Frank And Oak’s New Style Subscription Box is Like Having a Free Personal Stylist

Streamline the process of adding great pieces to your wardrobe.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard about subscription boxes. They’re typically a monthly subscription to curated style items that arrive in, well, a box.

Now, if you’re like us it’s clear the men’s consumer-verse has reached peak subscription. You can get to everything from socks to vintage video games to sustainably-sourced seafood sent to you on a monthly basis, and while we have yet to meet a box we don’t want, hard choices must be made with one’s disposable income.

Here at Primer we get invitations to review different boxes on a weekly basis. We ignore nearly all of them for one of two reasons. They're either full of no-name brands or they're from designers that are prohibitively expensive.  But there’s a new style subscription box that we’re actually excited about.

Frank And Oak’s New Subscription Box Has Our Attention

Frank And Oak is a brand we’ve featured quite often over the years, like this casual office Getup. We like their classic style with an undeniable urban edge that ensures you’ll always contemporary but not flashy with no-sale price tags everyday guys can afford. $50-$80 for shirts, jeans, and sweaters, and that's before any sale or deal discounts.

When we heard they were launching Style Plan, a monthly subscription-based style box, we were intrigued.

“Go on,” we said, in perfect, eerie unison.

A Personal Stylist For The Rest Of Us

What’s the best way to understand the Frank And Oak style box?

First, it’s a personal stylist for the digital everyman.

Second, it’s a way to streamline the introduction of new pieces and new styles to your wardrobe without having to put in any effort.

Third, it’s basically getting someone to shop for you for free.

At Primer, we’ve jokingly called the Frank And Oak subscription The Getup Robot. So far, the brand has done a great job curating looks that reflect what’s in style, what’s current, and what’s affordable.

Check out Frank And Oak's Style Plan subscription box here

How The Style Plan Box Works

The first step is fairly common across all types of subscription box: answer a short questionnaire about your size and style preferences and Frank And Oak’s algorithm will tune what you see.

frank and oak subscription box

Get clothing completely tailored to your personal style by completing their easy questionnaire.

Then, they send you a preview of what your box will contain. Like what you see, and you’ll receive it. Don’t like it, and you can skip that month – no questions asked or costs incurred.

Once you’ve received your box, you have seven days to decide what to keep and what to send back. You only pay for what you keep. There’s no monthly subscription, shipping is free, and many box items are discounted up to 20%.

If you decide to return the whole box, you’ll have to pay a $25 “styling” fee, but that’s where the preview email comes in. Unless you’re feeling a look or an individual item, you can skip that month and await the next. Meaning you essentially get hand-curated selections based on your personal style and wardrobe needs

It’s the combination of no commitment, no limits on skipping, and the preview email that sold us on the subscription service. It’s the quality, classic duds that sold us on Frank And Oak long before.

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Stillman Brown

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