[Winner Announced!] Enter to Win Any 2-Piece Suit, Shirt, and Tie from Indochino!

indochino giveaway
[Winner Announced!] Enter to Win Any 2-Piece Suit, Shirt, and Tie from Indochino!
Enter to win a complete getup from Indochino!

Dressing well is sort of like the job paradox: You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t afford to dress well for your interview until you have a job. So, Primer has teamed up with Indochino to giveaway an awesome, full getup to take your personal style to the next level – free!

Up for grabs for one lucky Primer reader is any(!) 2 piece suit, 1 shirt, and 1 tie. Talk about scoring the complete package.

If you’re a familiar Primer reader than you’ve certainly heard us talk about Indochino quite a bit. I’m a big fan of their made-to-measure suits, and use them as a go-to in Getups and other style articles. I personally own three and can vouch for their quality and styling. I wear the Essential Gray every chance I get, sport theEssential Navy to my more formal events, and opt for the Essential Blue when I’m looking for something a little fun with a little more pop.

The Indochino process makes buying a suit that fits absolutely painless. Get your measurements either with their helpful DIY videos, or get them from a tailor, fill them in online, customize your suit options, and blam-o, a brand new suit built to your dimensions will show up in the mail in about 4 weeks.

A little hesitant about buying a suit without trying it on? Fear not, Indochino offers a $75 tailoring credit to fix minor inaccuracies. Better yet, if a tailor deems it unfixable or too expensive to tailor they’ll remake your suit for you.

A suit tailored to your body for less than $500? Good luck finding a better deal, especially off the rack. Sure, you can pick up a suit from a department store, but unless you’re one of those fortunate gentleman who won’t need alterations (hint: those men don’t exist) your $350 “deal” just jumped up with some huge hidden tailoring costs.

Perhaps just as important is the complete customization Indochino allows when building your suit. Choose your lapel shape and width, pocket styling, vent configuration, custom lining, and complete the personalization with a monogram. I actually like to use the inside jacket monogram as a personal motivational reminder. I have “Carpe Diem” stitched right inside my jacket.

To enter the giveaway is simple. Just use the dashboard below to choose how’d you like to enter, either with Facebook, Twitter, or leaving a comment. Feel free to use all 3 methods for a better chance to win!

But act quick, this giveaway won’t last long! It officially ends next Monday.

Congrats to Juan Flores for winning this package! Stay tuned for some more upcoming exciting giveaways for your chance to win!

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Steve_j17

    Essential Blue!!! My friends wedding is in October and this will double up great when I start law school internship interviews!

  • victorhlopez

    Essential Navy all the way

  • Kelso

    I have the essential gray and it’s been such a great buy, but every summer seems to be packed with weddings these days and I’d like something more summer weight. I think the summer indigo birdseye looks sharp.

  • Tim

    Essential Navy because it’s timeless and most versatile. The perfect suit for all occasions

  • Garrett

    Essential Navy, I’m without a suit (the horror) and would wear this to work (teaching) and out on the town (Shanghai) with a beautiful Chinese girl (my girlfriend).

  • justin

    I’d get the Premium Summer Indigo Pin Check Banker Stripe Suit. It looks great! I’d be staying cool and looking sharp!

  • rby

    Essential Navy. It’s a classic that you can dress down and up.

  • Josh

    Probably the essential gray or essential navy!

  • Nate

    Definitely the Essential Blue!

  • Kyle

    I would pick the essential grey without a doubt. I just bought a black suit and am starting to get into the idea of wearing suits more often than once a year!

  • Zachary

    Essential Navy please!

  • Eugene M.

    Essential Gray all the way, an all purpose suit!

  • Christopher McCaffery

    Any one of the summer suits would be nice. It’s hot in D.C.!

  • Darin l

    Essential Gray! Wedding in September!

  • gus

    Essential Navy…for whenever I need a suit.

  • Jordan Laman

    I have exactly seven weddings I am going to this summer. Definitely go for either grey or blue.

  • nodoubtfan

    Oh, I totally need a new suit!

  • Steve

    Blue!! I don’t actually have fitted suit and my dream is to own a tailored suit when I propose to my girlfriend.

    • Nodinjason

      Proposed this past April. Best advice I can give you is everything you have planned to say may come out baffled, but do not fret. When that smile is the look on her face and when she says yes. Good luck man!

  • Daren Howard

    I would go with the essential gray. It is the most versatile.

  • Marcus

    Essential Navy is the most versatile.

  • Kev

    Essential Gray. Keep it classy.

  • Scientist

    This would make for a great second suit in blue!

  • Amit

    Essential Navy to a wedding this fall!

  • Shaun

    Awesome giveaway

  • Mary Mougeot

    Navy, thank you…

  • Felipe Ocampo

    Essential navy for my future grad school endeavors!

  • Andrew T

    I’d go with the essential navy. Hoping to interview for the dream job.

  • flodef

    Navy Suit for the colloquium of my bachelor thesis in engineering school here
    in Germany

  • Aaron Watson

    Essential Gray. No doubt.

  • Andrew Strege

    Definitely the essential gray, I’e been wanting a gray Indochino suit for quite some time now.

  • Kevin

    Awesome, I could use a nice blue or gray

  • wut3v3rw0rks


  • Trent

    I’m missing a grey suit in my wardrobe. Wouldn’t mind getting an Essential Gray suit.

  • SecretBox

    Either essential navy or essential grey. Because what man couldn’t use another solid suit?

  • David

    Essential Navy looks great

  • Bastian

    One of these essential grey suits would be great. I’m on a summer wedding next month and those Indochino suits really do look great!

  • msdyatt

    I’d like to be to get the basic grey suit! I’d love to get this suit to show off my new body that I’ve been working out, and getting into shape.

  • Fabio d’attimis

    I’d pick a staple such as The essential navy that can be worn in every occasione.
    Love it!

  • roald

    Essential Gray, a not quite so usual option for the dressing up

  • Alex

    Essential Navy!

  • st.

    My fav, Essential Navy!

  • Nick

    Either the Navy or Blue for me.

  • Mark

    Essential Navy to start.

  • thinker_random

    I am needing a new blue suit and this would be oh so perfect!

  • D Jordy

    Have a gray, want a blue suit

  • tony

    Essential Gray would be nice. I have an interview coming up soon.

  • Geoff

    Indigo blue!

  • Jonathan Coleman

    Although I think the Essential Gray Herringbone is most interesting with its subtle texture and ticket pocket, the Premium Navy would work best for me color-wise.

  • bryclops

    I’d go with the Premium Navy. Need a navy suit, and need an upgrade for when I need to impress.

  • Kevin

    Essential navy so I can nail my job interviews

  • Chuck

    Essential navy for sure, I’ve always wanted to try Indochino. I’d wear this on “game nights” since we wear suits at our pro sports team home games

  • Anthony

    Essential Grey for a versatile all-rounder

  • Steven

    Essential navy. I need a blue suit.

  • http://dwjudge.com Daniel Judge

    Essential Blue! I have a great navy and gray suit already.

  • Phil

    Could really use that navy

  • Young Napoleon

    Essential Gray suit because I already have a navy, but I find charcoal to be a bit too plain for me. The essential gray is lighter and a bit different. On top of that, I’ll have to be hitting the job market soon, so I’ll need to look good for interviews (and ideally for the job as well).

  • Jeppe Dela

    Essential Gray all the way! Cause i really need a new suit.

  • Steven Bremer

    Light Grey

  • dko

    love indochino, this is a great giveaway

  • Jesse

    If I could really pick anything I would totally get the essential black tuxedo. No more rentals! But within the suits it’s time to add a charcoal. The essential charcoal would do nicely.

  • Dustin Harding

    My two suits don’t fit any more! Time for an upgrade in style and size….!

  • alan

    Essential blue easy choice! I have a navy, grey, charcaol and seersucker, just need a great blue to round out my collection!

  • Julian

    Essential blue would be sweet, but I would look more over.

  • nls_41

    Essential Blue, gotta look good for the grad school interviews

  • Josh

    navy is classic

  • Josh

    I’ve got 4, and love them all. Would love a chance to add to them.

  • Patrick H.

    Always wanted essential navy, love it

  • Derrick

    Would love a new navy suit, it’d be my first one. As I prepare to transition out of the military and into the private sector it’d be awesome to be prepared with a nicer suit than the crap I see my civilian coworkes wear to work.

  • Clasifyd

    The customizable linings are pretty novel. I mean, I’m not sure I (or anyone, really) could pull of maple leaves, but I’m all about more selection!

  • Matthew

    I’ve got some medical school interviews coming up…I think an essential navy would go a long way towards impressing those admissions people!

  • Chris

    I’d probably jump for the Essential Navy even though I’m in need of a Charcoal suit.

  • Josh

    probably the essential gray. I have a navy suit and a light tan suit, so I want a gray one that will be a little more versatile.

  • t_t_t_timmy

    Essential blue would be great for all the weddings that I have to go to now that everyone is turning 30.

  • Chip

    Could always use a grey suit.

  • Greg


  • Rob

    Essential navy all day

  • beamer4prez

    Got to go with the Essential Gray. Great looking suit.

  • Wayne

    Essential blue, wearing it whenever I like

  • John M

    Essential Gray for a new job!

  • Ian Zelgowski

    I am in desperate need for a blue suit. I’d definitely get something with a bit of character, though. Maybe a pink inner lining?

  • Maxim Harper

    Essential Navy — just scored an internship so would love it for that!

  • bnevis

    Essential Gray Prince of Wales, definitely.

  • Josh

    Essential gray for sure

  • chasepsu

    Would definitely pick up the Premium Navy.

  • Ed T

    Essential Navy! My navy suit is sorely in need of replacement!

  • Will Mason

    Definitely blue! I have several interviews coming up soon so this would be perfect!

  • Jibs

    Essential gray

  • macsdd

    Navy is looking pretty nice.

  • Paden

    I’d go with the “Premium Summer Indigo Birdseye Suit” it’s probably not a suit I’d buy on my own usually but love the style and color of it.

  • J.ro

    Def the essential blue. Less boring than navy or grey. Good change up option.

  • Bryan Cole

    You know, I’ve been looking for a good navy pinstripe suit…

  • Chris Myhalsky

    Need that Essential Navy!

  • Paul

    Essential Navy to fill out my current setup of Essential Charcoal and a medium grey from another brand.

  • jon

    Essential blue, for my rehersal dinner coming up soon.

  • Jake

    Essential Navy

  • Steve Berg

    Essential Charcoal! Because I need a suit I can wear to damn near anything!

  • Jon Powell

    Essential Navy, can wear it forever.

  • Alessio

    Going to a wedding in Southern Italy in September and I will need to show my best (ex gf will be there, so I need to suit up for revenge and to impress !)

    • Alessio

      And I would totally go for an Essential Blue, my fav color of all time !

  • Jarrett

    Essential Navy. I’m in court nearly every day as a litigator, so this would get some great use!

  • DanielTeasley

    Yes please for essential navy. From weddings to galas, it’s a winner.

  • Brad T

    Essential Navy. Very classy and classic look and should hold up over time with many uses. Could really use this for a wedding in the fall, my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in July and possibly for a few work situations. Sharp suit! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Brooksie

    Essential Navy, hands down. What better way to reboot my suit wardrobe that starting with this versatile classic that I’m sure to wear nearly everywhere.

  • Spencer Jenkins

    Essential Blue please! I’ve always wanted a full out blue suit. Not navy, but blue. I’d wear it at work and turn some heads, since everyone there only wears black or grey

  • Andrew

    The essential navy looks like a good first suit. I’ve never had a job where a suit was required (even for the interview!), but I’m finally graduating college next year (after 9 years)–so I definitely need to start shaping my wardrobe for my post-food service life.

  • Jason

    Gotta go with the Navy!

  • Matt Cleary

    Looking forward to a Slate shadowbox suit

  • Mike W

    Always wanted an Essential suit!

  • jody

    Charcoal. i just got promoted and I’m building up my dresswear arsenal.

  • Will

    I think Blue is great for a wedding.

  • JLasinski

    I think I’d go with the essential gray

  • Adam

    Essential Grey!!

  • rywick

    A nice essential fray would be awesome.

  • Alex McCoy

    I’m getting married in October – I’d absolutely go for Essential gray with notch lapels, double rear vent, slanted no-flap pockets, and purple lining.

  • conjob

    Essential grey — I would LOVE a chance to have a suit that actually fits me.

  • Dom

    Essential Navy for my job interviews after I graduate this coming Fall. So timeless.

  • Andrew

    Essential Grey! So I can look like James Bond!

  • SenorPilkington

    Gotta be Essential Grey. Good for job hunting.


    Essential Grey, for sure.

  • Sarah Austin

    Essential gray is my fave. In all 15+ years my husband I have been together Ive never seen him in a suit, not even on our wedding day. Its on my bucket list to see my handsome man in one.

  • Guest

    Essential blue doesn’t look blue enough for me, and I have charcoal and gray already. Maybe a summer fabric? Summer birdseye indigo.

  • Jackson

    Esseential grey

  • ben

    essential BLUE. fo’ sho’

  • Cody J

    Essential Navy! I’m starting college in a month and I would love to have a great suit for events or even class!

  • Faku_lay

    essential navy or blue!!!

  • Sean

    Desperately need a navy for all occasions.

  • Joe

    I’d go with the Essential Charcoal. I lost weight and shrunk out of all my suits!

  • David Belyea

    Have the Napoli in navy from SS, looking to get a grey now.

  • Jmseppi

    Essential Navy because I can wear it to work or going out

  • Gene King

    I’d love a new suit. Essential Gray would be my choice

  • Tim

    Essential Gray would be my pick. It would be perfect for wearing to business events where everyone is generally in black.

    • Just A Bloke

      Is that like funeral directers conventions & that?

  • Just A Bloke

    Thanks for the offer mate, but what would I do with it?
    S’pose I could wear the trousers & shirt to some formal event. Could give the jacket & tie away to someone.
    What about doing a comp were the winner gets a nice tracksuit with a tasteful tee. I probably wouldn’t wear the tracksuit top, too formal ya see, but the trackie bottoms & tee would go down a treat.

  • Chris Burkhalter

    Essential grey for sure. Perfectly versatile for interviews and weddings

  • scooter12345

    Totally the Essential Navy for a job interview with my local city government

  • Ryan P.

    Love the Navy Pinstripe!

  • Just A Bloke

    Bruvs, if wanna new suit, you can pick up a Primarny one for a score.
    Don’t see the point maself, but horses for courses.

  • Isaac

    Essential Gray. I’m in need of a nice gray suit.

    • Just A Bloke

      Bruv, if you keep commenting, I’ll be tempted to buy you a suit. You seem like a man in need.

  • cb

    I’ve been meaning to buy a navy suit for some time now. Could this be my lucky day?? 🙂

  • Steve

    I’d love the essential navy for my NYC internship that starts in September

    • Just A Bloke

      Calm down mate, bit worried about ya. I’ve never seen a bloke go so crazy over clothes before.

  • Nick

    Essential blue!

  • iPhoneJim

    Definitely the essential Navy. Can’t go wrong

  • Just A Bloke


  • Jim

    Already have a grey suit, but really in need of a Navy one. I’d use that bad boy for both interviews and the end of wedding season.

  • j4m3z

    Essential Navy Suit because it matches any occasion.

  • Just A Bloke

    Essential track suit bottoms. Any where you can’t wear ’em ain’t worth going.

  • orliville

    Essential Blue to round out my Grey Suit.

  • Josh Hudson

    Essential gray for sho!

  • Justin

    Essential Navy is a suit that I need!

  • Just A Bloke

    I’m outta ‘ere lads. Blokes going crazy over clothes, especially a suit, baffles me.
    If it was a pair of trainers, I could understand, up to a point.

  • Brendan

    I agree on Essential Navy

  • Justin

    Ha, I’m standing in my friend’s wedding this summer and would love to be rocking a new suit.

  • utfan

    Premium Navy Pinstripe Suit. Take it while you can get it.

  • Kristopher Hesson

    I’m on the job hunt and the Essential Gray would be perfect for interviews!

  • Travis

    I need a navy suit. This would a fantastic way to start out the week.

  • b_sanks

    Essential Navy. I have 5 weddings this year to attend and I need a great looking suit to wear to them.

  • Chris

    Essential Navy. I have a charcoal suit so the next purchase on my list is navy.

  • SteveO_in_NY

    This would be awesome!

  • btparker

    I’m all about the gray.

  • Eric Cumming

    I am in desperate need of a solid navy suit that actually fits. The downsides of losing alot of weight.

  • RiKs62

    Essential Navy for upcoming job interviews.

  • Lawrence O.

    Essential Navy for the classic factor. One can never go wrong with navy.

  • Matt B

    Looks like the Summer indigo for me.. Why, you ask? Why not! I just like suits!

  • Michael Chastain

    Essential Navy.

  • Byron

    I’d pick the Essential Gray. Awesome, casual color

  • Roger F.

    Essential grey for all occasions.

  • CFR

    Love the essential grey! It would be great for the campaigns I’m working on and future job interviews

  • Ben

    Essential Grey all day

  • Mark

    Essential Gray would be great to add to my closet.

  • Jeff

    Essential Navy, for sure.

  • 1Dollar

    No wedding – I just like to wear suits!

  • mabell almanzar

    Essential grey, for day or night!

  • DavidL1

    An essential gray suit would be fantastic for most of my occasions in university

  • Matt

    I’d go with the essential gray Prince Of Whales suit. I need a gray one, so why not go unique?!

  • Dan

    Already have the grey and navy, but need something for summer weddings, like the Slate or Essential Blue.

  • JW

    I’m an attorney. Essential Navy for the win.

  • Chris

    Im starting a new job this next week and I do’nt own a suit

  • Andrew McMaster

    That Essential Navy looks very cool

  • rjshine

    I have the premium grey which is amazing. I’d go with the Navy on the next one

  • Greyshot26

    Wow, definitely could use a nice navy suit as I start my college senior year and need to start doing some in-person interviews!

  • John

    Essential Gray please thank you

  • Greg S

    I have a gray suit already, but a blue suit would help expand my options for dressing sharp.

  • Mario

    Essential Navy! It would be a great way to rock an interview that I have comming up!

  • John

    The Essential Blue suit is a great color.

  • RGiel

    Essential Gray, so I can step up my suit game.

  • kobi

    Essential Grey. Love the look of a well cut Grey suit!

  • http://www.erichenao.com Eric Henao

    I’ve got a suit from them already and love it. Got married in it. Would love to have another!

  • Thomas C

    Essential Navy to replace my steel blue that has a rip in the butt 🙁

  • Lasse B. Jørgensen

    It should be the Essential Navy Blue! I’m 18 and this is going to be my first tailored suit, and a suit in Navy Blue is just classic, and timeless.

  • TyLo

    Essential Blue, because every man needs a suit that looks that good, it’s the easy go to for just about any occasion, and I feel my most confident in those essential blue hues. Future weddings, fancy date night, family gatherings, maybe even Vegas. #beastmode #shouldhavebeenthegroom

  • Adam

    Definitely essential grey! I am dj and have some gigs where it’s appropriate to get a bit dressed up. Cant wait to wear this suit!

  • Mark

    Essential Navy like a boss.

  • Michael

    I would take the Essential Grey. I am a recent graduate and starting interviews everywhere but only have one suit…and it is from a thrift store and is way too big. It is also black which apparently is a fashion no-no. This would definitely help me upgrade my style and impress interviewers.

  • Damien d B

    Premium Summer Indigo Pin Check Banker Stripe Suit all the way!

  • lybaldus

    Tan micro pin check suit! I need a good summer suit and tan is a modern, clean look.

  • Lee S.

    Light Gray all the way. #summertime

  • TSmith

    Essential Gray, very versatile suit!

  • ProfessorLyle

    I want to rock that Essential Gray. It’s a top-tier requirement. Gray transitions well throughout the seasons, so it’s a timeless staple to own. (Which I do not. Help? Thanks!)

  • carcomptoy

    Wow, that essential Navy would be a really great addition to my wardrobe!

  • Anthony

    Essential grey, white shirt, black tie. Nothing beats a versatile classic

  • Kyle Greer

    I need some Essential Navy in my wardrobe, come be friends with my other suits 🙂

  • Alex Hurd

    Essential Navy. Every man should own a navy suit, and I dont……yet.

  • ChaseB

    I’d have to go with the Essential Gray, already stocked up on navy!

  • Kristopher

    Essential gray for work

  • Tyler

    I’ve been looking for a good opportunity to get a gray suit. Essential gray sounds right up my alley!

  • ftmjourney

    I would love to have the Essential Grey! I work in higher education and am working on moving across country – I’d love to get one of these to help me rock my interviews!

  • Matt Shock

    The Essential Charcoal suit would be an ideal addition for me. I would wear it for more formal occasions at the office, as well as for weddings that I always seem to receive invitations for.

  • Stephen C. Berry

    Essential blue would be an awesome, casual, and fun suit!

  • http://www.sonnygill.com/ Sonny Gill

    Essential gray for sure!

  • cdsouth

    I’m a fan of both the Essential Gray and Essential Navy, but for now I’d have to go with the Essential Navy. The versatility of the navy is exactly what I’m needing right now.

  • Sam Sik Youn

    Have my monochrome colors already. Essential Navy.

  • http://twitter.com/mdigirol Matt

    I have black and blue so I need something different. I guess The Essential Gray would make the most sense for the season and as an addition to my wardrobe… But hey, any new suit I could get my hands on would be a good thing.

  • Conner

    Essential Navy for my friends wedding next month

  • Trent Wright

    Essential Navy, Center Vent, with a ticket pocket. Awesome suit that I can wear to almost anything!

  • Michael Slater

    Well this makes it easy knowing what essential suits i need

  • Craig Blessing

    The essential navy would be a great introductory suit! Ive lost weight and am in desperate need of a suit that fits!

  • Kevin G

    I was looking to buy a new suit for my Birthday next month anyways, Essential Gray!

  • jack

    Essential Gray

  • shea

    That essential gray would be a great addition for the two weddings I have this fall.

  • Harris Ramm

    I would pick the Essential Navy–fall is a season full of conferences and other business gatherings in my industry, and I am in need of some new conservative business dress.

  • Butch_Zee

    Amazing. Usually you get anywhere from 2 to 8 comments. Today you have over 220 as of right now. Can’t beat the price.

  • Juan F

    Navy all the way!

  • Russ hoyt

    Essential Gray Herringbone

  • Matt

    Blue, only one I need.

  • rschmidtberger

    Essential Grey! Grey works with everything, and is more informal than a solid black suit. I am a pastor and find myself in weddings, funerals, and churches a lot. Suits are a profession necessity but can be very pricey.

  • Eric Lynch

    Essential Grey, I desperately need some basics!

  • nghesq

    Gray. Who can have enough gray suits?

  • Brett

    Definitely need a navy suit!

  • glenak1911

    Essential Navy to start a new job in NYC

  • Dan

    I could use a new grey suit for the summer (do they have unlined??). weddings on weddings on weddings.

  • Jeff

    Essential gray! Nothing sharper.

  • http://www.nosmellnotell.com/ Oak_Aged

    I think it would have to be gray

  • Justin Ache

    I’d get a suit for a night on the town

  • Ron Macoon

    love that gray prince of wales.

  • Scott White

    Essential Navy. I have a black, but I’m starting to feel like an undertaker.

  • Blake Alexander Hammerton

    I want an Essential Black suit for a wedding I have this Fall!

  • http://batman.com roofus hammington the third


  • Marcus

    Everyone can use an Essential Grey

  • John Egan

    An Essential Gray from Indochino would be the final piece I need to land my dream job as a young professional recently a year out of college as an engineer in Chicago.

  • chris

    Essential navy for the win! (or a tux if I could!)

  • Michael Barsky

    Essential Navy

  • disGuise44

    Essential Grey!

  • SolefulStrut


  • ja_vo

    Essential Blue is classic and perfect for most occasions.

  • Iken

    I would love to have a Essential Charcoal suit with quality white shirt! Coming November, my club’s celebrating 30th anniversary and, I am choosen to be the emcee for this event. Well, all eyes on me now, I need to wow everyone, right?

  • Nathan

    Could totally use a blue suit – goes with so much

  • Paul B

    Definitely go with gray. I have a navy suit and would love to switch it up!

  • Parker

    Definitely need to add an Essential Navy suit to my quiver.

  • John Schroeder

    Essential Navy. Can’t go wrong with a perfectly tailored navy suit!

  • Phil Lowry

    Essential Navy. Step up my style game and impress potential employers.

  • David R.

    Essential gray for sure

  • Andre Lo

    Essential gray, still a traditional color but not the same as everyone’s navy!

  • Corin T

    A double-breasted PREMIUM GRAY PRINCE OF WALES SUIT with pick-stitched peak wide lapels, slanted pocket flaps, ticket and pen pockets, working buttonholes and buttoniere, pant cuffs (you get the idea…) because… why not?

  • guest


  • rodhouj

    essential blue looks awesome

  • Jason Wilkins

    Love that Grey Wool suit. I tend to only wear suits in the winter, so the warmth is nice, and I love the look of wool. Classic!

  • Erick Mercadante

    Gray for me I don’t have a suit yet

  • Cody Norton

    Premium Black. I always invested in blue and gray, but I am two years away from being a pastor and black comes in handy way more than it does for most.

  • Jake

    Essential Blue! I’ll be attending professional internships next fall and a new suit would help!

  • nordonec

    Essential Blue. I wear a suit every day to work and it would make a great addition.

  • Mkruns

    Cant decide between the Essential Gray and Essential Navy. Guess I’ll have to get both…

  • TJ O’Toole

    Tan Micro Pin Check Suit. Awesome for summer weddings, customer meetings, and being absolutely awesome…

  • stb5114

    Essential navy- best for my first suit (soon-to-be college grad).

  • chintan

    I need one in gray

  • Tanano

    Honestly, there are so many to choose from! Which is a good problem. I’ll probably change my mind a million times but probably a Herringbone one. You can’t go wrong with that look in almost any scenario.

  • John

    Essential grey for sureeeee

  • Christopher

    I dig the Essential Grey one. I’m transgender and am slowly discovering my style in male clothing.

  • joshray88

    Essential Navy-already have a grey and blue suits, so this would give me more options than just the two!

  • Colin Keys

    The Essential Navy. I have a number of weddings coming up, and I am process of starting a job hunt and it never hurts to have a great suit to wear.

  • John Mondragon

    Essential blue

  • Jon

    essential grey, old one doesn’t fit anymore and summer is here

  • Justin William

    Essential Black because It’s time I own something black…

  • Michael

    Essential Navy! So versatile, great for work or weddings

  • Dan

    Essential gray. I am always looking for ways to step up my style.

  • a_teggy

    I can’t wait to win this giveaway! The essential gray suit will be a great reward for all time I’ve been putting in at the gym!

  • Sean G


  • Victor

    Either one is a great choice. Just keeping in the tradition of Barney Stinson “Suit up!”…

  • http://gplus.to/questioncom victor sanchez

    grey since its a great everyday suit

  • Acme

    Essential Grey is the way to go

  • Joshua Delaney

    Essential gray prince of whales suit. It be my go to suit for when I want to make a statement, or own the meeting.

  • John Markle

    Essential Grey! I need a good grey suit. Best of luck to all!

  • Dazil

    Essential Gray for a job interview!

  • Alfonso M

    I would choose the esential gray as it’s one of the most versatile and sharp.

  • pizzascience

    essential grey for business trips and presentations

  • Albert Chang

    Essential Blue Definitely need one for fun occasions since I already got the grey suit for professional reasons.

  • R-J

    I’d pick the Essential Gray Prince of Wales Suit

  • Andrew


  • jmamone

    Essential grey prince of Wales – such a classic way to stand out! Easy to dress up and down and wear many ways, even with denim

  • Andrew

    Just graduated, I’d go with the Essential Navy for interviews.

  • Logan3103

    Essential Navy…

  • Danno

    I’d love to try out an Indochino suit! A 3 piece gray suit would be awesome!

  • James

    Essential Navy, hands down. I’ve got a few weddings in the fall coming up and I sure would like to show up in a fine suit like this!

  • Aaron

    I’d probably go withe the Essential Navy Suit. What wouldn’t I use it for? I’m a college student, so it would come in handy for interviews and such. I’d also enjoy using them as suit separates on a daily basis.

  • adam m.

    I’d pick the essential gray. And who needs a reason for a nice suit?!

  • Just A Bloke

    None of you lot are gonna get the suit, I’m gonna eat it.

  • PB

    I just graduated from law school and could really use a new suit while going out on interviews. Would love to have the essential gray.

  • James

    Essential Gray or Navy!

  • Kevin

    Blue suit, please.

  • Alexandre

    Essential Gray is my choice!

  • Sean

    Essential Gray for sure. Gotta add variety!

  • cyrus

    Essential blue for sure

  • David

    Essential Navy! Its the suit missing in my collection, so this would be perfect!


    Just need a suit

  • Carter Chase

    the Essential Charcoal Suit because its a classic i don’t have

  • Ian

    Essential Blue. I need to add some flavor to my suit collection.

  • Jason

    I don’t know exactly which one I’d get, but it would definitely be a summer weight suit. It’s so hot in AZ.

  • kiwikidsareweetbixkids

    Essential Gray looks great for my current job and any future interviews

  • Dennis Fullalove

    Essential Blue is the one I want.

  • Leo

    Essential Blue!!! I’m starting a new job internship this summer at a real estate agency and n real estate its about how you present yourself. And with this suit im sure i’ll be a stand out!!

  • Eugene Chiou

    Essential navy for my next interview!

  • Marc P

    Essential Navy for me please

  • Thedizz85

    Premium Pebble Twill Suit. I am getting married this Septmeber and that would be ideal for the wedding.

  • Adam Aguinaga

    I love the Premium Gray Suit. Because the suit is a great middle of the road gray, not too light, not too dark!

  • Russel

    Navy is the best.

  • Ty P

    I’d go with the light gray 2-piece to add to my coaching attire!

  • kmorris76

    Essential navy for full summer look

  • Wojciech

    Essential Gray for me! Would love to finally try out Indochino.

  • Matt Williams

    Essential Gray. Gray is what I’m shooting to be wearing for my wedding in October, and it would allow use with different color shirts for other occasions after the big day

  • Cameron Albert

    What a great opportunity!

  • Patrick Ryan

    I need a new navy suit as a staple, thus I’d buy the Essential Navy!

  • Thyndman4

    Essential Gray for sure. Got a wedding in August, need to look fresh as fuck for!

  • Brett

    Indochino has always beens something I want, but can’t afford. Essential Gray or Essential Blue would be my two picks

  • Austin Shelton

    I’m torn between the Navy & the Grey. Probably the Grey, just because of the versatility.

  • Patrick

    I’ve been eyeing the Essential Gray since it is so versatile but I really like the Essential blue.

  • Minerva

    Essential Gray. To celebrate passing the Bar

  • Graig

    Essential Blue for sure. I got my wedding tux from Indochino and I am officially a believer. Now to expand the rest of the wardrobe.

  • Max

    I just recently purchased a pinstripe charcoal suit and would love to compare it to the Essential Navy!

  • Jason James

    I’d chose the one best for business.

  • Kevin Daniel Aziz

    Essential Blue! – I’ve got plenty of interviews coming up and a new suit is always a killer confidence booster

  • Zi

    I’d get the Essential Navy for sure

  • Colin

    Essential Navy. It’s versatile. I’m attending a wedding soon and I could wear it for work as well.

  • Aaron

    Hooray for Gray! 🙂

  • Phil Blaine

    Essential Black! Going to be in my cousin’s wedding this summer and I need to suit up!

  • Josh Desousa

    I am currently in the interviewing process for an engineering position with companies in my city. The Essential Navy would definitely put me above and beyond all of my competition.

  • Tommy V.

    Essential gray in prince of wales check.

  • Kyle

    I would love a new Essential Blue!

  • Raymond

    Getting promoted at work and will be managing staff. I’ll take the Essential Blue for that leadership look.

  • Shane

    I would love the essential gray suit!

  • mrfoofs

    Can’t go wrong with Essential Navy. A classic for all ocassions.

  • Rishab

    Essential Grey to Round out my collection

  • Alex

    I would love a new suit in essential grey. I have boring dark suits I use for work and need something lighter in color for use on weekends and during the day!

  • sundragon

    I would pick the Essential Navy. I’ve lost a bit of weight and a fitted suit would be awesome for a few weddings coming up.

  • Samson Thompson

    I’m tiny so a custom suit would be awesome!

  • Aaron

    I have the essential gray. Wore it at my wedding and it was awesome!

  • Dominic Hunter

    Essential gray looks the sharpest to me!

  • Michael

    I’d rock the Essential Blue during brunch on a weekend to remind people that I’m a boss

  • matty

    Essential Gray looks great!

  • Matt W

    I have a grey check suit, so I think I need a navy or black one. Is this open to us foreigners too?

  • Scott

    I need a new gray suit, so I guess the essential would be the way to go.

  • dvals87

    Essential Gray would be nice!

  • pwocken

    Essential Gray, for sure. My closet consists of ill-fitted, pleated and cuffed black and beige suits. Time to step it up a notch.

  • JP

    Look good

  • dneaster3

    No hesitation… Essential Gray.

  • Guilherme W Afonso

    Essential Gray seems to be the most fun!

  • Aaron

    The essential gray for some summer weddings!

  • Ben

    Essential Navy is rad!

  • slenz

    Essential Blue! So versatile and classic. I’d kill to have this in my closet!

  • Owen

    Essential blue looks like it’d work for a very long time style wise! Timeless!

  • Daniel Hall

    Would love the blue one! I’m a bit short but I would love a good one for weddings etc 🙂

  • Ali

    The Essential Navy. It’s perfect for an all-purpose suit.

  • Robbie Hodge

    Essential Navy for sure.

  • mg

    Count me in the contest

  • Dimitrios

    I’ve always been a grey or black suit kind of guy, but I want to try out the blue.

  • Patrick O’Malley

    Essential gray ftw!

  • Jacob Merryman

    Essential Blue—you can’t go wrong. Perfect for most all occasions.

  • Dan

    Essential navy…starting the interview process for jobs

  • David Sarnik

    I have to go with the Indigo Herringbone Summer Tweed.

  • Blake

    Essential Gray. I’ve been in the market for a light grey suit. I had mostly been considering SuitSupply but I’d be very curious to see if a MTM Indochino suit fit well enough on the first try to avoid the tailor. Definitely can’t beat the price.

  • Jacob Ross

    Essential blue for a summer wedding in Anapolis, MD w/ my special lady

  • Will Kolton Bell

    Essential gray would look great for law school

  • Marc Polk

    Essential Navy, absolutely. I’ve been angling for a 1st suit for a while now.

  • Logan Greer

    Essential Navy

  • jfu

    Essential gray, goes great with my other shades of gray shirts.

  • Thom Douglas

    It’d be hard to choose because I’ve always wanted the Essential Grey Prince of Wales suit, but that Cornflower Blue Pin Check suit looks pretty bomb, too. Whichever one, I’d definitely wear it when I propose to my girl later this year. And of course, for other events, like a new job, etc. Love Indochino, still don’t have any suits from them though. 🙁

  • Essentially Groovy

    Essential Navy for upcoming school interviews

  • Jay

    Essential Gray. It’s the perfect all around suit for me

  • cchris210

    In the midst of job interviews…essential grey might do the trick

  • Robert M.

    Essential Gray for sure

  • Athul Acharya

    Essential Gray Prince of Wales Suit—because who doesn’t love Prince of Wales check?

  • Luke

    That indigo birdseye is beautiful! I’d love to wear it to the all of the summer weddings I have this year, and there are a lot!

  • David Gomez

    Essential Navy, no doubt.

  • Eric

    Definitely thinking Navy…

  • jvet88

    I’d wear the Essential Gray. I’m in desperate need of a gray suit, and it would fit the bill perfectly.

  • atrain714

    Would love the Navy, lots of weddings to go to the summer & fall!

  • http://CommonFibers.com Tim Brophy

    I’d totally pick the essential gray suit! With white undershirt and solid red tie. Such a classic look!

  • Scott

    This is great.

  • Preston Mizner

    Essential Grey! I have a new job coming up where it would be great to wear a suit. Plus, the Essential Grey reminds of something Don Draper would wear!

  • http://www.twitter.com/terrenceobrien Terrence O’Brien

    Not sure which one to get, just ordered my 3rd indochino suit… but you can never have too many.

  • guitargirl0327

    I’d pick the premium charcoal suit for my fiance to wear at our wedding this October!

  • Matthew Perry

    Essential Navy, cant go wrong with a classic!

  • Zak

    After losing a good amount of weight, I could really use a new blue suit, so Essential Blue for me.

  • Rduncan

    I have med school interviews and could really use the essential grey.

  • Liz Higgins

    My husband needs the essential grey for weddings and general sexiness!

  • Turner

    Premium Navy Suit

  • Glenn

    I would pick the Essential Gray suit so I can look good as a teacher in my new job!

  • Tyler

    Definitely Essential Gray!

  • Maamon Mhameed

    essential blue I want to own my first suit before i graduate

  • Alexander Gavilanes

    Essential Navy!

  • Angel De La Garza

    Essential navy

  • fang

    this is pretty great

  • Drew Simchik

    I don’t even have a suit right now and getting the right fit is part of the reason why. I probably need the gray, but navy’s tempting.

  • Michael Giachetti

    Essential navy. It just goes with a lot of different occasions and doesn’t look as drab as a gray suit. That’s just my opinion though.

  • Rob Simons

    Essential GREY… lost a bunch of weight and need something to cover a lot of bases.

  • John

    Essential grey for looking sharp on the streets of Tokyo

  • LM

    essential grey puhlease

  • davidizzy

    Essential Gray- it’s classic cool.

  • Eric

    Essential navy. Don’t yet have a navy suit.

  • Pierce

    The Essential Gray is fantastic! Would love to have the Essential Blue! Nice pop of color and perfect for summer!

  • aps2012

    Could definitely do with a new navy, so Essential Navy it is.

  • James Petzke

    All about that Essential Navy!

  • Travis

    Essential Grey! it’s the most versatile

  • Steve

    Essential Navy is the shit.

  • Drew

    Essential Grey… I have a Navy Suit already and I’m trying to expand my professional wardrobe.

  • Seth

    The essential navy suit with the premium Italian navy polka dot shirt and the solid maroon tie would be one slick look to get you almost anywhere in style.

  • Zach

    Definitely the essential gray.

  • Dylan

    Essential gray. The versatility of a sharp grey suit is fantastic. The suit that suits nearly any occasion.

  • dmleung

    Essential navy or grey all the way!

  • jasonvanfosson

    I’d totally dig an essential blue…mostly because I’m going on the academic job market soon and that’d be c-l-a-s-s-y. I’d get hired for my style alone.

  • Jim

    Essential Navy would be great for interviews or formal occasions. Already have the Essential Gray from Indochino and it’s great!

  • CDM

    Essential Navy all the way. Been needing a navy suit for awhile now to complement my charcoal.

  • James Overman

    digging the indigo summer suit

  • Ryan Shelby

    Essential Navy!!!!

  • Nick Holt

    Essential navy. Hopefully it fits the shoulders!

  • tom297

    Essential Navy cause I need one!


    Essential Navy. Always.

  • Tom

    can’t beat essential navy

  • Andrew

    essential blue looks dope

  • Matt T

    Essential Grey. I already have an every-day navy. Need a grey in the repertoire and have a big wedding coming up in Sept.

  • Devon Taylor

    Essential Blue. I just got a internship and don’t have a lot of suits

  • JBu92

    Heck yeah, free suit. Not quite sure which one specifically, but something lighter in color and double-breasted

  • Luca S

    I would love to get a tux for my wedding next year!

  • Alan

    I like the Essential Charcoal.

  • Matt

    I’d love the Essential Gray Herringbone Three-Piece suit. Need a gray suit to balance out my wardrobe.

  • Billy

    Essential Navy is the obvious choice

  • Andrew

    essential gray! i need one

  • tshafer17

    Essential Navy is timeless and good for any occasion.

  • AP

    Essential Blue!

  • Bradley

    Essential Grey is so choice

  • Kevin C

    Essential Gray. I need a solid, versatile first suit.

  • zjl

    Definitely essential gray! It’s such a great color and always fashionable.

  • Eric

    Essential Gray for my new job!

  • Ninja

    Def essential gray.

  • Dan

    Essential gray! That would be the way to go!

  • Curtis

    Essential Blue is rip roarin’ rad for weddings. Easily better dressed over anyone else there.

  • Shane Smith

    Essential Blue. True Blue Kiddo.

  • Daniel

    Essential Navy for me.

  • Jonathan

    Essential gray suit to help me land that first full time job after graduating college!

  • Steve

    Perfect timing, I’ve been looking to buy one of these

  • Jonathan Capindo

    A light gray, versatile suit would be fantastic!

  • Todd

    Essential navy, interview suit!

  • Pol

    I would like the essential navy, a proven classic. My work requires that I wear suits, and I would finally like to have one that is of great quality.

  • Matt S.

    Essential Gray! My friend is getting married soon.

  • Bbedfo2

    Essential Grey. I am starting graduate school in the fall and really need a sharp suit to land some great internships in the DC area.

  • Evan

    The Essential Gray would be perfect for all weather wear.

  • Sid

    Navy blue, because you can wear it for any occasion!

  • Randy Yim

    My big in my fraternity is getting married in August and need a new suit! The Essential Grey suit would be perfect! Crossing my fingers!!

  • Troupedesimon

    I’d hit up the Navy suit

  • George Jones

    I’ve got a new internship, and only one suit that properly fits at the moment – a new grey one would help loads!

  • Keir

    Definitely the Essential Gray – so versatile you could wear it to weddings, funerals, job interviews…”essential” in every way!

  • Adam Kappel

    12 entries per day better be enough!

  • Adam Klein

    I have a large black tie event in a few months that the Essential Charcoal would be perfect for.

  • Gregory Rodriguez

    Essential Grey, I started a new job in vegas and i am in need of suits. grey seems like a staple in someones closet.

  • Wesley

    I’d pick the Essential Navy because of the few second hand suits I do own, none are navy, and that staple is sorely missed.

  • Sean Cantellay

    Gray, because I need a everyday suit.

  • Radman30

    Great giveaway

  • Radman30

    The premium navy for my wedding next fall.

  • Simon

    Essential Grey. Just gave away my last grey suit to a friend

  • Just A Bloke

    This competition is a hoax…only kidding…I think, after all I ain’t running it.

  • Just A Bloke

    I don’t want a suit, bit of reverse phycology, oh wait, I really don’t want a suit.

  • Just A Bloke

    All quiet on the suit front…

  • Just A Bloke

    Anyways, nuff of all this suit nonsense, what about the World Cup?
    Watching football or begging for a suit…watching football every time.

  • Just A Bloke

    Lads, any job you need to wear a suit for ain’t worth having.

  • Just A Bloke

    I’m running the comments on ‘ere innit. Shame I don’t wanna suit, cos I’d avit in the bag. Don’t worry clothbeggars, I didn’t even enter this comp, why, cos I DON’T WANNA SUIT. Got it.

  • Just A Bloke

    A captive audience, & me with nuffin to say.

  • Just A Bloke

    Football: Who do you think is gonna win the World Cup?

  • Just A Bloke

    I tell you what, suit people are boring. I think I might clear off, then you lot can get back to begging for this suit.

  • Just A Bloke

    Or maybe I should enter the comp, win the suit hands down, sell it, & get maself a ticket to the World Cup final. Looks like it’s gonna be a top match. FOOTBALL!

  • Just A Bloke

    Ok, ignoring me has worked, I’m outta here!

  • dnugget

    Essential Grey! I need a new one. 🙁

  • Jerel Baldomero

    Essential Navy! As the president of a pre-professional organization on a UC campus, I want to start my last year in college off right!

  • Carloslt

    Dear Sirs: I´ve been reading the rules of your ” 2-Piece Suit, Shirt, and Tie from Indochino!” raffle, and i think you have a mess with the dates:

    Art: 5 said. Contest PERIOD: The Contest begins at, June 22, 2014 and ends at 12:00:00 P.M. PST on June 30, 2014

    Art. 7 said. SELECTION OF CONTEST WINNER: The winner will be notified by email and a list of winners will be posted on http://www.primermagazine.com on or before June 4, 2014 for a period of at least 60 days.

    Obviously you can not post winner before Contest period

    At the end you said:

    Art.m7 WINNER’S LIST: You may request a list of winners after June 24, 2014 by emailing Primer Magazine from Primer Magazine‘s homepage.

    I can not understand……… ask for a list of winer just on the middle of Contest period.

    Sorry for my english, it can be rude because i cant undestand the nuances of my own text. Thank you for all

    • Just A Bloke

      Don’t worry bruv, your english is way better than this competition.

  • Carloslt

    essencial gray o navy what`s the problem, both of them…

  • jaswilliams

    Essential Gray

  • Alex Kribbs

    Essential Grey is where it’s at!!

  • Robert Cristian

    Essential Navy it looks incredible.

  • Just A Bloke

    Only 6 days of boredom to go…

  • Just A Bloke

    If giving suits away makes people this boring, it should be banned.

  • Jeff_B

    Essential Gray, need an upgrade on my beater suit.

  • Ibro bawa

    Summer suiting.

  • Ilimanjf

    This suit would be killer for a wedding! Have four of them coming up and could really use Indochino in my arsenal!

  • Daniel Williams

    Essential blue – because I don’t have a blue suit yet!

  • Sho Stehr

    tonal tan linen suit for my best friends summer wedding!

  • Ty

    I have too many weddings to go to this year and a new suit is just the thing I need!

  • Matt_Mc

    I’m thinking essential grey. I’m a sucker for a good grey suit.

  • Leev Robert

    Essential Navy, I’m going to a christening at the end of this year

  • Josh

    Essential Gray for an upcoming wedding!

  • Jarrett Boesche

    Definutly Essential Navy!

  • Baron Kanter

    There are six Texas weddings I’m going to In the next few months. Texas weddings require summer weight suits, which I don’t have. Texas weddings are also an excellent place to show off a new custom made tan micro pin suit from indochino, a not only light weight but light color suit which I’ve never had the nachas to buy.

  • Anj_coco

    That essential blue is a need. Have two more weddings upcoming and this would be great!

  • Tom

    Essential charcoal for sure!

  • kenjiayomain

    The Pearl Grey Shadow Box Linen Suit, because hey, it’s summer.

  • Niko

    I’ve been wanting an essential gray for a while now, this would be a great pick up.

  • Andy

    Essential Navy Suit.

  • Nick Pugh

    I’m looking for a first suit, the Essential Gray would be perfect for an internship at University next year.

  • Ry

    essential gray- make it happen!

  • Loganzo

    Essential Navy. I definitely could use a real interview suit.

  • IStan

    Essential navy all the way. Perfect for summer weddings and work events!

  • Jack


  • http://man-ontheroad.com Kevin

    Has anyone purchased from Indochino in the past? How do they fit?

  • micah

    Essential navy.

  • Austin

    Essential Grey or Navy would be awesome…have a hard time picking between the two!

  • Benny

    Essential Grey!!! Any season, any occasion!

  • Mike

    Essential Blue

  • William

    if I won the giveaway I’d choose the essential black suit because, aside from my complete lack of a suit, I’d love to have a classic, all-around suit. I love to think of myself as a sophisticated man, and, in my humble opinion, nothing says ‘classy & elegant’ quite like a well groomed man in a tailor made black suit.

  • Jay Bargayo

    Essential Blue!

  • Robb

    Essential black, please. Internship interviews for the fall. Thanks!

  • Joshua Magno

    Essential Blue; I’m looking to do a little bit of drastic changes in my career, and this will be great for interviews!

  • David Carasiti

    Any suit! I recently lost a lot of weight, so none of my suits fit

  • Jay

    Essential navy, because well its essential!

  • JB Estrabillo

    Essential Navy. Timeless.

  • DapperedHoo

    Essential Navy. Perfect

  • Nick

    Essential Navy for my residency interviews this coming fall. Here’s hoping it would bring me luck landing a job as a pediatrician!

  • TylerJay1

    I have the Navy and Charcoal. Grey or Blue is next on the list.

  • Justin

    Love it. I bought a gray suit from Indochino for a wedding last summer and it fit perfectly! I would love to add essential blue to my closet as well!

  • notgonnagetfamous

    The essential grey is a nice base. it will work with black or brown shoes and belts combo.

  • James

    Essential Navy, I’ve got a wedding to go to soon and I’ll stand out from the plethora of black suits that I’ll inevitably see.

  • patricksleu

    essential navy!

  • Jonathan

    Essential Grey all the way, clean cut thats flexible. plus i have a blue light pin stripe already!

  • kevin007

    The Essential gray it’s perfect for the summer wedding I’m going to next month.

  • Jason

    Been eyeing Indochino for a while. Always great feedback. Fingers crossed.

  • Drew Fitzgerald

    Navy is timeless and customizing it to fit me perfectly would be incredible.

  • KC

    Custom fit suiting is the only way to go. I don’t need one often enough to justify a solid spend but when I need one I want to look the way it should.

  • WJ

    I’ve always wanted a Indochino suit

  • GKrause

    Definitely the Essential Navy

  • Bill McKula

    I would pick either the essential navy or essential gray suit.

  • Brendon

    That $75 tailoring credit is pretty cool. Does it only work with certain Tailors? And for the record, blue is pretty sweet but I need a new grey suit.

  • Tyler

    Essential blue for a wedding next spring and interviews for school! Would work very well for both a spring wedding and an internship interview this fall!!!!

  • rolsay

    Premium Gray Prince of Wales, for looking sharp in business meetings!

  • Yorgio

    Essential Gray. Primer once advocated for it being the most important suit you could have

  • Matthew

    The Essential Gray looks like it will go with pretty much anything.

  • Chris Sturtevant

    Essential Navy! I hope to be wearing it at my new job analyzing statistics this summer!

  • jmcb21

    Essential Navy. The old navy suit needs to be retired and it will be time to job hunt soon. Need to look sharp.

  • dzclevenger

    Essential Navy for a wedding in November.

  • David N.

    The essential blue! I have been trying to dress like a grown up and I have been following this magazine order to do so. This would help me get my get-ups together 🙂

  • Justin

    Essential Gray, will be great for starting a new job this fall.

  • Pete gallagher

    Essential Navy definitely

  • Steven Desantis

    not sure yet but essential blue is nice, october 17 wedding and im broke, this would be a huge help and the suits are amazing!

  • Dee Ahmed

    Essential Gray, because everyone needs a gray suit that can be worn anywhere anytime. Except in a pool. Then that just seems like a waste.

  • Danzarr .

    well since they said any, i would go with the premium 2 piece black suit either solid or checkered. I really dont look good in blue.

  • Spencer

    Essential Gray.

  • Ken

    I gotta go with the essential charcoal suit, simple but classic and awesome!!

  • Vince B

    Wanna rock out an Essential Gray, Blue, or Charcoal (if available) for the summer. And hopefully a new gig to go with it!

  • Jonah

    I just graduated, and finding a job is brutally difficult. I’d love to have a great suit in my corner going in to these interviews.

  • Robert

    Essential Gray!! Great all-purpose suit!

  • TJ

    Essential Grey. I’ve got the Essential Navy already, I could definitely use a grey suit.

  • Ky

    Essential Navy or maybe Blue! Just graduated from law school and need to have a nice suit to wear to court (after the bar exam, of course).

  • Chris

    Mhm Grey

  • Eric

    I’m getting married in November and the essential navy would be perfect!

  • BK

    That’s a fine looking suit

  • James

    Essential Navy! I really need a good navy suit.

  • Pat

    Been thinking about buying an Indochino suit for a while now… I’d go with Essential Navy!

  • Nathan

    I want to try out the new Premium Grey Wool Stretch Suit

  • AustinKButler

    I would love to have the essential blue for several occasions!

  • CSA

    Essential navy…classic.

  • Sid Ricketts

    Premium summer indigo birdseye, classy business but still looks hip.

  • David

    Essential Navy because it’s versatile.

  • Jeff Rider

    SO cool!

  • http://StephenPerkins.me/ Stephen Perkins

    I have always wanted an Indochino suit. Winning this would really help my career!

  • Jim T

    I’d go essential gray. Either that or a tux, perhaps? I’m not sure if that would even qualify, but I’m making it a goal of mine to own a tux before I’m 30 and still fit into it 20 years later.

  • Gray

    Essential Navy Blue for an aspiring architect

  • Grant Bryan

    Essential grey. Great versatile suit, office to night time wear… AND my last lighter grey suit had an unfortunate meeting with a glass of wine.

  • Chris46

    Essential Navy is my pick!

  • Jonathan

    An essential navy suit. It’s basic!

  • Kenneth

    Essential Grey will destroy at weddings and interviews

  • Jesse80

    Essential Blue!!!!

  • Ryan


  • Mark

    I’d choose Essential Black. I already have the Gray and love it.

  • HP

    Definitely the essential navy. Can’t go wrong with something so calming!

  • Ben

    Essential Navy would be great for me

  • Alex Xie

    Essential Blue for its versatility!

  • W

    Essential Navy for all around versatility.

  • Liam

    Essential navy because its appropriate in pretty much any situation and sharp as a tack.

  • Dan

    Essential Navy for some interviews this summer.

  • Abby

    Premium Pebble Twill or the Essential Grey Prince of Wales. I’d rock that suit to work every week. Gotta break up the black and navy trend

  • rychastings

    I could use a good suit for grad school interviews

  • Grigory

    Essential grey. Because blue is boring.

  • M.O.


  • Steve

    Get all dress shirts from them. Great stuff.

  • Just A Bloke

    It’s interesting how polite the prospect of winning a suit makes people. Normally my knowledgable & witty remarks are disrespected by some bullying pondlife. Ofcorse, I set ’em straight, being the great bullyslayer that I am.
    Basicly, YOU’RE WEASELS, for pretending to be nice so that you can win this suit.
    You think people will think you’re a decent person cos you’re wearing some ponsey suit, not everyone will buy that pony.
    Before you concern yourselves with getting even more clothes, sort your personalities out.

  • Adam Blakely

    Essential Navy would help set me apart at my firm as I move up the ranks!

  • John Barnard

    Could always use a second Indo suit

  • Tevin

    Essential Navy would complement the charcoal one I already own really well.

  • Nathan L

    I have a prince of wales that looks great on me! Beautiful suits.

  • tan_man007

    Great giveaway, I’m going to be making my first trip to Vegas for a friend’s 21st and need a new suit to look sharp in!

  • Jim Alrutz

    The Caramel Oxford Weave looks like a pretty solid spring/summer option. I have a great four-season navy already, and I could never justify the money for a summer suit, but if I’m winning it for free? Going for something fun.

  • suitfan23

    Definitely the Essential Navy! Too many guys with the Black and Grey ones.

  • Tristan Gunn

    Essential Gray three-piece. I don’t have one, and it seems versatile.

  • derekmck

    Essential Blue! It’s exactly what my closet it missing.

  • tim r

    I’ve had my eye on an Essential Navy for a while from there. I’ve got all the other colors covered in my wardrobe and want to get my first “bespoke” for my new entrepreneurial venture.

  • Faizan

    Essential Navy.

  • Sidney

    Essential Gray!!! Been wanting one of these suits for a while-SRK

  • adnan

    I would get an essential navy or essential gray because I could use a great basic suit

  • Nathan

    This would be my first suit if I win!

  • Vladimir V. Iliev

    Since I already have a navy blue suit and a black suit I would definitely go for the grey one.

  • jimmyL

    The essential grey is really sharp.

  • TJPW

    I’d love the Premium Black Suit. Very classy, and simple black, would be great for the job I want!

  • Joseph

    I’ll take an Essential Gray!

  • Riley

    Definitely Essential Blue!

  • Guest

    I never win random drawings…

  • SelsdonMowbray

    Would go with the everyday grey, as I don’t have a grey suit.

  • D Hein

    Essential Navy – starting a new business and could really use the sharp look.

  • barbara

    Essential gray for med school interviews

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Darren_V_ Darren_V

    Essential Grey! Need a grey suit so desperately bad.

  • Robert B

    Essential Navy, looking to upgrade over my old one thats had to be tailored twice (dropped 10% BMI)

  • TheProgression

    Essential Navy! because classic>trendy.

  • Jessie

    Essential Navy is the better option.

  • vinni

    the essential is a classic that fits with so many different styles and looks! I want to please!!!

  • D Park

    Essential Grey to look sharp.

  • Joe

    Blue…totally blue

  • Aaron

    Essential Navy, it works in most situations and looks always great

  • Kevin

    Blue works for me!

  • dkingsmill

    Essential Gray: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Only Navy’d be more versatile (and I’ve already got the Essential Navy!).

  • Anonymous

    Last weekend, I got married in an Indochino tux. If I win, I think I’ll get a summer-ish DB in honor of Pitti.

  • Hasdrupal

    Essentail Navy

  • Tristan

    Essential Navy. It’s a classic

  • Chris

    Essential Navy! A classic never goes out of style.

  • Michael Parks

    Gotta go with Essential Navy. Versatile, and dead sexy.

  • Avery88

    The pearl grey linen! I will be attending a wedding in Senegal, and my woollen suit will probably kill me in those temperatures…

  • Clint

    Essential navy any day of the week!

  • Egbert Holst

    I’m on a job hunt and with the Essential Gray succes looks granted!

  • bmurr009

    HERRINGBONE SUMMER TWEED SUIT, Could always use a new summer suit.

  • Simon

    Essential navy is slick

  • timoftheshire

    Love the idea of the inspirational monogram. Definitely stealing that!

  • august

    probably essential navy, just have a black suit right now

  • Thomas

    I’d probably go for the tonal tan linen suit, though I’m not gonna lie, that Prince of Wales suit is awesome!

  • Jesse

    I like indochino because they have a variety of suits for any occasion.

  • Jake

    I want the essential gray! Ah man, I want a suit so bad.

  • Brian

    I really want the essential blue as well!

  • Brad

    Essential Gray is looking good!

  • Mike

    Essential Gray! More business trips recently and my 1 suit isn’t cutting it!

  • Furious Styles

    I’ve got the navy down, it’s time to expand the closet with a Fall/winter brown.

  • Halgy

    I just moved to an office with a causal dress code…I miss looking awesome. I need a new suit for the weekends.

  • http://www.beaverbyte.com Taylor Hanslovan

    Essential Gray. As a boy, I was told by my grandfather that my first suit should be gray. Hoping to help bring back the suit and tie style in the world of sports journalism!

  • iareronald

    Essential Grey, but Essential Navy is timeless.

  • Steven

    The premium Gray of course. It’s perfect for all of my friends’ weddings.

  • David Steininger

    Essential Gray. Trying to step up my workwear game.

  • Jake

    I have a lot of weddings to attend this summer. The essential grey would be perfect.

  • Johnny Le

    Essential grey all day

  • shin

    Essential Gray all the way!

  • Todd Heiman

    Essential Grey all the way

  • Branden

    essential gray since I just got a navy suit.

  • carl

    essential navy!

  • kobg

    Essential Blue suit! Every man should have an elegant, masculine, and hybrid blue suit.

  • mnemenomorph

    Essential Gray, for summer weddings.

  • Timothy Fisher

    Indigo Birdseye all the way. It has that perfect shade for me. I have my fall and winter suit situation down pat already.

  • Dub

    I’ll take whatever!

  • James Hartley

    Essential Navy..classic! Great for an upcoming wedding.

  • Robert

    Any of them. Gimme dat snazziness

  • Steven

    I would be thankful winning any suit! but if I had to choose, I’ve always wanted their premium navy threepiece suit!

  • John Sutton

    Essential Grey for me. The versatility of it just works, could be a wedding, job interview, a dressy casual dinner..and the shirt and tie combos are endless.

  • DanPatrickFlores

    I’d go with the charcoal since my other one doesn’t fit anymore

  • MarkTwaan

    Essential blue…the perfect summer suit for weddings, nights out, and, of course, on the job professionalism.

  • dishwasherd

    I’d pick the essential grey. I’m getting sick of my navy and black suits and since I’m moving to a new city for a new job I want to stand out in a beautifully tailored suit!!!

  • Adam Phillips

    I would love the essential gray!

  • Ivars Bezdechi

    The essential gray with narrow lapels.

  • Too Much Time On My Hands

    Thanks for the suit, I donated it to homeless person. It looks better on them.

  • Camille

    I’d love to win this for my husband! He spends most of his life in ACUs, I feel like he deserves to have a spiffy suit for when he needs one! Essential Navy would be my pick.

  • jkirsch6

    Shawl tuxedo or essential gray. Great for black tie affairs and all around suit wear, respectively.

  • spc Jefferson

    Amazing suits.

  • gabriel argao

    Essential Navy! Need something basic and sharp!

  • hiiro24

    Essential navy.

  • Sgt. Farmer

    Phillip Farmer
    Hey Primer first I’d like to say thank you for providing a forum for men that’s both entertaining and helpful, second even if I don’t win the indochino suit it’s AWESOM that you and the good people at indochino have organize this hole thing.

    I’ve Recently retired from the military and have been looking for work in. I would use my new Indochino suit to help me present myself in the professional way I deserve. I would love to show up to my job interviews empowered by my new slick perfectly tailored blue indochino summer indigo Birdseye suit.

    P.s. Fingers crossed hope I win.

  • PhilFTW

    Essential Gray! Starting law school in the Fall and need to look sharp

  • Corey

    Any suit? Then definitely the PREMIUM SUMMER INDIGO BIRDSEYE. Gotta stay sharp in the summer!

  • Andy Malerwein

    I’d go Navy or Grey, both look awesome!

  • Noonan

    Essential navy!

  • Michal

    Essential navy for me, as I need something basic! 🙂

  • Tom B.

    I am about to start a studentjob as a trendwatcher. I have to speak for a lot of CEO’s of big companies in Belgium really soon and I could use a new suit. And yes I am living the paradox right now; still don’t have my first loan to buy a new suit. I prefer the Essential Navy suit. Would be fantastic if you guys could help me with that. Thank in advance !

  • Drew

    Definitely navy.

  • Tucker

    Indigo Birdseye or Indigo Banker Stripe all the way. Those suits would be incredible! I run my own business, and they would be insanely handy and perfect for events all year round!

  • Mark Stevens

    I definitely would go for a classic charcoal

  • Jake McCormick

    Essential Blue. I really want a blue suit and need one because right now I only have one suit!

  • David M

    Essential navy

  • Kellen

    I think I would go with essential blue

  • Ein

    Definitely the essential navy. Just moved to CA from Indiana and think it would be a great looked for interviews.

  • Brad Carpenter

    I would pick the essential navy suit! IT’s a classic!

  • Douglas Richardson

    I work as a salesman at a menswear store and so I already own a pretty nice navy, black pinstripe, black and light glen plaid grey. However I would love to have the essential grey or a charcoal!

  • eric

    Essential Blue with peak lapels so I can impress everybody at the next 4 weddings in 3 months!

  • Joseph

    I want a classy gray suit.

    • i woz ere

      I want a car that runs on exhaled air, like you getting the suit, it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Serge

    I’d go for the premium summer herringbone suit – its ridiculous on the underground without a good summer suit!

    • i woz ere

      You suit boys take taxis don’t ya?

  • Nodinjason

    Essential Blue is the way to go for me! Would style it up with a sweet pair of brown wingtips.

  • Brett

    Just recently bought my first suit, but its black and i’m thinking i should have gone with a gray or dark blue instead….I’d go with essential gray or navy

  • the pig dead

    Essential Gray, for sure.

  • William

    I really need a suit. I’ve missed major moments due to my unfortunate lack of a suit. and there’s truly no better way to enter the wonderful world of formal fashion than with a customized, form fitting, affordable yet quality made suit. I need this!

  • http://www.portlanddailyphoto.com/ Corey Templeton

    I think I’d go with the essential gray suit, It would be a nice addition to my work wardrobe.

  • Bradley

    Would definitely go with the premium gray wool stretch. Just started a job where I wear a suit each day and I am in sore need of a light gray suit.

  • D. Shapiro

    I have navy and dark charcoal covered, so the essential gray would be my first choice.

  • Savy_farmer

    Essential Navy most likely. I always went Black for mainline suit but realize Navy can hold its own too. An interview and social events this summer.

  • James

    Premium black or essential blue

  • djh

    Essential blue

  • i woz ere

    Anyone who posts a comment on this site is 100% boring.
    Oh rats, I’ve just…

  • Moez Lima

    Essential gray

  • Shawn Kozlov

    Essential Gray. Still need to add that one to the closet.

  • Mike Wheat


  • Matt

    Great post!

  • bob

    essential blue

  • Hs

    Essential Navy goes with anything and to anywhere!

  • i woz ere

    Big game starting in 2 hours, USA v Belgium.

  • Julio P.

    In need of the essential grey, please!

  • Fred

    Essential gray

  • Evan

    Essential gray for that slick office look