Huge Men’s Fall Style Layering Inspiration Gallery

Over 130 ideas for building the perfect fall outfit.

Men's Fall Fashion Inspiration Album 130 Outfit Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! That's right, it's fall style time. And the best part of fall fashion is being able to use layering as a way to build interesting and stylish combinations by mixing different patterns, fabrics, textures, and colors.

And while crafting a great outfit is incredibly satisfying, sometimes you end up just staring into the void that is your closet and you're unable to make the connections of how things pair up. (This is especially true, if you wait until 6AM to figure out what you're going to wear.)

That's why we put together this huge fall layering inspiration gallery with over 130 great photos of sharp-dressed guys inspiring us how to do it with what we already have.

No matter how you dress, autumn is a season to be celebrated. Take advantage of the cool weather and opportunities for experimentation, and you'll have a great time! A huge shout out and thank you to the well-dressed gents in the album for constantly inspiring us.

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Also be sure to check out all of our shoppable outfits in our Getup series, as well as our other fall fashion inspiration gallery!

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Brad is a full-time student at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He is a consistent contributor to numerous fashion communities, and specializes in long-form composition. Above all else, he is currently stressed out of his mind. Feel free to contact him on Reddit for suggestions, inspiration, and pleasant conversation!

  • Serafin Nunez

    Let’s just go ahead and skip everything with joggers… a fad that needs to fade…

    • Andrew

      But what did you like?

      • Serafin Nunez

        I enjoy the more rugged looks; Dark leathers, chunky cardigans, mock neck sweaters, denim, etc. They are really what makes Fall my favorite season.

      • Serafin Nunez

        Sorry… The work day has turned me into, as the wife says, “a negative Nancy.” Eighth graders will do that to you…

        • Toro

          I don’t think you need to apologize – I agree that joggers need to go.

          I’ve also never understood the sock-less thing…

          …or super skinny jeans – nothing flattering to a guy about having legs smaller than my biceps

          in general, though, this is a pretty solid catalog of inspiration images.

          my only problem is that I live in a climate where I still can wear shorts and tshirt in winter – most of these items would sit in a closet for 360 days a year

          • AJ Warren

            Sock-less thing Toro, what about wearing flip-flops all year long! That trend is so played out…kinda like saying played out. HA!

          • Volkov

            Meanwhile in Russia…
            Those items I may wear 300/365 days include days when I should add some more warm clothes too)

    • Vita

      Nooo, I love joggers.

  • Adam Johnson

    The third photo, with double Henleys…I think it looks great in the photo, but would be hard to pull off irl. Any thoughts?

    • rogun

      I was thinking the same thing. I usually hate doubling up with the same shirt, but that does look nice. Not sure I would have ever considered it, since I never double up.

    • Serafin Nunez

      I work it with my H&M henleys. Looks good.

  • Serafin Nunez
    • Brandon Thompson

      seriously, just wondering the same thing.