And The 5 Winners of Our AO Square Frame Aviators Giveaway Are…

And The 5 Winners of Our AO Square Frame Aviators Giveaway Are…
Winners find out here first!

Summer is in full swing and so is Primer Magazine’s 10-year anniversary celebration!

It’s been an incredible journey for the last decade – I’ve talked about Primer’s humble origins, and we have big plans for the future.

It’s all thanks to you guys, our readers.

So all year we’re bringing you giveaways of our very favorite gear, style items, and gadgets. Three lucky winners have already taken home three pairs of Wolverine 1,000 Mile boots.

And without further ado, here are the winners of 5 pairs of AO Square Frame Aviators!

Jack S. – Las Vegas, NV
Clinton R. – Pinckneyville, IL
Patrick M. – Normal, IL
Austin F. – Brunswick, OH
Lukas S. – Grand Rapids, MI

I chose AO optics for our second giveaway for a few reasons. First, what’s more useful in summertime than a pair of rugged, functional, stylish shades?

But more importantly, American Optics speak to my personal mission to feature quality brands with compelling American heritage. AO aviators were worn by the Apollo mission astronauts, generations of military pilots, and a personal hero of mine – Don Draper.

I hope the winners enjoy rocking these timeless optics this summer and beyond!

If you aren’t a winner, keep checking Primer – our next giveaway is being prepped and I can’t wait to announce it.

And be sure to pick up a pair of American-made AO Pilots on Amazon, they're cheaper than you think!


Gordon Cooper et al. in uniform

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