The 10 Affordable Timex Watches We’re Wearing Right Now

The 10 Affordable Timex Watches We’re Wearing Right Now
Don't believe the hype: Telling time in style doesn't have to be expensive.
The 10 Affordable Timex Watches We're Wearing Right Now

Timex began as the Waterbury Clock Company in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1854. By 1895 they launched the Yankee Pocket Watch that was available for one dollar. Their first brand ambassador was Mark Twain in 1901. In 1914 they moved the stem on the pocket watch from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock and welded loops on the top and bottom to hold straps to make the wristwatch. That’s a pretty legit 160 year pedigree that has solidified Timex’s place in the market of fashionable watches that don’t break the bank and pretty much last forever. There’s a reason that their motto used to be “Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

Timex Red Wing Chrono

Fast forward to 2016 and Timex is still innovating and staying true to affordable style. We’re seeing some pretty cool collaborations lately too. Earlier this year we saw a very successful partnership between Timex and New York fashion designer Todd Snyder with renowned boot maker Red Wing that resulted in the Timex X Red Wing collection. It included a trio of watches that utilized classic Red Wing leather for straps ($138-158).

Timex Todd Snyder Mod Watch

Most recently we’ve seen another collaboration between Timex and Todd Snyder resulting in the release of the Mod Watch ($138). The Timex X Todd Snyder watch is based on a bullseye design discovered in the Timex archives. It blends British Mod style with a vintage-inspired bullseye dial and grey NATO military nylon strap. It features a 40mm face, and classic quartz movement. Exclusive to Todd Snyder and very limited in quantity. The original offering sold out in hours and is currently on backorder on It’s currently being re-stocked and will ship in early September. Here are some of the other Timex’s we’ve been wearing.

Timex Weekender Charcoal Strap

The Timex Weekender is the quintessential Timex watch. At just $36 it’s simplistic design is anything but basic. True to form, the watch boasts a clean look, 38mm case, and interchangeable slip-through straps perfect for matching with your look of the day. Almost all Timex watches have their signature Indiglo night light and this one is no different.

Timex Weekender Chrono

Step up to the Weekender Chrono for only $48 and get a more detailed look and a larger 40mm case. Also available with a leather strap.

Timex Weekender Chrono Leather

Timex Fairfield

The new Weekender Fairfield ($62) is the ultimate in minimalist design with no numbers and it’s classic clean look. They’ve also just released a ton of new Weekender styles for fall  that have an updated look and new font on the numbers.

After the Weekender, the Timex Originals Camper is next in line as one of the most iconic watches in the brand. At $29 it’s military-inspired look hasn’t changed much since it came out in 1918. it’s got that same washable slip-through strap and the Indiglo night light. This one is a bit more rugged than some of the other classic styles. It just looks like it could take a beating and keep going.

Timex Elevated Classics

The Highland Street ($30) is part of the Elevated Classics collection. It embodies that classic Timex design. Leather band, black stainless case, full arabic dial with date. And it’s good up to 50 meters of water depth, which is nice if you’re diving with your watch on like James Bond. It’s got the Indiglo night-light, so you can see it while you’re down there trying to save the world

Timex Expedition Scout

The Expedition Scout ($30) is an update to their classic field watch. At 43mm the scout design has rugged steel construction and has both twelve and twenty-four hour military time markings. It features their quick date and the signature arrow second hand.

Timex Expedition Chrono

For a slight upgrade, check out the Expedition Scout Chrono ($63) which upgrades the Scout design with a chronograph.

Timex Red Wing Chrono

The Waterbury ($56+) models were made as an homage to celebrate 160 years in business. Like other watches in the Timex family, it’s literally timeless. The hand stitched leather bands and solid steel construction reek of the heritage of American watchmaking. The Waterbury Chronograph ($99) features the chrono dials and a bit bigger case size. Also check out the brand new Waterbury Classic ($100) for fall with new arabic dial, leather strap, and stainless steel case.

The bottom line here is that Timex makes seriously solid watches that are as affordable as they are functional. Each one has a rugged style about it while being super stylish. With a range between $25 and $140 you really can’t go wrong, and the models with interchangeable slip-through straps give you endless options to coordinate your wrist game with your style game. Isn’t that what it’s really all about?

Which one is your favorite?

Jeremy Lahman is from Columbus Ohio. He has degrees from Otterbein University and The Ohio State University. Enjoys gear, travel, outdoors, tech, men’s style, and music. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram @LahmansBeard.

  • Vincent Adultman

    Personally I’m a big fan of this watch But its nearly impossible to find 🙁 Other than that I really liked the weekender but its tick tock-ing is really loud. The expedition is a good alternative though.

    • TheSeizure

      wow, what is that model called?

    • CryptoReporter

      Is for sale on Ebay for $120

    • joeandmilly

      that is gorgous

  • openmind

    I love my weekender. It is my favorite watch out of five.

  • Cody H

    I have a weekender and it ticks louder than a time bomb. Listening to it when I’m at my desk is like water torture.

    • Jeremy D.

      Yeah, that guy HAS to go in a case before bed or I think Captain Hook is coming for me all night

      • Adams

        Haha…love the reference!

    • Chris

      I can only where my weekender out and not around the house because it ticks so loud. Drives me crazy!

    • Adams

      I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks this. I only wear my weekender when I will be in a louder environment.

      • Adam Setser

        What’s up Adams! Same bro, same!

        • Adams

          Adam! Great seeing you here, bro!

  • Jeremy D.

    I have a 1st gen of the Waterbury Chrono, which doesn’t have the second hand at 6. I LOVE it; it’s got an old-school racing chrono look to it!

    Also have a Weekender with a red, white, and blue strap that’s perfect for MDW, 4th, LDW… it’s my casual summer bbq go-to.

  • Drew Curtis

    I have a weekender and Highland Street. The weekender is awesome since you can change the band so easily and the Hoghland Street matches my desert boots perfectly. Great watches, but I will agree with everyone on the loud ticking.

  • Rushil

    50 meter resistant is only good for showering and maybe swimming. It will definitely flood if you go diving with it.

  • Andrew McMaster

    Does anybody know of a Timex that does not tick?

    • Andrew

      A dead one! Just kidding. 🙂 They’re pretty known for that, but honestly while wearing all of these I didn’t notice it much. It may bother some more than others.

      • Andrew McMaster

        Good to know and thanks for the reply!

  • TJ

    Timex is a classic and I think it has a place in anyone’s wardrobe. A Timex weekender was the first watch I bought when I started to get more into style. I got it at a JC Penney when I worked there and stacked coupons and discounts to get it down to $5.

  • JD

    All of these are great watches! For me personally I’m continuing saving for an investment watch, most likely an Omega but I’m still researching. For the price of the lot of these you could get a nice used mechanical. Just my 2 cents. Great article.

  • Grace Nelson

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  • Ben

    I too have been a fan of Timex for a long long time and keep a few among my other pieces. I did notice a slight typo in the third paragraph though: “Exclusive to Todd Snyder and very limited in quality”. I think you meant “quantity”. I don’t mean to be a typo Nazi but in an article about the often miss-perceived quality of a brand I wanted to make sure you sent the right message.

  • kaje

    I have gone through three different timex watches in 3 years, none lasting more than a few months. 1. Watch rusts out, 2. band breaks, 3. pins go loose and glass cracks. Despite the high-pedigree, classic look, the quality of the watch is not the caliber of its heritage.

    You pay for what you get, and with a $30-$60 watch, you don’t get much.

  • Kot w Hełmie

    Scout is the best one