5 Great Cigars for the New Dad

5 Great Cigars for the New Dad
A rite of passage for every man.

Way back when a new dad would provide a box of stogies to his friends to celebrate the birth of his child, you could actually smoke in hospitals. Dad stayed in the waiting room rather than joining the laboring mother in delivery, and lighting up a good cigar with his visiting buds was one of the best ways to both mark the moment, as well as pass the time.

Hard to imagine you could actually puff away in a hospital, we know, but those were Mad Men times. The tradition of lighting up for new dads has surely changed over the years. Smoking cigars is far less acceptable in public and, of course, prohibited in hospitals, bars, and restaurants. Outside of dedicated smoking clubs or shops, for a new dad to enjoy a good smoke with his buddies, it typically takes place in backyards, basements or garages.

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But before tackling the venue, it's choosing the right cigar to commemorate this new phase in life that can be a chore in and of itself. And now it's not necessarily the dad who buys the smokes (trust us, he doesn't have the time) but good friends, instead. If that task falls to you, and you'd like to do the honors with good taste and the brains to know what cigars to choose, we've selected five great cigars for the dad-to-be, each one of them an easy smoke that won't overpower the cigar newbies in your friend's tightly knit circle of men.

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1. Victor Sinclair Primeros Toro

Victor Sinclair isn't one of the more popular names, but that doesn't detract from their quality or flavor. The Primeros Toro is a cigar that anyone would love without worrying about getting socked in the palate with strength. It's a mild-bodied cigar with a gorgeous Connecticut shade wrapper, a Dominican filler with Seco tobacco and a touch of Ligero for spice keep the flavors complex and consistent from beginning to end. It's a gift the new dad will appreciate. The fact that they're less than $3 a stick is a gift to you.

$54.99 (box of 20)

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2. Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Belicoso

Romeo y Julieta quality and taste are legendary. In fact, I have yet to smoke one that's not delicious.Their Reserva Real line is top notch with a paper-like flawless Connecticut Shade wrapper and a Nicaraguan long filler tobacco that lends richness and depth without strong body. The stunning red band accentuates a smoke that tastes as good as it looks. It's ideal for the man who likes the occasional cigar and can handle more than just the ultra-mild.

$171.00 (box of 25)

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3. CAO Colombia Churchill

If it's something different your friends craves, the CAO Colombia is a fine choice since it's made with rarely utilized Colombian tobacco. The Colombian grown Cuban seed tobacco is grown along the coastline for a mild to medium bodied stogie experience. And just like Colombian coffee, there's a hint of java in there to enjoy (because your bud has had enough actual caffeine). To top things off, there's a saltiness that comes from the sea air to add another dimension of post-delivery enjoyment.

$88.39 (box of 20)

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4. Alec Bradley American Classic Robusto

​If you haven't smoked one of the Alec Bradley American Classic Blends, you're missing out. Despite its use of typically strong Nicaraguan tobacco, this cigar uses blends of Nicaraguan filler and binder with a milder Connecticut and Honduran wrapper to balance things out. Construction is excellent, as is the dark aesthetic that beckons to the sleepy-eyed dad with promises of smoking enjoyment. Coffee, nuts and a touch of sweetness will keep him coming back for more.

$88.99 (box of 20)

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5. Oliva Connecticut Reserve Torpedo

Oliva cigars has been delivering some smoking powerhouses like their Serie V line. But they're also well known for their truly mild smokes including the Connecticut Reserve Torpedo. Tapered, light and well-constructed, it's a welcomed smoke for a man who's life has just changed forever. He can puff away with this delightful blend of mild coffee, a bit of woodiness and undeniable creaminess. This might just be the right smoke to have with your best bud after his four hours of interrupted sleep and a righteous breakfast.

$144.99 (box of 20)

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