The $109 Complete Outfit from the AEO Clearance

Score this full Getup on the cheap, which includes boots that are only $50.

Often considered the brand for high school kids who want giant logos on their clothing, American Eagle is actually a great resource for classic, branding-less essentials. Especially when you can get them on deep discount! Here is an outfit I've put together with clearance items, all of which have most sizes at the time of writing.

You can check out the full 60% off clearance sale here, where you can find more deals like cheap tees, henleys, and button up shirts for under $20.

Update: Looks like the boots have increased from $50 to $89.

Timex Oversidex WeekenderAE Leather card caseAmerican eagle sunglassesSpace Dye boxer briefsAmerican Eagle slim straight jeansAE beltAE beanieheathered oxfordAEO pima henleyaeo boots

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  • Eli Cohen

    Great prices, but the majority of items and sizes are out of stock

    • Hagareno

      Most of the getups tend to sell out within a day. Even if people aren’t commenting on posts, they usually buy them asap. Not always the case but I’ve missed my fair share of getups due to selling out within a day.

    • Andrew

      Hey Eli, I just checked the items in this outfit and they’re all still available with a lot of sizes.

  • Zac Silk

    I really like AEO. I know they’ve got a lot of stick but if you keep to their basics they do some really nice stuff. I really like their Henley’s and for the price I’ll have to pick up some more.

    Great article Andrew here’s to shopping the sales.

    • Andrew

      Yeah definitely! 💪🏻

  • Ben

    I’ve always struggled with the American Eagle stigma. When I saw the title of this article I thought “oh no!”. It’s hard to see past the logo sometimes. But as you said basics are basics. And they are one of the few brands that consistently stock things in tall. I’ve always been afraid of being stereotyped for wearing their clothing but at the end of the day I suppose that they are a resource just like any other. Maybe it’s time to move past my own preconceived notions.

    • Joseph Padilla

      If the pieces don’t have any overt logos, you should be golden.

    • Andrew

      Yeah I hear you and feel the same way. Even if their button up has a little embroidered eagle I won’t go for it.

  • Karl

    the boots come up as 89.99

    • Big O

      Confirmed! Boots do come up as $89.99.

    • Andrew

      Yeah I’m seeing that too. ☹️ They were definitely $50 when I hit publish.

      • Big O

        Doesn’t mean the boots AREN’T nice though.

      • Karl

        now they’re $35

  • Big O

    Sweet items, the prices can’t be beat (except for the boots), and I’m liking the style. I have a pair of jeans so no need to get them, I have a few t-shirts that I can substitute for the pima, I have a leather belt, and a bunch of similar add-ons that you’ve mentioned (I love my Ridge Wallet).

    The only items I would shell out on are the twill shirt and the beanie. The style is pretty sweet and yet…simple.

    • Zac Silk

      I agree with you there. I’m going to grab myself some short sleeve Henley’s to stock up. Similar to you I’ve got the jeans, boots and a card holder wallet as well as a beanie so I’d shell out for the shirt as well.

  • Caesar Merlin

    Ae leather boots feel like they are made of plastic

  • Travis

    Those boots have dropped to $35.99

    • Andrew

      that’s awesome!! thanks for the heads up!

    • Scott

      Worth it for $36?

  • Terrance

    Up until October of last year, I was a store manager for AE (left for another company). But, the strategy started a few years back, you’ll be hard pressed to find the logo on 99% of the basics. If you can still find the, “Seriously Soft Tees,” GET THEM, especially the Pima cotton ones. Most of them are clearance now. Awesome quality for the price. The oxfords no longer has eagles and the fit is pretty good, no matter the body type. For denim, Slim Straight is their basic fit, but if you can find the Slim Taper, I HIGHLY recommend those. Best fitting jean they make. And, it’s probably one of the few brands that makes a skinny jean that’s not inappropriate. Also, if you go on their website and do the reserve, try, buy, you can literally have them pick everything out for you, come in and try it on, or just buy it and no have to search the clearance.

  • rhart23

    I love this shirt but its not twill its flannel. It ran a little small too but I was able to exchange it in store. There seems to be a better assortment there in clearance at least in Bay st. in Emeryville. I also picked up some great grey joggers that look just like Nike ones and a blue and white dot shirt.

  • S Morgan

    The boots are $44.99 right now! The outfit is at $122 with free shipping! Do you do this often?