Free Art Download: 16″x20″ Anchor Printable Available in 6 Colors & Without Text

Free Art Download: 16″x20″ Anchor Printable Available in 6 Colors & Without Text
A sharp, free printable of a symbol with a hundred different meanings.

I'm proud to release this beautiful, minimalist print, available in giant 16″x20″ and in 6 colors, with your choice of with text or without!

The anchor has been used as a symbol for thousands of years. Besides being associated with those working on the sea, it has been a strong visual metaphor present in many religions, specifically Christianity and representing the virtue of hope, dating back to the end of the first century.

The anchor has also been a common element in heraldry for hundreds of years, embodying not only a family's nautical past, but signifies optimism and a “fresh start”. (Interestingly, when used in a heraldic setting, an anchored cross is known as “anchry” or “ancre”.)

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As a symbol, the anchor can mean many different things to different people. On one hand, it represents strength, stability, and consistency – all foundations for not only a healthy life but a happy home. On the other, anchors are used to keep ships in place, and so they can also be a symbol against progress and mobility. Many things can act as an anchor, holding us back from moving forward.

Because of the anchor's long symbolic history, as well as the many different individual meanings we can attribute to it, this simple print not only makes a beautiful addition to your wall, it can be a deeply personal one, reminding you of whatever virtues it brings up in you.

And if none of that sounds good to you, you can just hang it because it looks cool, and fits in with our overall industrial home theme we have going on around here. It will look awesome near our free Stag printable.

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Available in 6 Color Options

Free Anchor Printable

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With Text

Without Text

Prussian Blue Prussian Blue
Sepia Sepia
Myrtle Myrtle
Moss Moss
Charcoal Charcoal
Burgundy Burgundy

This Free Art Download can be printed pristinely in large, 16”x20” poster format or any size smaller. You can create the exact framed version shown above for only $20. When not printing black and white options at Staples, my go-to is always the Costco Photo Center. For a beautiful 16”x20” poster print they only charge $5.99, which is unbeatable. The frame I used is the “Verserum” from Ikea that sells for only $12.99.

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