Introducing Single Store Style: A Complete Getup from One Place – The Casual Office with Frank & Oak

Introducing Single Store Style: A Complete Getup from One Place – The Casual Office with Frank & Oak
Save on shipping and time. A brand new series, making getting new outfits a breeze.

Frank & Oak ChinosWindowpane shirtFrank & Oak sweaterFrank & Oak leather beltFrank & Oak messenger bagBreda watchFrank & Oak Red Wing Boots

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  • MCS

    Is $663 for one outfit affordable now? For somebody making $40,000 per year that equates to a full week’s worth or more of take-home pay.

    • Bradley Gaulden

      I mean if you take out the bag and the Shoes and watch It’s pretty reasonable! Or find similar looking pieces for less cost. but I agree that $663 is pretty steep for one outfit!

      • Andrew

        I don’t disagree at all, that’s why most people shop item by item. But none of these picks are more expensive than other Getups. Unless you find every item in an outfit on sale I think you’d be surprised how expensive every outfit you were is, in total.

        • Adam Kappel

          Obviously it doesn’t coincide with this particular category with “single store style”, but one thing I loved about Getups is the lower priced options.

    • Andrew

      Besides the Red Wings, which I link to regularly, and the briefcase, which items do you think are too expensive?

    • Jessie Avalos

      As was said below, if you take out the accessories and shoes. It’s only $190. And you can find similar items like these for sale pretty frequently to bring it down immensely. Also the boots are a good investment as they are frequently used in other outfits.

    • Marshall Lilly

      These items are all interchangeable though. You’re not dropping that amount of money on anything that can’t be utilized in a number of different ways. If you took several more Getup articles like this that aim more toward a casual office, you could put together over a dozen different outfits/combinations.

    • Rage Head

      Instead of looking at the total, look at the price of each individual item. Which of those items is over-priced? Shoes are most expensive but if you already have shoes and want a full outfit this is perfect

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      I agree.


      one thing to consider is that many of these items will be used much more often than others, for multiple other outfits – particularly the shoes, belt and watch.

      I also never buy entire outfits in one go: a pair of shoes here, a shirt there…

      Could easily find a similar items at the gap or old navy for much cheaper

      Wolverine makes a moc toe for half that price.

      Omit just the bag, and I bet you could knock off nearly $300 per suggestions my above, and even more so if you abide by my typical shopping strategy: flash sales + off-season items = major savings

  • Steven

    Ouch. Not likely. “Save on shipping and time” sure, but not on money.

    • Andrew

      I don’t know if that’s true, if you were buying a complete outfit. If you were to add up all the items in any of the Getups, you’d find they equal a similar amount. People used to request that I add the total cost to the Getups but I didn’t because I knew people don’t shop that way and the total would cause sticker shock. I think I proved myself right today.

      • Brett

        Honestly, I look at the idea of the Getups you post and then go and find pieces at the right price. I’m currently wearing a Getup inspired ensemble, head-to-toe, and it cost me around $250, if you don’t count the Bulova timepiece and leather bag. I wear quality pieces that will last, but I make sure to do my research and get them at the best price possible. If you go to Frank & Oak and just start throwing things in your cart, you’re going to overpay.

        • Andrew

          Nice! I’d love to see a photo!

          Overpaying is relative, this idea came out of some specific requests for it, but also people asking for me to create a service that you can just buy the whole outfit, even willing to pay a premium for the convenience . That’s not really something I do, but being able to just add all the items to one cart and checking out seemed like the next best thing.

        • Jason


          A shopper will be able to cut these costs in half by shopping for the chinos, sweater, shirt, and belt, at places like H&M, Old Navy, even jcrew factory (all of which have been featured in past getups). But I do like Brett and shop the look.

          Also consider quality, I don’t skimp on boots because they go through a lot of wear and good leather will pay for itself over time. I’ve never bought Frank and Oak but I could imagine their threads could last a lot longer than cheap h&m stuff…pick and choose your battles!

          I like the idea of one stop shop articles though, nice.

        • Rt1583

          Interesting that you qualify your current getup by removing two pieces.
          Are the watch and bag the only two items that you amortize across your wardrobe and through time or do you do the same with all items, regardless of cost, if they can be used in more than one instance?

  • Dabby

    Yes!! You listened to my survey comment. Hope this is a regular thing

  • Martin Calder

    I think it’s cool that they are all in one place, even though it is more then I would pay, I could then look for similar items elsewhere if needed. I like one site, rather then going to 10 different sites for the outfits.

    • Andrew

      Nice! Glad you like it. 🙂

  • EdP

    In general it’s an interesting concept to show the total, especially from one place.
    This is just one example, but I’m sure other get ups could total at a lot less. Fun idea Andrew and thanks for sharing! I’m personally not into Frank and Oak, but I enjoy the ideas from the getup!

  • wlp3D

    Great outfit, from casual office to drinks/dinner, rarely do I not use your Getups when shopping or prepping for an out of town trip or for every day wear.

    I can see the concerns of other readers and your point of sticker shock hits the nail on the head (being in the car business I see it often). However, not only is the idea of one stop shop great (be it Frank & Oak, Old Navy, Macy’s, etc…) and it’s just as easy to see how much things add up by thinking about what you have on and the cost of each item. But these are inspirational Getups, so don’t think if it as $663, think of it as “oh I have similar pants and boots already” and maybe you saw a blue Oxford on sale or have one in your closet…all of a sudden this outfit goes from $663 to $75-$100 for a sweater and maybe a new shirt or belt.

    Keep up the good work Andrew!

  • Grover

    You could save about $80 if you go with a pair of Thorogood boots instead of the Red Wings:

    • Andrew

      Thorogoods are a solid buy. I have both the ones you linked to and the Red Wings, and I prefer the Red Wings. The Thorogoods are much heavier, the sole is thicker, and they’re insulated so they make my feet sweat a lot. But the leather and build is good so if the price works better they’re a good choice.

  • JL

    I love this new article concept. Would you be able to do J. Crew?

  • Brian

    Looks great, but I live in Houston, TX where it’s already 80° and getting warmer.

    • noe_garcia

      agreed, i’m in SATX – I should of suggested climate centered get ups in the survey 🙂

  • Danny

    I agree with some other commenters. While this isn’t the most expensive outfit ever, it’s not the affordable fashion that I look for from your site. Cool idea about a whole outfit from one place, but I would have started the series with J Crew Facotry

  • MattyRad

    I was interested in the messenger bag, it looks good. Went to the sales page… and I’m completely distracted by the cardigan that the model is wearing in the last picture; it looks fantastic! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like FaO carries it? I don’t suppose anyone has any idea where it’s from?

  • Daniel

    I regularly hit up GAP and J Crew Factory. Always check out their sales and clearance and discount codes. Outside of accessories, I can always find really nice entire outfits for way under $100.

    • Andrew

      That include shoes? That’s impressive!

      • Daniel

        Oh, not shoes. But I’m always set for shoes, watch, messenger bag, etc. But over the past few months I’ve been buying nice dress shirts, pants, merino wool and cable sweaters, for about $20-$30 a piece when combining discounts. I pretty much replaced my entire fall/winter wardrobe. All Smart/business casual. I should curate my findings.

        • Daniel

          I did buy two pairs of those Stafford Gunner boots at $30 each after combining a few discounts also. I find the Deacon does not fit my ankle for some reason. It digs right in underneath the ankle bone.

          • EMB

            My Deacons do this too if I’m wearing thin socks. With thicker true boot socks I have no problems.

  • EMB

    Andrew, now that warmer weather is starting to set in across a good chunk of the country (Hello Spring, so close!), do you think we could start seeing some warmer weather getups? I’m sure that I’m not the only reader who has a much harder time dressing well and avoiding the t-shirts when sweaters and layering isn’t quite as much of an option due to heat.

  • db

    Nice concept, I like this new series.

  • anónimo

    I see a lot of complaints that it’s “not affordable” and while you’re right, this entire outfit isn’t affordable, you can blame that on 4 pieces that you (should) already have.

    You should already have a nice pair of boots (these are a regular Getup item), a decent timepiece (or affordable Timex Weekender that looks similar), a bag, and belt. If you have these, the total cost lowers significantly to $190 and will in turn, lower the cost of future Getups. That’s pretty dang affordable for quality clothing in my opinion.

    Andrew, thanks for listening to the survey! I love that you’re adding the total cost and from all one store now, great addition!

  • DJ Hargrave

    If you take out the red wings as a completely separate investment, then this isn’t a bad price point at all. Take out the bag and you’re in even better shape. I have this exact Breda watch and its my go-to now!

    DJ | Menswear Enthusiast

  • Chris Clarke

    I vote that the next “Getup” is centred around an outfit for heavyset/overweight men. Let’s get some variety in here guys!

  • Michael Mendoza

    The red wings alone are worth it. Heck, I think my Dakota boots where about the same. Stores are having clearance sales about this time of year so finding a sweater similar to the one shown and shirt will be easy.
    Thanks for this Get Up.

    • Andrew

      You’re very welcome! 🙂

  • thatguyfromthesouthside

    I really like the outfit but it’s kinda (really) out of my price range. Could you possibly also post similar looks for a more budget conscience demographic?