Live Action Getup: The Last Heat Of Summer

Live Action Getup: The Last Heat Of Summer
Labor Day may have come and gone, but in many locations across the country, the temperatures and humidity haven’t heard the news. Fall might be right around the corner but there is still enough time to have that one last summer day out and about with your friends in your favorite summer clothes.

So don’t put those shorts away just yet.

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We love the warm, sunny weather because it basically gives us unlimited potential throughout the day, right? You want to be outdoors and on the move, soaking up the heat and vibes all around you, taking in everything your town has to offer.

Whether it’s a walk to get some coffee with a friend in the morning, checking out an art gallery in the afternoon, or heading to a baseball game at night, you need a getup that is stylish, versatile, and balances hot afternoons with cool evenings.

Because let’s face it, you never know where you might end up on a day like this. Get out and soak up that last bit of summer.

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Rob Dex rocking old-school LA in West Hollywood

L.A. Skater On The Bottom

How do you dress for a day of limitless options without looking out of place anywhere you might end up? Embrace style items that are equal parts casual and intentional.

Let’s start from the bottom up with a pair of classic, all-black, low-top Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, available here from Amazon for a modest $50.

Converse has been a warm-weather staple for decades, but the all-black pair paired with black fitted shorts draws inspiration from Los Angeles skate culture and gives the ensemble an edge. The Goodthreads 9” Stretch Chino Short can be purchased on Amazon for $25 and is Prime eligible.

The bottom half of the outfit is decidedly LA, which prevents it from being bland or generic.

men's style inspiration outfit ideas blue oxford striped shirt black shorts black converse

Versatile Casual Prep On Top

Up top, the preppy striped t-shirt and the short sleeve oxford cloth button down certainly help balance out the skate vibes. Just enough prep to balance out the punk, keeping it versatile for multiple venues.

The blue oxford is a must for days and nights out in the summer weather. This particular option is on sale for $30 from Gap and works with just about anything, but we really like it paired with the black shorts and Converse.

men's gray and white striped t shirt

The horizontal striped tee breaks up the monotone elements of the outfit perfectly. This cotton t-shirt pictured is just $12 from Muji but we also like a similar option from J. Crew Mercantile on Amazon for $16.50. For more of our favorite pieces from the J. Crew and Amazon collaboration, check out our picks here.

mvmt gotham watch gray on gray leather watch

Add another splash of edge to the overall look with a simple, clean timepiece. The minimalist cool of the MVMT Gotham watch ($140), with its solid gray face and gray leather band makes a clear contemporary statement.

This outfit gives you just enough of a layered look while still keeping you cool and casual. The true layering, however, is just around the corner (Hint: Fall Getup Week is coming), so go out and enjoy the sun and the warm temps while you still can!

Rob Dex

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