Enter to Win 1 of 5 Pairs of AO Square Frame Aviators for Primer’s 10th Anniversary!

Enter to Win 1 of 5 Pairs of AO Square Frame Aviators for Primer’s 10th Anniversary!
Built for military aviators and NASA astronauts and now we’re giving away 5 pairs!

Welcome to the second in our year-long series of giveaways celebrating Primer Magazine’s 10 year anniversary! You’ve helped us grow and do things I never thought possible when I started this journey.

If you’re just joining the celebration, definitely check out my 10 year anniversary message to the Primer community!

If you missed out on our first giveaway, well – as promised – you’ve got 5 fresh chances to win this month.

Selecting a giveaway was a no-brainer; with summer just around the corner, it had to be an item you can rock to work, the beach, or the BBQ that also follows the Primer ethos of functional, affordable style.

We've been featuring the American Optics Original Pilot sunglasses since the beginning so they were the obvious choice!

American Optics Original Pilot Sunglasses: An American Icon

The American Optics story begins in 1826 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, but the period we’re concerned with actually begins in 1956.

After decades of supplying the U.S. military with precision optics, aviator goggles, and eyeglasses for GIs, American Optics introduced “Flight Goggle 58,” a rugged wire-framed pair of sunglasses that gained instant notoriety.

Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Don Draper sunglasses

Jon Hamm as Don Draper

The AO’s were developed specifically for pilots, and you can tell: functional shape, bayonet-style temples, and advanced anti-glare and other lensing innovations were engineered for protection and performance.

Stylistically, they’re iconic: a simple square frame that speaks to their aviation heritage and complements any face

astronauts wearing sunglasses

Astronauts Alan Bean, Neil Armstrong, Bill Anders and Roger Chaffee in New Mexico for geology training, 1964

Since their introduction, American Optics pilot sunglasses have been worn by military aviators, astronauts, and all manner of explorers (including the crew of Apollo 11, who wore them on the moon in 1969).

The recognizable silhouette has spawned countless imitators but there remains only one original – and we’re giving away 5 pairs of the real, American-made deal.

The Sweet Spot of Quality, Durability, Style, and Cost

AO Pilot sunglasses

I first wrote about the AO’s Original Pilots in 2009, after I was thrilled to find them on Amazon. You can, of course, pick them up in many military surplus stores but the convenience and ability to shop all styles of the Original Pilots online was a perfect fit for Primer.

They come in three sizes: 52mm, 55mm, and 57mm. I started out wearing a 55mm – what I would call their “normal” size. 57mm is for those with sizable domes. I’ve since stepped down to the 52mm. They're available in several colors including my preferred matte silver, silver, gold, and black, with a few different lens options.

ao eyeswear sizes

If you’re not sure about the price point, it’s worth noting that since 1978 the military contract for aviators has been held by Randolph Engineering. The Randolph model is very similar, but retails for about twice the price.

And did I mention? American Optics are still manufactured in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

We’re Giving Away 5 Pairs Of AO Original Pilot Sunglasses

Winners get their choice of color and size for any pair of AO Pilots available on Amazon Prime under $100! Open to all readers in the US who are eligible for Prime delivery.

Entering to win couldn’t be easier. Simply use the widget below to follow Primer on Youtube and Instagram.

Winners will be announced in an upcoming post!
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