The Intentional Apartment: 7 DIY Furniture Projects

diy furniture projects
The Intentional Apartment: 7 DIY Furniture Projects
Spruce up your pad without emptying your bank account.

It's good to flex your mechanical muscles every now and then. Picture this: you head to your local home improvement store on Saturday morning, and by Saturday night, you have a brand new piece of furniture that you made. Your friends won't believe it when you tell them you made it yourself. Building your own furniture doesn't have to be hard – there are tons of easy tutorials available on the web. And you don't necessarily need an entire garage full of power tools, either. Some of the projects below can be done with basic tools that you may already have. And keep in mind that places like Home Depot will usually cut a larger piece of wood down to a specific size if you have the measurements ready (rectangular cuts only though). So read on for 7 simple DIY furniture tutorials.

Easy Copper Pipe and Reclaimed Wood Table

A pipe desk and stool

This first project is a fairly straightforward one – a tall console table made with copper pipes and reclaimed wood. It would be perfect for an entryway, behind the sofa, or anywhere that you need a shallow storage solution. The combination of metal and wood will lend an industrial vibe to your space, and the sheen of the copper will make it feel warm and inviting. And you can customize the dimensions for your own space. Head over to Instructables for the full tutorial.

Source:  Instructables

Modern Coffee Table and Matching End Tables

Wood coffee table in living room

Next up, we have a contemporary set of matching tables for the living room. The good folks over at Remodelaholic will show you how to make a coffee table and two accompanying end tables that will complement any contemporary living room. The bases of these tables look like metal, but they are actually wood spray painted silver. And again, you can adjust the measurements according to your own space. If your sofa is especially short, subtract a couple of inches off the height of the tables. Head over to Remodelaholic to read the instructions.

Source: Remodelaholic

DIY Honeycomb Table With Industrial Pipe Legs

Table and Furniture

Like the first project, this table uses pipes for legs – but black iron instead of copper. This hexagon shaped piece will be a real conversation-starter. Its size makes it the perfect choice for the kitchen or dining room, with plenty of space for guests… and it would be a great work surface too. You'll need to do some accurate measuring for this one, but if you're a math whiz then this will be a breeze. Check out the thorough tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Plank Chair

A wooden chair

This might be the easiest one of the bunch – all you need is one plank. The minimalist look will be perfect for any modern space. And to answer the question that I'm sure you're all wondering… I've sat in one of these before, and yes, it was surprisingly comfortable. I wouldn't suggest using it as your office chair, but it would be great to keep a couple on hand for extra seating. Visit Instructables for a full set of directions.

Source: Instructables

Modern Stool

A close up of a cement stool

Most of the other pieces in this roundup use wood and metal, but this stool utilizes concrete as well. The mix of materials give it an interesting look… and it only costs $5 to make! This can be customized however you like – you can paint it, stain the legs, or even add hardware. And you'll produce very little waste making this stool – so if green living is important to you, you'll love the manner in which this stool is built. Head over to Homemade Modern for the full tutorial.

Source: Homemade Modern

Acacia Table

Living edge table

If you're drawn to more natural-looking pieces, then this project is for you. The organic shape of the table is reminiscent of the work of furniture designer George Nakashima, only it can be made for a fraction of the cost (real Nakashima furniture goes for $800 and up). The key is finding the right piece of acacia wood online – Ebay is probably your best bet. See more photos and check out the directions over on Casa Sugar.

Source: Casa Sugar

Wire Coffee Table

Wire table

This one stands out from the crowd a bit, since it doesn't use any wood at all. It is especially appealing functionally, as it serves two purposes at once – a work surface, and storage for magazines and books. Another benefit here is that you don't need any special tools to complete the project… just your hands! (And maybe a pair of scissors.) Lowes will show you how to do it right here.

Source: Lowes

And there you have it… 7 DIY furniture tutorials. Making your own table or chair doesn't have to be complicated… all you need is a free afternoon and a few basic tools. Whether you are drawn to simple, modern lines or more organic shapes, there's something for everyone here. And once you're finished, you'll have a cool new piece of furniture for your apartment – and bragging rights.

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