14 Affordable Etsy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

14 Affordable Etsy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her
Thoughtful (and reasonably priced) Valentine's Day gifts, no matter how long you've been together.

It doesn't matter if you've been dating for six months or for six years, trying to decipher what to do for Valentine's Day is always an anxious and confusing process. We've been marketed to so much our whole lives, our first instinct is to buy something we can't afford that's ultimately completely impersonal. A $300 watch. A diamond necklace. A ring that's a little too engagement-ringy.

It's not that jewelry is a bad Valentine's Day gift, it's that jewelry you buy just because it's expensive is dry. The only feeling behind it is, “Hey look! I dumped a bunch of money into this gift,” which makes it a terrible gift. Unlike birthdays or Christmas, where an expensive watch or necklace might be more appropriate, the secret to Valentine's Day is being sentimental. It's showing how much you love them by proving how well you know them. Unlike the other holidays, Valentine's Day is uniquely about the two of you, and the love you share.

The gifts below offer a personal touch that act as a reminder of that love anytime they're seen or worn, and they're all very reasonably priced.

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  • Json

    The first one (maps) takes the cake, what a brilliant idea.

  • Owen

    Thank you for sharing the two maps poster, I bought it right after seeing this!

  • ChusCraft
  • Silvia

    Great! Thank you so much for including my personalized map print!

  • Stephen

    Love this post!

  • Jerron Jorgensen

    Ton of awesome ideas. My fiancée’s and my wedding this Fall is travel themed, so some of these are perfect!

  • KevTang

    I thought the heart tree pillow was an amazing idea but I felt that one of the most intimate gifts was missing, lingerie. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating each other. At http://theenclosed.com/ (The Enclosed), they provides a subscription based service that delivers luxurious lingerie to your partner, check it out! She will love it because of how beautiful she will feel especially on Valentine’s Day. My girlfriend loved getting her gift monthly.

  • Annie Leroux

    Another awesome Valentine’s gift idea is a monthly spice subscription from RawSpiceBar- awesome way to cook together in the kitchen with your significant other 🙂 http://www.rawspicebar.com

  • http://www.indiantyohar.com/ IndianTyohar

    Outstanding good ideas. I love the Love bracelet plan. That bracelet is a universal symbol of love and commitment. these are best for your valentine.

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  • Ellie Jackson

    These are such great ideas! So personalized. That is always the way to go. I love the signatures made into jewelry. My husband gave me a Dreamlines created sketch of my wedding dress. It was perfect because it was personalized and he put time into giving me something special. That should be the main goal.