Everyday Carry: Server Room

Everyday Carry: Server Room
The right edc for keeping the whole company running.

Yes, you’re the mysterious guy who makes sure the whole ship continues to run its proper course, and everyone looks to you when those complicated computers and the interwebs act characteristically bizarre. Sure, you have your computer science and IT education and your mad skills to rest upon, but you also need to be prepared with the proper everyday carry. And no, it doesn’t involve a pocket protector and insanely thick-rimmed eyeglass frames.

You’ve got mad skills and style, dammit. Plus, your work involves a sickening attention to detail, dextrous fingers and the ability to work under immense pressure (from management, that is).

Here’s the right EDC assemblage for your duties, and each one of them fits the bill in the Server Room.

Everyday Carry Server Room

Belkin Computer Tool Kit – $44

There truly is no rest for the weary, but good tools can make mincemeat of hard work. With this array of computer-specific tools, you’re like an electronic head of surgery. They’re properly demagnetized and come in a custom-designed case that keeps it all in place.

EDC Server Room G Shock

Casio G-Shock GA150-1A Anti-Magnetic Watch – $86

Wearing any old timepiece in the delicate bowels of the server room isn’t exactly smart. Magnetic fields can throw off your watch, and oftentimes telling time for your job is paramount. Casio’s ultra-tough GA150-1A has an anti-magnetic structure to ward off the detrimental effects of magnetic fields emitted by computers and servers. Plus, it’s shock resistant and has a 1/1000th of a second stopwatch for uber-precise timing. The fact that it makes you look like IT spec ops is just icing on the cake.

EDC IT briefcase Samsonite

Samsonite Xenon 2 Tech Locker – $50

Toting your powerful laptop where you do most of your vital work, along with your tools and other job-related gear means you can’t exactly throw it all in a fancy leather messenger bag. You need toughness, organization and capacity. The American made Tech Locker is made of tough 100% polyester, can hold a 15.6 inch laptop and comes festooned with expansion compartments and pockets for just about all your needs. It could be a long night… be prepared.

Everyday Carry Fisher Telescoping space pen

Fisher Space Telescoping Pen – $24

You might be in the tech age, but you still need a solid writing instrument to take notes on the fly. Fisher Space Pens are the real deal, and this hi-tech telescoping version not only writes in any atmosphere and any angle at extreme temps, it extends single handedly to a full-sized writing instrument so you don’t cramp up when the going gets tough.

Streamlight Stylus light everyday carry

Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Penlight – $18

Fluorescent overhead bulbs aren’t exactly the illumination of choice when it comes to crucial server issues, so keeping a bright and compact torch with you is EDC brilliance. This tactical grade penlight spits out bright LED lighting at 65 lumens for up to 6.25 hours of constant light. It’s also slim, durable and superlight, making it ideal for finding your way through that colossal mess of ethernet cable that’s staring at you like Medusa’s hair.

128gb Transcend collapsing usb drive

Transcend 128GB JetFlash 790 3.0 USB Flash Drive – $29

When you need to move big files fast, you need portability and capacity post haste. Don’t mess with the small boys. Go with the dump truck of flash drives with a big 128GB capacity, data management software built right in and a nifty LED usage indicator. It might look harmless due to its slick design, but it’s packing some serious power for that very serious job ahead of you.

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