheap crap or am I fine continuing shopping at places like Old Navy and Target Goodfellow without being looked at like an immature man boy that needs to grow up and buy all jcrew or Armani?

    • Andrew

      Thanks Ross! I’m actually going to use this question for an Ask Andrew video! Good thoughts.

      • Ross

        Cool Andrew! Can’t wait for the video. Will that be posted soon?

        • Ben

          Andrew, could you expand that to include brands like American Eagle and others that often have a youthful stereotype? They also carry tall sizes and I hate eliminating one of only a few options but I’m always afraid to wear them for the stereotype.

  • Joshua Michael

    Definitely one of my favorite get ups to date! What are your thoughts on short sleeve button downs for the Spring/Summer ’18 season?