The Beautiful & Affordable Timex x Redwing Waterbury Watch Collection

The Beautiful & Affordable Timex x Redwing Waterbury Watch Collection
A stunning collaboration, over a hundred years in the making.
Timex x Red Wing watch collection

Usually brand collaborations are reserved only for higher end designers and result in an even higher price tag.  Luckily for those of us on a budget, Timex and Red Wing, the venerable watch and footwear brands both over 100 years old, have teamed up on a small collection of watches that look like they should cost much, much more.

Offering 3 timepieces, a 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm chronograph shown here, the Waterbury Watch Collection offers vintage styling with the quality both brands are known for. Timex's vintage styled timepiece with modern features like lume and Indiglo while Red Wing produced the rust colored straps from their quality boot leather.

The best part? The 38 and 40mm watches are only $109, with the chronograph at $135.

The collection originated in Timex's Tokyo Design Studio – Japan actually has had a long interest in Americana styling. Fashion designer Todd Snyder discovered the timepieces when working with Timex on his own collaboration.

The Waterbury name is a nod to Timex's long heritage. The company was originally founded as The Waterbury Clock Company in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut. The region was home to so many clock manufacturers it was known as the “Switzerland of America,” with Waterbury Clock Company being one of the largest. Wars (and them ending), a saturated market, and new cheaper quartz entries from Asian companies caused the watch region to all but fade away, with WCC being one of the few survivors. Today, its successor Timex Group USA is the only watch manufacturer remaining in the region.

UPDATE: Whew! Looks like you guys really dug these. They're sold out on End now, which I believe is the only retailer currently. I've reached out to Timex to find out if they're available anywhere. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 2: Looks like Todd Snyder will sell them on their site starting March 1. Thanks for the tip in the comments, Brian!

View the Collection on End

Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Watch Collection

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  • William Ramos

    Andrew, I love this watch and I’ve got a question — this watch has a brown band and a black face. Does it matter, or can I wear it, when I’m wearing a black belt with black shoes? Should I only wear it when I’m wearing brown shoes/a brown belt??

    • Brian D

      Andrew can also weigh in here, but you should match the color of the watch strap / band, not the face, to your shoes and belt. Since the band is brown you should wear it with brown shoes and a brown belt. The color of the belt, shoes, and watch don’t have to match exactly, and preferably wouldn’t, but you should stick within the brown color range and not wear this watch with black shoes or a black belt.

    • Jeremy D.

      I’ll add my input: I have the first version of this watch (without the second subdial at 6 o’clock) and it came with a black band. You can easily find a brown band (or black, to replace the brown on this one) on Amazon and swap it out with a cheap spring bar tool. Gives you a completely new look!

    • Andrew

      I agree with Brian and Jeremy, for the most part you’re looking to match the band, not the face. However, I’m not a believer in strict brown with brown, black with black. I think in proper situations, leathers can be mixed. Usually those are more casual outfits, but the starting point is to match the leathers, though you can play with different brown tones right off the bat. For example, I would easily wear these rust Red wings (

      With a tan watch like this (

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Brian D.

    Any idea where to find the 40mm or the 38mm? The link directs you to the 42mm option only. Any idea if the smaller options are still just available through Timex Japan?

    • Andrew

      I believe so far they’re only available at End, so those sizes must have sold out. 🙁

  • TMann

    I like the domed crystal on that watch. Classic.

  • Brian

    This is a beautiful watch. I immediately forwarded this to my boss who promptly ordered the chronograph. Being busy, it wasn’t until I sat down at computer to find that these had already sold out that I realized that these are currently very rare. With that in mind, this was a great share on Andrew’s part. Great work, as always, Andrew! Is anyone else here a little bummed that they couldn’t pick one up, if even just to flip it…

    If these become more widely available, and at the $135 mark, I’ll likely pick one up in the future. Great find!

  • Brian

    Seriously though, does anyone know if these will be available through anyone else? Or was this it? Andrew? I actually really want one to keep.

    • Andrew

      Checking on that now!

      • Brian

        From what I’ve been able to find, they supposed to only be available through Todd Snyder’s website. Though I can’t find any mention of them there. I hope you can find some positive info Andrew. Otherwise, such is life.

      • Brian

        Andrew, I just sent you a link via FB Messenger.

  • Saul Prado

    Andrew, can I ask what model is the one shown above? I can’t seem to find that configuration with that dial face and the leather bands.

    • Andrew

      Hey Saul, It’s the 42 mm chronograph, it looks like after a full day of Primer traffic they’re sold out now. 🙁 I’ve reached out to Timex to see if they can point me to any other retailers.

      • Saul Prado

        Wow, shows how far your reach is. Impressive. And I appreciate that. Thanks Andrew.

  • TJ

    Great looking watch. I love that there is a renewed interest in classic brands like Timex and Red Wing.

  • André Kellner

    The only thing that worries me about this is the famous “Timex Tick”. Are these as loud as some other Timex models?

  • Ross

    Awesome Post. Love this watch, a true love child of two epic Brands! Love the look of the Timex casual watch line and am a HUGE Redwing Heritage Boot Collection fan. To merge two of my favorite brands to make an amazing product is a game changer!! Thanks for the heads up Andrew! Please let me know when they will be getting more of this piece in stock!

  • Chris K

    And you save $40 to buy whatever strap you want. They constantly run sales too, so maybe even save a little off the top.

  • James Faris

    Good looking watch. Horrible ‘brown’ strap.

  • asfd

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  • Vince

    If anyone is still looking to get one of these, they just went up on END and Todd Snyder again!