Win a Custom Shirt from Joe Button, with 2 Lucky Winners!

Joe Button is giving away 2 shirts to 2 lucky Primer readers.

Congrats to Frank and Benito for winning the giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered!

To thine own self be true. If there's one thing you ever take away from William Shakespeare, let it be that – to thine own self be true. To understand others, to understand the world, you must first fully understand yourself. You must truly know who you are. Good advice, right, but what does it have to do with scoring a sweet, custom tailored dress shirt? Everything.

The secret to looking good is knowing yourself – your style, your body. I'm sure you've seen plenty of examples of this in the real world. One guy, whether it's someone at your office or Daniel Craig as James Bond, pulls off a look seamlessly. You try it, or the guy from the copy room does, and they look… well, it ain't pretty. You just don't get it, you bought the same shirt you saw advertised in the magazine but you're not a super model yet. Why does that shirt just seem to fit him better? It's almost like it was made just for him. Ahh.

Looking good comes down to selecting shirts that fit your style and your body. Pulling a shirt off the rack is fine for a lot of people, people that fit the mold of Small – Medium – Large. But what if you don't fit that mold? Maybe your arms are too long or too short. That killer physique you're developing has put some Large sized biceps on your Medium sized torso. Maybe you need a shirt that was made just for you.

Enter the custom tailored dress shirt from Joe Button. This allows you to custom create a shirt to both your style and body. There is a wide selection of European fabrics to choose from, allowing you to select the colors and patterns that reflect your personal style. Simple. The real magic comes in from the detailed measurements you submit, allowing them to tailor the shirt to your specific body.

Personally, with almost any shirt off the rack, I'm not going to find a great fit. I've spent a lot of time in the gym lifting heavy things up and putting them back down, which has pushed me out of the normal mold. A large shirt will fit great in the chest, but often the sleeves put the squeeze on my arms and shoulders so badly I don't, or sometimes can't, even wear the shirt. I've used other “made to order” on-line services, but Joe Button lets you customize every measurement of the shirt. A lot of so-called “custom tailor” outlets basically still ask you to fit into slightly broader sizing charts with some length customization, but Joe Button asks for measurements from your neck, wrist, chest, waist, bicep – they want a complete roadmap of your body to create the best fit.

Have a favorite shirt that fits perfectly but wish you had another? Joe Button's size utility helps you measure the shirt's dimensions to get the same fit. Are you a perfect Medium except for that man-sized neck? The sizing utility can populate the Medium dimensions and then allow you to modify whatever doesn't fit that mold. Or say “Screw it,” and have every one of your measurements be custom.

Whether you're short or tall, broad or narrow, an endurance runner or a bodybuilder, you've probably gone through life wearing ill fitting shirts. Time no longer, friend. When both shirts cost the same, you'd be insane to take an option off the rack at a Department Store or Banana Republic when you could have the shirt designed to your standards, your style, your size.

But hey, since you're cool and we like you, we want to give one of you the chance to get a custom fit and crafted shirt, free of charge. The kind folks at Joe Button were happy to oblige. All you have to do is leave a comment below – share with us your clothing struggles. Want to increase your chances of winning? Hm. Okay, just tweet this contest out to all your followers and consider your odds doubled. Use the hashtag #clothesthatfit and include us on it (@primermag, and thank @joebuttonsup if you have a chance).

How to Enter

  • Leave a comment below telling us how you struggle with clothes. Don't fit the mold? Are an awkward size?
  • Get a second entry by tweeting this post with the hashtag #clothesthatfit. Feel free to include @primermag or @joebuttonsup.
  • 2 $99 Joe Button Gift Cards will be given away as the prize for the winners.

Two winners will be selected randomly. Giveaway ends 2/3/12.

Read the official rules here.

Sorry Gents! This contest is now closed!

Robert Fure is a fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment writer living in Los Angeles. He is also a certified Personal Trainer and the Creator/Editor of Fit and Furious, an online outlet dedicated to the pursuit of a fit lifestyle. His entertainment work can be viewed at Film School Rejects.

  • Josh

    I’m a short guy, and I rarely find clothes that fit off the rack. Services like these new custom clothing sites are great for guys like me, and contests like these are great for poor students like me 🙂 Thanks!

  • Sam

    Former goalkeeper with a 42″ chest, 33″ waist, and long arms. So many shirts look like trashbags included a lot of fitted ones.

  • tom

    I am a 33 sleeve and find most 32-33 shirts are too short.

  • Mike

    Have this exact problem, Mediums are always a bit too tight in the shoulders and chest and can never button around the neck, but larges always are way too big around the waist, even so called slim or athletic fits never seem to have enough of a “V” shape to them.

  • Joseph W.

    I have a hard time finding shirts that aren’t too big in the torso, yet long enough in the sleeves.

  • Steven

    Shirts off the rack are hit or miss for me. Most seem to be made for a barrel and not a man. A custom shirt like this is the way to go.

  • Ian

    I am skinny with a short torso, shirts always hang way too low or too loose across my chest.

  • Sean Fitzgerald

    Nothing ever fits me. I’m between the men and boys section. When I do find a shirt that fits me, it’s generally an XS and the sleeves are too long. But I guess that is why I love my tailor so much.

  • Kevin

    I find it hard to find the right fit around the waist. Slim shirts are too tight in the chest, and otherwise there’s too much material bunching up around the waist.

  • Michael

    I’m a somewhat tall, slender guy with an athletic build, so generally even the trim fit shirts are too big on me, and the ones that do fit are stretch and look like I’ve been shrink-wrapped. A custom-made shirt would be ideal.

  • Kirk

    I have a relatively normal sized body, but my neck is freaking huge so finding a shirt that I can button is hard.

  • Jon

    I have a pretty big neck for a guy my size, so store bought shirts have enough extra cloth to parachute with without significant tailoring. Custom sounds like the way to go.

  • Kevin

    My chest/shoulders are a little on the broader side so large shirts fit fine in that area, but I’m usually left with sleeves that are too long. It’s a bit frustrating trying on off-the-rack shirts.

  • aks

    Finding bargain jackets in 36S is a lot tougher than it should be. There always seem to be a multitude of options for 38 and above.

  • jeff

    My left arm is four inches longer than my right arm, so it’s hard to find the right shirt.

  • Will H

    I’m a tallish (6 feet) thin guy and I’ve never been able to find a shirt or pants that fit well. Most dress shirts tend to make me look like a human kite and have to be hidden under jackets. While slimmer fits help, they’re still never quite right.

  • Alok Singh

    No shirt fits me in the chest and the sleeves are always too long.

  • nick

    thick neck short arms, slim waist

    finding clothing that fits well off the rack is a nightmare

  • Alex

    I’m short and stocky so sleeves and shirt bottoms are always too long, while the necks are too restrictive.

  • Brian

    I can never find shirts that combine the sizing i need from a medium with the length of a large.

  • Thom Douglas

    Being a five foot, seven inch, twenty-three year old college student with a 17-18″ chest, it isn’t very easy for me to find dress shirts that meet both my budget or fit, not to mention style. If I look for something in my budget, I’m restricted to Target or Men’s Wearhouse. But both of those are poorly fitted & tend to be overly baggy. If I want style, the Express 1MX shirt fits PERFECTLY. But it’s $50-60 per shirt… Hence my dilemma.

    Suits are no better. I need a 36S, but even a tailored OTR suit isn’t fitted correctly. They can only let the waist out so much, & the shoulder pads are usually a little over-zealous, & of course the arm holes are NOT ideal. I’d love a custom tailored suit like Indochino, but again…college student.

    The only thing that seems to fit me correctly are pants, barely. They’re a 30/32. Not a very common size, but easier & more affordable than the aforementioned examples.


  • Jordon

    It sucks not having proportional arms to the height of your body. I always have baggy shirts or short sleeves 🙁

  • Nick

    Between being a large in the shoulders and a small in the waist, it is hard to find dress shirts and shirts in general that I don’t end up swimming in. With custom fit shirts, it is much easier to feel comfortable in your own skin, and you look damn good too.

  • James

    I have short arms and legs, and very broad shoulders. This sounds like just the place I need.

  • Dennis

    While I don’t know my exact measurements, (need to look into that) I can usually wear a slim-fit large shirt but half the time the neck is too small to button the top button comfortably. So when I buy shirts with necks that are large enough, the rest of the shirt ends up being baggier than I’d prefer. Or if I wear it with the collar open it spreads out way too far. It’s rare I can find a shirt that fits me well in all aspects, I’ve stumbled upon a few, but that’s it.

  • Adam

    Being 6’3 and 160lbs with a trim frame and a long torso I seldom find a shirt that fits well in the arms and doesnt truly swallow me in the chest. Brooks brothers slim do the best but at 90ish a shirt when not on sale its hard to truly stock up when considering regular wardrobe cycling and wear and tear.

  • John

    I have a big chest and a long torso, so my shirts are always billowy around the waist and a little bit too short, so they come untucked constantly. This is exactly where I need to be buying shirts.

  • Josh

    Same as many it seems; if it fits in the chest/shoulders it’s varying degrees of too big in the waist… That and reliably finding size 14 shoes

  • Ken

    It seems like clothes just aren’t made for guys in really good shape nowadays. So the chest typically fits fine, but the waist looks like a garbage bag. And that’s while wearing a “slim fit” shirt.

  • Trevor

    My arms are too long for most smalls, but they fit the rest of me fine.

  • Ben

    Im a short at 5′ 6″ and athletic, but even trim and athletic fit shirts don’t fit me right and I always end up with the parachute around the waist. It’s near impossible to find a shirt that works except online, but even then you’re buying blind. A college budget doesn’t help . . .

  • Victor P

    My biggest complaint about my dress are my broad shoulders. I Like them because they make me look bigger than I am, but shopping for shirts are a pain. I’ll buy shirts that fit my shoulders, but because they are so large, there’s a huge, billowy midsection.

  • Joe

    I’m a guy of average height with wide shoulders and a bit more around the middle. Finding a shirt off the rack that both fits well and looks good is pretty much impossible for me; I’m either going to blow up the seams or I’m ready to be inflated like a balloon animal.

  • Ben

    Spending my summer firefighting has had me bulking up, so I’m in between a medium and a large now. Depends heavily on the individual manufacturer, but I’m having challenges where before I did not.


  • Stephen D.

    I simply can’t afford clothes and a shirt that I can win would be perfect.

  • Alex R.

    I am new to buying “real person” clothing and cannot seem to find a decent off the rack fit.

  • Allen

    I am skinny, have broad shoulders, long arms, and a short torso. A small fits or 14.5 collar shirt on most OTR brands will fit me (assuming it’s extra slim fit!) but the shoulder will always start WAY before my natural shoulder, and the sleeves are consequently too shoot all the time!

  • Viet

    I hate an awkwardly small frame; most clothes at the department stores don’t fit me!

  • Xander

    I’m just too tall and lanky to fit off-the-rack clothes well. Either the chests fit like parachutes, or I’m stuck with 3/4 sleeves.

  • Steve

    Between being 17.5″ neck, 50″ chest, 38″ waist, 38″ arms, and a long torso, I can never find a shirt that fits. Banana Republic is the best so far but that gets expensive real quick for an off the rack shirt.

  • Casey

    I’ve got broad shoulders but a slimmer waist, so I usually suffer from too-tight-up-top ‘slim’ fits or billowy torso fabric.

  • Ryan

    Even size S off the rack never fit me quite right. The shoulders will generally be close, but if it’s good in the shoulders, the waist is awful. If the waist is great, the neck will be too tight. Just because I have a small waist and smaller shoulders doesn’t mean my neck is tiny! It’s always something.

    Once I went made-to-measure, it’s hard to imagine being satisfied with anything off the rack anymore. It’s just so much better, and I feel more confident when I put on a custom shirt.

  • JB

    I’m always having problems. I need a 16.5 neck with a tailored fit that works for me.
    Most shirts that are “tailored” or “trim” are too close cut to the body and those that are not are too loose.
    Help me!

  • Caleb

    I’m tall and thin. My shirt sizes are usually found in the big and tall section, but I’m not big. Only tall. Sleeves are usually too short. Still trying to find that good tailor in town.

  • Tim

    I’m 6′, 132lbs. Just imagine the trouble getting into a shirt that fits.

  • Patrick Regan

    I’m tall and lean (although with my increased time at the gym picking heavy things up and putting them back down, I’m less skinny than I used to be), but I still have trouble finding pants. Because I am tall and because I have particularly long legs. Pant companies assume that everyone who is my height and has my leg length is also rather large around the midsection. Why they assume this is beyond me.

    As is the really obnoxious trend of the pant measurement not being true. If I buy a 34-34, I want it to be because the waist and inseam measurement are 34 inches, damn it. Not because you’re trying to play to my vanity.

  • joe capozzolo

    As a former football player, and bodybuilder, I have had trouble finding dress shirts that fit properly. When the neck, and the chest fit properly, the shirt tails, are too long, with a full fit in the body I’m always folding and tucking extra material.

  • Phil

    Any shirt I’ve found that fits my neck and chest is a parachute everywhere else. I have a 46″ chest and 18″ neck but a 36″ waist. This giveaway would certainly fix that problem

  • William H

    5’9. 135 lbs. Small frame, short torso, and 3/34 arms. BOy, I could use some custom made shirts.

  • Eric

    I have really long arms, so finding a shirt with long enough sleeves, but slim and short enough to be casual is impossible.

  • Todd

    I lost 30 pounds, and have no shirts that fit!

  • Will

    I’m to tall for medium, and the slight paunch I’ve developed since Basic makes them just not look right on me, but I swim in a large, being an otherwise skinny, gangly fool. I need sleeves that are apparently between the only two sizes you can buy, with one being just too long and the other being just too short, meaning I need to roll up every long-sleeved shirt. The man may make the clothes, but when the clothes just don’t come how I need them to, I can only do so much.

  • Will

    (Ugh…*too tall)

  • Ben

    Hi there,

    I’m rather tall and bulky now, but my upper body is shorter than my legs, so it’s always a challenge to find shirts that fit well and don’t hang on me.

  • Jeremy

    I am an awkward size for sure-very broad shoulders, 6’3′,230- finding any clothes that fit is tough; especially dress shirts. Suits are even worse. I’m trying to build a wardrobe, but its not easy. Having a custom made shirt from Joe Button would definitely be a step in the right direction.

  • Drew

    I find that living in a more rural town, that finding anything that fits properly is next to impossible, coming from the city where I could goto the mall anytime I felt like it, it is definately a change

  • Mike

    standard brooks brothers = flappy folds of cloth on the sides of the shirt. @ 6’3″ and 200 lbs, I need something with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

  • Daniel

    I’m in between a medium and large for most things. I’m not too big, but I am muscular enough that it throws the fit of a whole lot of things way off. My dad just helped me out with a custom suit so I now understand the benefit of custom clothing, especially when it is nice.

  • Daniel

    I’m in between a medium and large for most things. I’m not too big, but I am muscular enough that it throws the fit of a whole lot of things way off. My dad just helped me out with a custom suit so I now understand the benefit of custom clothing, especially when it is a nice thing.

  • Todd J.

    I struggle between medium and large shirts. My build is medium, but since my arms are long the sleeves usually don’t fit.

  • Jesse

    The chest to waist ratio is always a problem. I don’t have a gut (thankfully!) but I feel like I’m eexted to these days when I buy shirts.

  • Jeff

    I have a fat neck and long arms, so the shirts I buy always end up being huge in the body and need to be taken in.

  • Al F.

    In the past 14 months, I’ve lost close to 150 pounds…it seems no matter what clothes I buy, they don’t fit right.

  • Ian

    I can almost never find shirts that fit–I have broad shoulders, but a skinny waist, and I seem to be right in between 32 & 33 for sleeve length.

  • EW

    I have arms that are disproportionately long. I wear a size medium shirt, with size large arms.

  • Matt

    I’m the endurance runner build, always looking for the right shirt in slim or tailored fit, but alas, they never fit quite right. I’ve heard good things about Joe Button and would love to give them a try!

  • Frank C

    I’m a slim athletic build guy and find it extremely hard to find a slim shirt which fits correctly. Most shirts are cut too boxy and bundle at the sides. Even the “slim” cut shirts don’t fit as nice as they should.

  • Bo M.

    small waist + wide shoulders + shorter arms + extreme disdain for billowy shirts = not a happy shirt buyer. wah wah wah…

  • Bo Merritt

    slim waist + broad shoulders + shorter arms + extreme disdain for billowy shirts = not a happy shirt buyer. wah, wah, wah…

  • Jacob

    I also struggle with shirts off the rack. Traditional cuts are way too baggy – no surprise there. What I hate is when a shirt maker tries to make up for it by making its slim cut shirt curve in like a damn ‘s’. I’m shaped like a letter – I’m just a slender guy. This doesn’t seem like rocket science.

    When I finish up grad school and have more coin I’m all in for custom – so a freebie will help get me started.

    Great post – good feature company.

  • Conrad

    I’m thin, but tall. Even slim fitted shirts fit me like a burlap sack.

  • James

    I’m one of those guys with a broader shoulders/bigger chest that usually results in a drape effect when purchasing off the rack clothing. Clothes will usually fit great on my shoulders/arms, but then it often looks like my shirt is a size too large around my midsection. Plus I have T-Rex arms!

  • Richard J

    I wear XXL shirts to fit my shoulders and chest, but they’re so blousy that they make me look fat. I can buy shirts off the rack and have darts put in them but that sounds like a hassle. Simply want a shirt that fits.

  • Cesar

    On the top side, I have pretty broad shoulders for a short guy. I have to buy size medium, but that usually leaves so much fabric in the mid section.
    My legs are pretty unusual. I’m bowlegged and have huge thighs, but almost no calves to speak of. Chicken legs, if you will. Tapered pants look pretty awkward on me.

  • Chad Blank

    I’m always frustrated buying dress shirts. It never fails that they either fit well around the waist, but are to tight around the neck/shoulders, or they fit great around my shoulders and drape around me like a dress around the waist. 🙂

  • David

    My chest is a large, waist is a medium, and my neck and arm length are an extra large with my arms pushing 2XL. I have a hard time finding shirts that fit off the rack and generally get shirts that get close to a good fit in the body and leave the top button undone and roll up my sleeves to hide the fact that they’re much too short.

  • walter

    I always seem to be in between a small and a medium, and I often find that the tails on dress shirts are ridiculously long.

  • Ian

    I’m in an odd stage where my stomach is still fatter than my chest. Slowly working that beast down, but shirts are tough. Slim fits are awesome up top, but are odd in the waist. And normal fits sag all over. I may have to try these guys out.

  • Mahdi

    If I go with smaller size collar won’t fit; if I size up, I see myself swimming in the shirt!

  • Steve

    To find a shirt that fits would be wonderful.

  • Estes P

    As most have stated, a medium tends to be a bit tight in the shoulders and chest, but the large shirt always is to big around the waist. My monkey long arms don’t help matters either. The unfortunate part is that the trend in the US is for people that are overweight or body disproportionate to be considered average, and therefore, the clothing is manufactured to reflect that. Since when is being out of shape accepted as average?

  • Rob

    How can measurements fail me so? The tape measure says my neck is 16.5. My closet says everything from 15 to 17.5. And they fit! Sort of. And do my shoulders vary that much? Snug to sloppy? Argh! I just want a shirt that fits.

  • John

    Shirts that fit me are nearly impossible to find. I don’t think I fit any pre existing mold for body shapes. Unfortunately most my height is in my legs, which means I have a short torso. Nearly every shirt is wayyyy too long. To boot I apparently have shorter arms than the average male as I’ve yet to find a shirt sleeve that doesn’t rest half way to my finger tips (which results in me having to fold the sleeve over itself to get a more suitable length, which usually looks like crap). Combine that with a slight beer gut (a keg is better than a 6 pack right?) and narrow shoulders and you get all that is required for a really crappy fit when it comes to button down shirt

  • Brandon J

    As a thick guy it’s always difficult to find anything that fits just right off the shelf. I’m new to style, but am finding it a great confidence boost when I wear clothes that fit and make me feel good about myself. This would be a great way to add a fantastic shirt to my young wardrobe.

  • Michael

    I am too tall and too skinny to find shirts that reach my wrists at the same time they fit around the torso.

  • Jonathan

    On the tail end of my mid-20’s, my metabolism is starting to creep up on me. The upper part of my torso is losing ground to the lower (read: Belly growing faster than my chest workouts can keep up).

    The stores and brands that would normally be spot on for fit are screaming in my ear when I look in the Mirror: “Start the Insanity workout, or win this contest.”

    (Actually, I think I should do both.)

  • Blake

    I too have spent a fair amount of time in the gym lifting heavy things and putting them back down. I find that I’ve slimmed out my waist a little, but mostly widened my chest and back. When I put on my shirts now, they’re stretching across my shoulder blades.

    Also, why is it that the very first thing that shrinks to unusable size are the sleeves? 16 34/35 will fit nice, and then BAM, it’s a 15.5 32 shirt.

    Ridiculous. Whether I win or not, I think I’ll order a shirt and see what it’s like.


  • Matt R.

    I have shorter arms then the average person my height. I also have a slight drop shoulder, which always requires a sleeve alteration.

  • Lee

    I have an 18.5″ neck, and it’s hard to find dress shirts that fit my neck, but aren’t to baggy. Either the sleeves are too long, or the body of the shirt is too boxy, and it looks like I’m wearing a garbage bag.

  • David R

    I’m a slim guy, but for my size I have broad shoulders. So even the slim fit cuts usually aren’t slim enough through the body, and if I find a shirt that does fit through the body the shoulders and neck are too tight. A custom shirt would be an awesome way to solve this!

  • Daniel

    16.5 neck and 36/37 sleeves are not an easy combination to find OTR

  • Jim A.

    I have a tough time with OTR shirts. What I really need is something slim, but broad in the chest, with shorter arms and a wider neck. Shirt shopping is a headache, since I always have to assume at least $25 extra for tailoring.

  • Terry Oh

    A medium shirt usually fits me by the chest, but i tend to have a bit wider shoulder and ends up making the sleeves too short :[

  • Ian P

    I have an athletic build and a long torso. Off the rack dress shirts typically fit me in the arms and shoulders, but then billow out and are too short in the waist area. I would love a custom shirt!

  • Lee G

    I have always dreaded buying clothes, but the past few years have been better. I know what I’m looking for in terms of style and how to find pieces that actually fit me, now that I am not growing anymore, but the sizes just seem to be getting bigger all the time. I sometimes have better luck looking at older boy sizes to get a correct fit. I’m sized in-between boys and men’s sizes which most places don’t even carry. I hate it so much!

  • Jack P

    Off the rack dress shirts typically are to big in the torso and stomach area because I need to compensate for my broad shoulders, bigger arms and bigger chest. It seems as if all those hours in the gym ended up causing more of a hassle than I thought!

  • Phil W

    I have a longer than normal torso which leads to either my shirts fitting right lengthwise, but leaving my sleeves too long, or fitting right in the arms but leaving my belt buckle exposed. A custom shirt may seem like a luxury, but the importance of a properly fitting shirt cannot go overlooked.

  • Christopher

    Like most, off the rack shirts are hit or miss for me. Either the chest is too tight or the waist is too short.

  • Ralph G

    I’d love to have a custom made dress shirt. I usually have to get my shirts in a size larger than mine so they will fit comfortably. Dress shirts my size always fit me tight around the armpits or the shoulders.

  • Jake

    Off the rack shirts make me feel like a muffin!

  • Spencer

    Being ‘short’ 5’7 and shopping off the rack, I tend to look like a Hobbit swimming in my clothes. Most times I can hide it by pulling excesses shirt to the back and tucking in and wearing a jacket or Cardigan… but when it gets warm that little trick does not fly.

  • TC Winter

    Difficult to find a shirt that isn’t too big at the torso, because I have long arms.

  • Turner

    I often have trouble with off-the-rack shirts. I’m an endurance runner so shirts are often a bit too large in multiple areas for me. Hoping to try out a shirt from Joe Button!

  • Steven K

    I like my shirts to be very fitted in the chest. But by doing this I must buy a size smaller in the neck with requires me to always have the top button un-done which doesn’t look as presentable and it should. And as the sleeves get longer, they become larger because the manufacturer just assumes I am another typical overweight American. Very frustrating. I need this.

  • Patrick C

    If the under arms and shoulders ar’nt to tight, then more often than not I end up swimming in a sea of (over priced) fabric.

  • Will

    In order to compensate for my neck, I am sometimes forced to buy XL shirts if I ever think that I would wear a tie w/ that shirt in the future. If I think I will only wear the shirt sans tie in the future I can easily wear a L shirt.

  • Thomas C

    I’m a guy who’s in his mid 20’s and I have very proportioned arms and wrists, maybe even smaller hands, but I have a gut which forces me to buy one size larger. Fortunately, I have a thicker neck and longer arms so actually finding my size isn’t hard, 17.5/34-35, but where the neck and arms fit, the excess fabric under my arms and in the back kill me. Slim/modern off the shelf shirts always are too tight in the stomach and cause my buttons to stress. I’ve taken a few shirts to my tailor, even still the problem is only masked and never fixed.

  • BenL

    Long torso, but when getting a “tall” in a fitted shirt, the sleeves are too long. Often shirts fit too tight in the chest as well.

  • CaliforniaMountainSnake

    I’m an interesting guy and I’m always gonna have interesting problems. Arm holes are never high enough.

  • Jamie B

    That’s a nice giveaway. I’m short and slim so not many things fit well off the rack. Many shirts are like a tent. And I like wearing them untucked most of the time, but often button-downs are too long on me to pull that off.

  • Nick C.

    I have the hardest time finding shirts that fit correctly around the waist.

  • Ethan

    Wide shoulders and disproportionately large back muscles make off the rack shirts frustrating at best.

  • Jamie B

    Great giveaway. I’m short and slim so not many things fit well off the rack. Many shirts are like a tent. And I like wearing them untucked most of the time, but often button-downs are too long on me to pull that off.

  • Steve Cecil

    I also find that sleeve length is my biggest problem. I am always stuck between a too short 32-33 or a too long 34-35.

  • Hao

    I’m a pretty lanky guy, so recently I’ve worn slim fit small shirts, but they tend to have sleeves that are toi short or necks that are too narrow. I also have narrow shoulders

  • Chris

    My problem is I’m a super-short, skinny guy, so even the 14-15 ranges tend to come to my knees like Grandpa Joe’s pajamas.

  • Czadd

    I’ve never been one to spend time on clothing. I just recently bought a $60 sweater–the most expensive piece of clothing I have ever owned! I love it and could really use a kickstart in taking care of myself and buying stuff that fits and looks good.

  • Anthony L

    Usually buy a medium in dress shirts but my monkey arms and chest often throw off the fit

  • dara

    I have been afflicted with the little arms> My shoulders are big and muscly though. I work out!!! Im sexy and I know it.

  • Phil H

    I have a long torso and slim body so my shirts almost always come untucked, don’t fit the neck, and the sleeves are slightly too short.

  • Dan

    I am a 16 1/2, 34 with a relativley slim build and I find it very hard to find casual shirts with long enough sleeves that are also slimmer in the body.

  • Jason B.

    I’m 6’2″, 225 lbs, with arms that are apparently a little bit longer than they should be. An XL is tight through the shoulders and took short in the arms. A 2XL fits through the shoulders and arms but is too big at the waist. An XLT first perfectly, but I have a hard time finding them.

  • Jason B.

    I’m 6’2″, 225 lbs, with arms that are a bit longer than proportionate. An XL fits through the body but is tight through the shoulders and too short in the arms. A 2XL fits through the shoulders and arms but billows around the waist. An XLT fits perfectly, but I have a hard time finding them.

  • Jon

    I need to find slim or athletic cut shirts/tops as regular makes me look too boxy. Most of my clothing items require tailoring to avoid making me look like I’m drowning in clothes.

  • NB

    I’m a 15.5″ neck, 42″ chest, but 35/36″ sleeve – OTR mediums fit everywhere but the sleeves which are typically 32/33″. Going up to a large results in too large of a neck, roomy torso, and sleeves that are still too short.

  • Brandon

    I am about 6 foot tall, but am somewhat skinny, so when I go to buy shirts, the sleeves are sometimes too long, because my arms aren’t exceptionally long, or the shirts are usually too wide.

  • Ken

    Bigger neck, slightly shorter arms. Built like a tank, muscular but short. That leads to shirts either being far too long if they fit in the midsection or far too baggy if they fit in the arms. Hopeless!

  • Jacob

    I’m short and skinny but work out so have a thicker chest/shoulders so slim fitting shirts are too tight and every shirt is too long to wear untucked.

  • Kirk

    I’m a Marine currently stationed overseas. I do most of my shopping online because I’m always traveling for conferences and doing operations in different countries. I rarely have time to go to an actual mall, and because of that, I end up with lots of surprises when the clothes that I order finally arrive. Because I have broad shoulders and a narrow waist, (thank you, Marine Corps) shirts always look like bags when I buy a size to fit my shoulders, or my little brother’s shirt when I buy a size to fit my waist. Please help!

  • Jason Olson

    Mediums off the rack usually fit well in the body and neck, but I often find that the sleeves are too short!

  • Chase

    Brooks Brothers extra slim doesn’t fit.. still needs to be tailored. Tough life with a fast metabolism! haha

  • Jeff

    i have an 8 inch drop, and relatively long arms for my height. it’s impossible to find something that is trim enough in the body, but has long enough sleeves and fits my neck. which usually means i’m constantly going for a casual, rolled up sleeves or unbuttoned tie look.

  • Mike

    I’ve lost a ton of wieght, and now have a pretty slim build in the waste.

    I CANNOT get shirts that don’t billow out obnoxiously in back, which causes two issues.
    1. they look “off the rack” even when tailored
    2. they destroy the shape of anything wear over it.


  • Chris Roberts

    Wish i had that last guys problem….I have characteristics of xxl to L…never find a shirt that fits right!

  • Matt Cole

    sleeves are usually too long. too much material creating a billowy look.

  • Sean

    Short torso and long arms always leave me baggy or goofy looking. The dress shirt is always the worst looking item I wear.

  • Dylan Johnston

    I feel like I have come under the umbrella of many men who have become like Steve Carrel in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” The clothes bring confidence to a man. Mine are too big which leaves a low self-esteem. Wearing a 40 when I should be wearing a 38.

  • Zach S

    headache trying to find cloths to fit a 9inch drop from chest and waist measurements – this would help

  • Kevin

    I have an abnormally long torso and short legs so if a shirt doesnt fit me, i kinda look like a goofy circus clown trying to be formal. Its pretty embarassing haha

  • Nathan LaCroix

    I often find myself in situations where I need to class up a bit more than my snoopy t shirts so I turn to my “fancy clothes” only to be dissapointed. I only have a handful of dress shirts, most of which I purchased at Ross or TJ Maxx. As any second rate clothing store is, the fit is off or not the right size, so I adjust by wearing a plain colored t-shirt underneath and having either an unbuttoned or half buttoned dress shirt. I want to step up to the next level and really dress to impress. This website and a couple others offer excellent tips but with a limited supply of spending money it can be difficult.

  • Matt

    I’ve got long arms and a short torso, which, when coupled with my fairly slim shoulders, makes it almost impossible to find a shirt that fits properly.

  • Brian

    I never know which size to get 🙁

  • Nicholas Crawford

    My neck measures a slim 14.25″, but I need 34″ sleeves. I’ve tried extra slim fitting brands, but I always have a loose collar. I’m ready to pull the trigger on a MTM dress shirt.

  • Michael

    I’m a relatively slender guy that nevertheless fits in to the “smedium” size of most shirts- not quite small, not quite medium. Most dress shirts have far too much fabric billowing around to give me the slim look I’m looking for

  • NKC

    Finding right sleeve length + proper overall shirt length is tough! Custom is the only way to go, but it’s far too expensive to replace the entire wardrobe with custom shirts 😛

  • Jason

    My arms are too long, so I usually end up with sleeves too short or a shirt too baggy.

  • Glen

    I’m in between a Small and Medium, and most smalls are either too tight in the chest, and most mediums are too loose.

  • David D

    Alpha sizing is just a no go for me, like it is for most guys, when I want a dress shirt that fits. Even neck and sleeve sizing doesn’t often do the trick, since my neck is an awkward 15.75″, which is never available off the rack. As a newly married grad student, I don’t often find the funds for a well-fitting dress shirt, so a custom shirt from Joe Button would be a nice win.

  • Colin

    Of all the things that don’t fit me like they should, button-downs are the worst. the chest is always too baggy, sometimes the sleeves are also just too large. It sucks being an average height, but very skinny. 🙁

  • Michael

    I’ve got a lean torso, and wide shoulders and long arms. If it fist me around the middle, it’s going to be to short in the arms and the shoulders aren’t going to hang right. If I buy (and I do) for my arms and shoulders, then I have to have the shirt taken in around middle.

  • Adam

    I’ve got a longer torso and a fairly athletic frame. Shirts that are long enough usually are so wide that they look ridiculous. Plus I’ve got a pretty thick neck, so that just adds more fuel to the fire of trying to find shirts that fit well.

  • Michael Douglas

    Sleeve length! Extremely important, yet hard for me to get right. Sleeves from my favorite companies and designers are usually too long for me. So I would certainly like a shirt that fit really well ,especially in the sleeves.

  • Taylor Black

    I believe that all shirts need solid tailoring. The “out of the box” look is absurd. My body is unique, I should shirt it that way.

  • Eric Henao

    It would be nice to get a shirt that just ‘fits’ right. I’m a slender build, but all the off the rack stuff seems to be made for larger (heavier) guys. That’s IF I find a small or small/medium size. Custom maybe the best way to solve the dilemma.

  • Thomas

    I surf. I also run. The combination of the two leaves me with broad shoulders and a slim waist. If I buy a shirt for the shoulders, I get a baggy look in return. If I buy for the slim fit, it is usually way too small in the arms, back, and shoulders. …can you help me?

  • Adam

    I am a shorter guy and i cant ever find cloths that fit especially button up shirts. for my size neck, i cant find a shirt that isnt too big in the torso, too long, and arms too long.

  • Nathanael

    Dress shirts cover up my swag…AKA I’m a skinny, fit who has to wear dress shirts made for short, bigger guys.

  • Adam

    I’m always in between a small and a medium. I also have a long torso and find that small shirts are almost too short, and mediums aren’t much longer, just wider.

  • Eric

    I’m a skinny, athletic guy. I have a hard time finding shirts that are slim enough in the chest/torso. The best fitting shirts I’ve found wind up being too tight in the shoulders to actually move in.

  • Gary Swearengin

    I’m an extra-extra tall, extra medium shirt size, and it drives me crazy. I don’t even consider myself particularly slim, but even when I buy “slim fit” shirts, they usually balloon at the waist. I have big shoulders and long arms. Anything that fits in the shoulders is probably too short, not to mention too big through the chest and waist. Anything with long enough arms is probably going to be too big everywhere else, even in tall sizes. Big & Tall usually means just that: the clothes are cut for people who are big AND tall. I’m just tall. And picky. I even went to Nordstrom when they were having a made-to-measure sale. The shirt that fit through the body was about three inches too short overall. They can take care of that, of course, but when I closed the collar…the neck button flew off! So the salesman basically told me that even made-to-measure wasn’t an option for me…

  • MP

    Very tall guy with long arms. Shirts that have the right body/sleeve length fit like circus tents!

  • Colin

    Shirts that typically fit me in the shoulder area are often too big in the middle. I sometimes find shirts that fit well, but generally, items off-the-rack are a disaster.

  • Ken Burke

    I’m a 6″2 and 160lbs. Nothing off the rack fits, would need ultra slim fit with long sleeves.

  • Andrew S

    Hard to get truly well fitting clothes as a poor college student. End up gong to interviews looking less than spectacular.

  • David Lee

    my torso and my arms don’t agree, and i have a very hard time finding shirts with sleeves that are long enough

  • Marc Hedglin

    I am 6’4″ with monkey arms. I can never get a shirt long enough without billowing at the waist

  • Diego

    Dress shirts are always so baggy on the sides!

  • Ed

    At 5’9″ and 135 lbs, I have a real hard time finding shirt that are slim enough.

  • Simeon Duong

    I’ma stuck between 15 inch neck and a 35 in sleeve. Oh and a 31 in waist. Nothing ever fits 🙁

  • Simeon Duong

    I’m stuck between 15 inch neck and a 35 in sleeve. Oh and a 31 in waist. Nothing ever fits 🙁

  • Josh

    I’m 6’4, 235 lbs, with monkey arms. a 37 inch sleeve almost always comes with a huge midsection.

  • Billy

    I’ve got a long torso, big chest, and T-Rex arms. Joe Button save me.

  • Clif

    I am tall, lean, and have broad shoulders. It seems impossible to find shirts that properly fit me.

  • Shane

    I’m 6′, but my shoulders are narrower than most guys my height. Mediums are often a little tight overall, but good in the shoulders. Larges are too baggy everywhere.

  • Greg_s

    I am 6′ with decently broad shoulders and long ass arms but smaller waist. No shirt on the planet that I’ve found fits OTR.

  • David

    Like some others, I have a really big neck. It’s tough to find shirts without majorly sizing up, making even slim fits not so slim on me.

  • Andrew

    I have an athletic build with a large chest, but a thin waist. Mediums are too tight on the chest, and the sleeves tend to be too short, not to mention the neck being too small! They always bunch up around my waist. This shirt would be perfect!!

  • Kevin Weedon

    I have a high ape index! With a long, slender torso and gibbon arms, I find shirts to be a big problem.

    Last Thanksgiving I tried to find a dress shirt for a performance of the Nutcracker ballet, and in order to satisfy the sleeve-length criterion, had to resort to safety pins to cinch the chest and waist in. Not comfortable at all.

  • Joe O

    My neck isnt proportional to the rest of my body!

    if i get the right neck size the shirt feel three times the size it should be

  • Alex

    I am tall and I have a wide upper body and a really small waist. It is really hard to find fitted shirts.

  • Hunter

    I am average height and have a slender frame. Off the rack shirts just never seem to be constructed in a way that isn’t billow-y and enveloping.

  • Josh

    My shoulders are much wider than the rest of my body.

  • Cody Henson

    I am that awkward size that exists somewhere between small and medium. Smalls end up being too short to tuck in or too tight and mediums swallow me like a balloon or have sleeves that reach my fingertips. Not to mention the saggy back that most shirts have. The worst, dress shirts that fit everywhere are so small in the neck I can’t button the top button when wearing a tie.

  • Walter

    256 lbs
    Nuff Said!!!

  • Bobby

    Broad chest but everything else is medium, which means I either look like a sausage or the shirt and sleeves are too long and billowy.

  • Jonathan M.

    I have the greatest problem with my neck size. If I find a shirt that fits my neck, then the body is too big. But if I find a shirt that fits my body, then the neck is too small. *sigh*

  • J Parvin

    Broad chest – Mediums are too tight, Larges are too small

  • Andrew

    Being a slim guy most shirts are too big on me. And on baggy shirts the armholes are huge, they make me look like I am wearing a cape.

  • Matt

    I have broad shoulders and a built chest which doesn’t correlate well with my medium size arms and slim torso.

  • Zach H

    I’m an anti-Goldilocks: just a little too tall, a little too thin, and a little too lazy to hunt for the right fit. Bummer (but not nearly as bad as in high school – megasigh).

    This sounds pretty slick to fit it specifically to your sizing! I’d seen stuff like this before but thought it’d be extremely cost-prohibitive. Not at all…sweet!

  • Chris

    I am what some would call lanky, not overly tall but disenfranchised by extremely long legs and arms. In contrast to these lengthier body parts I have a fairly short torso meaning that my shirt pocket always seem to be way to close to my belly button.

  • rene

    i have to buy tall size in order to fit in them

  • Manabu

    I have difficulty finding dress-shirts that are my size because I am shorter than the average guy. Joe Button is a good alternative to going to the tailors.

  • Andrew M.

    I’m relieved to hear other guys struggle with the whole large neck thing. I am average size, but have the neck of a Defensive lineman. Thus, finding a dress shirt that fits in the neck without looking like I’m wearing a cape is near impossible. I’ve tried everything from slim-fit, to tailored fit, to fitted, etc, but nothing really works well. Custom seems to be the only solution. Here’s to hoping!

  • Dave

    Most shirts are either mucho baggy, or the sleeves are about an inch too short.

  • Kris F

    My problem is that I am short and skinny. It is hard to find shirts that are small and are tailored to a slimmer body.

  • Tom Connolly

    Shirts today are built like tents; if I get a collar that fits, I find that I’ve got enough material for one who is with child. I also find that, although I am not long in the torso, the shirts are very short. It’s as if they try and save some material by keeping the length short, but add it all in the waist area. I don’t get it.

  • Glen

    Short guy with narrow shoulders but pronounced shoulder blades. Nearly impossible for me to find anything that fits properly.

  • Ben

    A lot of shirts are really baggy around the waist. Being tall and skinny, when a shirt is the right length, it is too wide so I feel like I’m just wearing a piece of cloth draped around my neck.

  • dan

    I’m a tall thin distance runner, so shirts are too big in the stomach and arms, or are too short in the arms.

  • TJ

    I am a 40 long so it is very hard for me to find any 40 long jackets out there.

  • Ian

    Arm holes are too low and sides pillow out and bunch up.

  • Ian

    Make that billow out. Knew something didn’t look right.

  • Pierce Hamilton

    I’m a very slim college student who happens to have a body that borrows cues from different people. I am average height, but I have long arms that are extremely narrow in the biceps (10 inches around unflexed) but extremely broad forearms by the elbows and it narrows down to an impossibly small wrist. Needless to say, I either can get a shirt that is too billowy in the waist area (26 inch waist) or something that fits well in that area, but is too constricting in the arms. Anytime I get a shirt, I sacrifice something for something else.
    Just so I can thank in advance, thank you Primer and Joe Button. Keep it up!

  • Alex

    I’ve got a big wide chest, so anything that fits in the chest does’t fit anywhere else. It’s fun finding shirts.

  • Mark M

    Big shoulders. Big Neck (17.5″). But avg waist (33). Shirt that fits my shoulders and neck can fit two of my waists! And then we have the nonprofit salary problem. No choice but to buy standard size shirts (on sale nonetheless).

  • Warren S

    I’m something like a black Mr. Fantastic that didn’t rebound all the way. I’m 6′ tall and have an arm-span of about 6’10”, most girls say my pants are too high on my body but it’s really my torso that’s short. In my lifetime, I have never worn a long-sleeved work uniform that made it all the way to my wrists, or pants that went to my ankles that weren’t too wide in the waist.

  • Travis

    I have very wide shoulders but a slim waist. Many times i have to choose between having a shirt that fits correctly in the shoulders and is a parachute in the stomach/waste or a shirt that fits in the mid section, but it tight in the shoulders/neck area.

  • Jessy Diamond

    US only ? Aww. 🙁 Sad, as a short and very slim guy, it’s really hard to find a great fitting shirt.

  • Andrew

    I am an average height, but i am very slim. I find it hard to find nice shirts that really fit because they are always big on the sides. i feel like i am swimming in my dress shirts

  • Daniel

    I’m a definitely a ledium. Or marge. Finally got some stuff tailored to fit, then accidentally dried them on high heat. Back to square one.

  • R. Pierce

    Awesome giveaway! I’m just ecstatic to see a movement toward clothes that *gasp* fit well.

    I’ve always had trouble getting shirts that fit around the middle (I’ve got a thin, cyclists build) that also fit me in the arms (problem with being over six feet tall). It’d be great to have a shirt that fits!

  • Scott

    With a 15 1/2 x 34/35 athletic fit it’s hard enough to even find the shirts on the rack that are supposed to fit. Having a couple custom made would be awesome.

  • Jeremy

    Have a hard time finding a shirt that fits my neck without swallowing my torso. Would love a custom.

  • Damon

    I’m fairly lean and do a lot of heavy squats. My waist is rather small compared to my rear and thighs. Finding jeans and especially dress pants that fit is a nightmare.

  • Steven

    I have never owned a shirt that didn’t have the sleeves go too short after 2-3 washes.

  • Addison

    I am an in-between size in most brands. I can either size down and have a slimmer fit but shorter arms, or size up and have the right size arms but more room in the body.

  • Garrett

    Whether I win this competition or not this is a great website for me to know in the future. I have always been a tall yet very skinny guy and shirts never fit right, I have a sizably big chest, broad shoulders, skinny arms, and a skinny waist, and that doesn’t add up at all. Its incredibly hard to find a shirt that fits right, if the chest fits than there is twice as much material needed in the arms and waist. I feel all your guys’ pain.

  • Gerald

    Enter me in!

  • Chris

    I’m on the skinny side. I can get a small shirt that will strangle my neck, but will have loose fabric around arms and mid section. Slim shirts fit better, but then I have to find a 14 collar, which is pretty hard to come by.

  • jim

    6’3 and 175 lbs, I’m a medium-tall-slim fit with big chest/ shoulders. Need to have everything custom made

  • Jeff

    I’ve always had problems with shirts – my neck and shoulders/chest are usually a size bigger than every other fit measurement for a button-up, so I usually have to trade off on too tight at the top or billowing or extra long at the bottom. The second option is at least tailor-able though.

  • Nick

    6′ and 140 lbs soaking wet. I can fit a small child in the front of any shirt that’s long enough for me. Help me out with some custom swag!

  • kjogel

    Square shoulders, and heroin sheik. Not a good look for off the rack clothes. Hook me up!

  • Hector

    I’m short and tough to fit. The sleeves end up too long and baggy and the shirt end up being too long at the bottom.

  • Andrew

    I’m tall and really thin. I’m 6’4″ and weigh 150, every shirt I find off of the rack may as well be a sail when I put it on. Finding something to fit both my broad shoulders and taper in to fit my waist is next to impossible.

  • Seth

    I have really broad shoulders, long arms, and a small waist. When I find shirts that fit my arms and shoulders they end up being to large in the body.

  • SteveC

    I’m a distance runner and have a modest chest and small waist, and so there are very few brands that make shirts slim enough for me. As far as quality dress shirts go, there aren’t many out there that fit.

  • Tim

    I have lengthy arms and a long torso. I have a hard time finding shirts that fit perfectly!

  • Jon

    I’ve got big shoulders, arms and neck with a smaller waist and stubbier arms. I’m perpetually flitting between a large-in the shoulders-and a medium-everywhere else. I’ve got a 42/41″ chest and a 31 waist that makes buying a suit or shirt off the rack that looks good nearly impossible.

    Joe Button shirts look amazing, hope I win!

  • John Zang

    I’m 6’2″ and weigh 170. Finding shirts that fit my chest, arms, and waist is neigh impossible, but I’m a student and don’t have the dough to buy clothes that fit perfectly.

  • Brian

    I’m int he same boat as John- 6’4″ 195. Everything that’s long enough is also big enough to bivouac under.

  • Jake

    My problem is that I’m short and skinny…so it’s hard to find shirts that are tailored to fit me well.

  • JMoore

    Button down shirts just don’t fit me right. They always are too big around the waist and end up blousing. I look like a deranged clown…

  • Nick

    I am 6’2″ 200lbs with a shorter torso but a broad shoulders and an athletic build. I always have trouble with shirts because they are either like parachutes and extremely long or like something from baby gap.

  • Troy

    Wow! Sheesh, I almost feel bad for some of the guys who’ve commented here. My biggest issue with buying clothes off the rack is that, well, they’re usually not there in the first place. Being 5’10 , 145 lbs with rather long arms — you get the picture.

    Apparently, the clientele in the stores I frequent are mostly a 15 shirt or S, 31 waist and 38 suit. Shopping for me, especially when it comes to shirts, ends in frustration because I walk into a store surrounded by a plethora of things I want. But, ultimately, I have a dialogue with the nearest sales associate that goes a little something like this:

    “Hey, I love this shirt. But I can’t find any in my size.”

    SA: “Sorry about that. Let me see if it’s anywhere else. Nope can’t find it. Let me check in the back. Sorry, nothing back there either. We can search another location’s inventory.”

    Me: “Sigh, ok.”

    SA: “Do you live close to Kalamazoo? They’ve got one pair left in stock…”

    So that’s my dilemma.

  • Ryan

    I have a tough time finding a shirt to fit my upper body that doesnt look like a dress around my 31 waist.

  • Brandon

    I’m one of many short men. Apparently I’m supposed to be very large or wear children’s clothes. Where’s the middle ground? Custom clothiers are a lifesaver!

  • Garrett

    I’m a big guy (6’3″, 220lb) with a decently large chest, long torso, and a smaller waist. My chest (and height, usually) requires that I wear a size L, but in many circumstances, this is either too short (not reaching my belt) and/or too wide at the waist. I also have muscular legs, so I can’t wear any pant cut slimmer than straight leg.

  • Chaz Kleinhuizen

    Looking forward to a customer fit shirt. Its been hard for me as I have a big chest and wide hips yet my torso is average. Nothing off the rack seems to be proportioned to me!


  • Brian

    I have a slim waist and athletic to muscular build, but most shirts that fit well in chest billow at the waist and have baggy sleeves. Luckily I’ve found a great alterations shop, but I’m spending an additional $12-$20 per shirt to get the right fit. A few off-the-rack manufacturers offer ‘fitted’ options, but even those require tailoring. I love the custom-fit option and some of the online offerings, but $100+ per shirt can be tough on the budget.

  • Ben

    Have a slim body but long arms. Looking for a great fitting shirt.

  • Jacob

    I can either find shirts that fit my torso/arms and choke me or shirts with sleeves that are too long!

  • Sajendra

    I have a slim body but long arms. Finding a shirt that fits is a pain!

  • Chris Wilson

    I have a large chest and it makes the buttons on normal shirts push out in an unsightly manner in comparison to my skinny waist.

  • Barry

    I too have the gym problem. I have to get larger shirts that fit good in the chest and back but everything else is usually a lot bigger than it should be. Plus I’ve never had a custom made shirt.

  • Ryan Hastings

    I am a short guy (5’4) who usually struggles finding clothes that fit right. most shirts are either too long and too baggy and I have almost given up on finding off the rack shirts that fit me. I have never had the benefit of trying a custom shirt though.

  • Jeff

    I have a slender, but not stick build.

    5’9″, 140 lb, 37″ chest, 30″ waist.

    Off the rack shirts that are not blousey do not fit my shoulders.

  • Stephen

    I tend to have problems with length, arms never seem to work out right.

  • Guy

    6’4″ 225 pounds. 14″ difference between chest and waist, long arms and long torso…..try finding a shirt off the rack!

  • Matt

    I’m tall with an athletic build and long arms, so any shirt I buy that fits around the neck and sleeves ends up being huge around the mid-section. I can’t find any off the rack shirts that fit right, even the so called fitted or slim fit styles!

  • Saad Ghazipura

    I’m 6’0″ and my biggest problem is that my arms are much longer than my body in proportion. I also have big shoulder blades and wide shoulders. Most shirts don’t fit me properly because if the sleeves fit then the midsection is too loose. If it fits around the chest and stomach then the sleeves are too short.

  • Sean

    I’ve been dropping weight and I am now between a L and XL size on any type of shirt and I always have sleeve lenght issues. I am unable to get a shirt off the shelf that dosn’t limit my reach due to the cuff practially snapping the buttons as it moves halfway up my forearm.

  • Nicholas

    I am short and stocky so while a neck size may be perfect the sleeve length is always far too long

  • Martin

    Being an avid Gym goer and having an athletic build (although not a huge bodybuilder) often means well fitting clothes off the rack are impossible to find. Regular fit means fitting in the shoulders leaves way too much excess fabric around the waist which makes you look fat anyway, while slim fit is usually better, its designed for….well slim guys and not necessarily athletic guys.

    You go to all this effort to look good naked which just makes it harder to look good in clothes.

  • Matt

    I am tall an skinny. Every shirt that is the right length is too wide, and the right width is too short.

  • Peter

    The concept of the perfect shirt has been a long sought after ordeal. I am 5’10 with a long torso, shorter legs, thick nick, and broad shoulders. I tried getting some of my shirts tailored but even the best tailor cant fix the shoulders. Hopefully Joe Button has the cure. Cheers!

  • Richie Han

    Lifting regularly makes my size a bit harder to find. Broader on the neck and chest while shorter on the arms have always been the biggest problem for me.

    Honest to goodness, I’ve never had a custom shirt before. Being a college student, my budget would never allow for me to purchase anything like this. This would help me out in such a big way.

  • Ezekiel

    Clothing that fits perfectly seems extremely difficult to come by. I’m not sure what body type most articles are designed for but I’ve never met someone that hasn’t had difficulty finding shirts and/or pants.
    I’m average height but still can not seem to find clothes that aren’t grossly oversized.

  • Conner

    As an amateur gymnast and fitness enthusiast, I’ve got big ol’ shoulders and chest and a tiny waist. Almost every shirt I buy needs tailoring. 🙁
    A service like Joe Button’s looks like a godsend.

  • Joe Danny

    I’m just a very thin guy all around. Smaller shirts can never button on the neck are are too short, but if I try and get a larger one it looks like I’m wearing a pillowcase. I’ve gotten around by getting vests/blazers and jackets that actually fit to hid the billowing/tight shirt.

  • Andrew

    When I can find a size and brand that seems to fit without turning me into a sail all I can get seems to be blue and white! Getting that perfect neck, chest, and arm length AND something more than just a plain color remains so tough!

  • Kevin

    6’5”, 206 lbs, and very low body fat. Shirts are either long and wide, or short and fitting. As a college student, it is difficult to afford getting shirts tailored. Help me land the job of my dreams?

  • steven

    I’m tall with shoulders that fit medium shirts but my waist is usually smaller and my arms are really long. I usually just roll up my sleeves so I don’t look like I hijacked a munchkin’s shirt.

  • John

    Short and stocky. Sleeves tend to be long. Neck tends to be tight.

  • Aaron

    I’m a short guy, 5’6″ and 125 lbs. I struggle in the space between men’s and boys clothing. Boys clothing tends to be tight in the shoulders or waist. Most men’s clothing is long in the sleeves or inseam.

  • Jack

    My Herculian chest and arms do not fit in the off the rack shirts crafted for mere mortals.

  • Na Humma

    My wrestler’s neck doesn’t match the proportions of the rest of my 160-lb frame, so I’m forced to buy extra large shirts and have my tailor cut up the shirt beyond recognition to get it fit me properly…

  • Jesse

    Shirts are always either too tight in the chest or bunch up at the waist.

  • nathan

    Right in between smalls and mediums which makes most off the rack shirts either skin tight or looks too baggy

  • David

    Because I go to the gym, my shirts have become tight around the chest and arms. If I go up a size the sleeves are too long and the neck is too big

  • Tim Hutchinson

    Like some others, I’ve just started moving out of t-shirts and have yet to find a good fit off the rack. Not sure where the problem lies, mostly in keeping fitted without losing motion.

  • Dan Lish

    I’m a bigger guy and so shirts either fit me in the shoulders or at the waist, and rarely both.

  • Ed

    I’m a short guy (5’4″) that’s built like a wrestler. Shirts always fit nice in the chest and neck but shirt sleeves and waists have so much extra fabric I can make a second shirt.

  • Jeff

    I live in the rural midwest, so having shirts/suits tailored for me is not an option. Buying shirts and wearing off the rack must work for me. My issue is various brands of shirts fitting completely different in the exact same size. It would be great to have a shirt that truly fit my measurements.

  • David B

    I’m broad shouldered, thick of neck and have a relatively thin waist so it’s almost impossible to find a shirt that doesn’t blouse up like a Thanksgiving Day balloon.

  • Alex

    I’m 6′ 4″ and 170lbs, most slim fit shirts do not come close to what looks right on me and tailoring while needed is an added expense on a college budget.

  • Peter

    I am 6’3″ and very skinny. A medium fits right, but the arms are too long. But the large is too big, but the sleeve length is perfect. Rough.

  • Albert

    I’m six foot, 128 pounds with a 15 inch neck and a 34 inch sleeve on the left and a 35 inch sleeve on the right.

    The tailor smiles when he sees me.

  • Joey

    broad, big shoulders + slim waist. Like a lot of the commenters here, it seems.

  • Steve B

    Being six foot three with extra long arms, its near impossible to find shirts that fit right in stores. Would love a shirt that actually fits right by the next and arm length.

  • Ben O

    Cant find good shirts that fit a tall thin frame. Starting out in the professional world I need to put together some sharp looks at a small price!

  • Ryan

    I am extremely thin and lanky. I have to constantly buy shirts with collars that are too small in order to look somewhat presentable, as otherwise I have six yards of extra fabric around my lower torso. If I want to be able to wear a tie with a shirt, I have to wear it under a sweater.

  • Andrew Mac

    I’m 6’2″ and sleeves never hit me at the right length.

  • Travis L

    The biggest problem I have with finding shirts that fit is ones with the right length sleeves. My arms fall right in-between conventional sizing pairings like 34/35 and 36/37. Makes it incredibly frustrating when combined with a larger neck size (17.5) as well that automatically limits choices but not being as widely available as all the skinny necked people out there (I’m looking at you 14-15 size necks).

  • Nathan R

    Things are improving for us skinny guys, but most dress shirts either don’t fit in the waist or the neck for me. God forbid I try and get a shirt at a department store.. I’ll be looking like a slob in no time.

  • Matt

    I have a big next, and arms that are a little long. My torso is real narrow even slim fits don’t fit.

  • Matt

    I have a big neck, and arms that are a little long. My torso is real narrow even slim fits don’t fit.

  • Daniel I

    I’ve been told by my tailor that I have a “boxer’s build”. Unfortunately for me, that apparently means really wide lats with a relatively narrow waist. By the time I find a shirt that fits the shoulders and chest, the rest of the shirt hangs like a toga. “Fitted” shirts from department stores have to be one of the retail world’s most deplorable hoaxes.

  • Sam T.

    I’m tall and skinny. My build is a perfect case for “fitted” options, until it comes round to my neck. My neck is much wider proportionally than most. I also have an extra-large adam’s apple, so when I wear off the rack shirts and button them up all the way, they push into my throat and I feel uncomfortable breathing. Wish I had a great shirt that fit me!

  • Robert Williams

    Four years ago I left the fire department and took a desk job in order to be closer to mother and help her after she was diagnosed with progressive M.S. Over this period of time I found myself gaining weight and the style of clothes that I wear don’t seem to fit me right especially my suits. I buy off the rack and even though I take them to a tailor my jackets have this weird fold in the front. This is really frustrating because I am a man who does take pride in his appearance.

  • Jim M.

    I’m 6’8″ and 220lbs. I really jumped into the fashion world and started following blogs like this after going to Thailand and getting some custom tailored clothes. I started realizing all the mistakes I made before and looking at some of the giant clothing I wore before in pictures in cringe worthy. I can’t go back now that I have correctly fitting clothes.

  • Carlos Valdez

    Im in college,
    I have a narrow torso and short arms. And I’m too broke to have clothes tailored.

  • Dan VS

    My problem with shirts in particular is the shoulder width. I have pretty broad shoulders and usually require a L sometimes XL to fit, however even on slim fit shirts the midsection and waist are HUGE and billow out/or they are so slim that i look like i am halfway between bruce banner and the hulk…
    This usually requires me to buy every single peice of clothing i own in person so i can try it on and make sure that it works.
    Anyhow, love this site and visit it often keep up the great work!


  • Trev

    I am a taller, slimmer guy with roughly a 15.5 neck, 35ish skinnier sleeves, and a slimmer frame. Most shirts are too short in the torso (especially with today’s lower and lower cut suit pants), too short in the sleeves, and to big in the belly and chest.


  • Doug

    I’m a slim 6’1″ – all legs and no torso. 33/33 is an impossible pants size to find!

  • Jared

    Even “fitted” shirts don’t fit me in the body. Plus, sleeves are always poofy. Who are these guys who constantly curl and have 16 1/2″ necks?

  • Stan

    I’m a big guy, yet most clothes look too baggy or too tight… It would be nice to have something that fits right.

  • Alex

    6’5″ and a slim 180 with lanky arms. Tough finding anything that fits.

  • Josiah

    I have a very slim waist but a semi-decently developed upper body. I wear size S for all shirts and t-shirts (XS if available, which looks great on me), but I can still never find a button-up shirt that is flattering to my body. They all make me look like I have a belly and don’t go to the gym (and I have been, for years)!!

  • Chris

    Sleeves are always too tight

  • Rich

    I’m 6’3″, 170 lbs. For something to fit around the torso, it has to be extra slim fit, and even then the neck is always too big.

  • Francisco

    My too-wide footballer shoulders and my wide chest make shirts that fit these areas too wide in the waist. It billows out like a dress. Definitely not a good look.

    This is why I need a Joe Button shirt!

  • yohann

    I am 6’2 and 180lbs, with very long arms. whenever I can find the proper neck and torso size (pretty rare too), the arms are too short for standard size.

  • gordon chen

    I have a longish torso but my chest is small… i wish they had something between small and mediums

  • Germain Alas

    Every time I try to look for a shirt I always have to compromise due to my height and build. I am 5′ 3”, 145 lbs, a medium build. Usually when I try a small, it is extremely tight around the shoulders and chest and I can’t button up the collar because its to small. When I try a medium, it fits my shoulders, chest and collar but its too long in the sleeves & overall length and too big/loose in the sleeves, torso and sometimes in the chest area. I usually just wear a medium because its more comfortable, a small is so tight its uncomfortable and thats the compromise i have to always to make with shirts.

  • Johnny

    At 5’11” and only 145lbs, it’s hard as all hell to find something that fits in all the appropriate places. A custom shirt would help me look less like I’m swimming and more like I’m styling.

  • Khoa

    With me, i always seem to be an inch or so under the size measurements most stores have. Express fits well but their shirts don’t really feel like shirts.

  • Eric

    I’m six feet tall but I have really short arms… and a 17 inch neck… its a weird size and sometimes the sleeves hang out of my suit like I’m four.

  • Germain Alas

    Every time I try to look for a shirt I always have to compromise due to my height and build. I am 5′ 3”, 145 lbs,with a medium build. Usually when I try a small, it is extremely tight around the shoulders and chest and I can’t button up the collar because its to small. When I try a medium, it fits my shoulders, chest and collar but its too long in the sleeves & overall length and too big/loose in the sleeves, torso and sometimes in the chest area. The compromise I have to make is either wear something that is really tight and uncomfortable or wear something that is loose that clearly looks to big for me.

  • Aaron

    I am tall and thin, but have extra long arms. Every time I get measured for a jacket it’s pointed out to me. I have problems with getting shirts that fit in the body, but aren’t halfway up my forearms. And even if I do somehow find that shirt, it will usually come untucked in the back the instant I bend my hips.

  • ken

    I am long torso and skinny. Every shirt that is in the right length ends up being to wide

  • guest

    I’m pretty short, 5’4″-5″ but my arm span is 5’7″, so to get sleeves that fit lengthwise, I must go up several sizes, so the shoulders droop way down and my arms look like amorphous blobs hanging loosely on my small shoulders. I’m not very strong either, so the arms are always loose.

  • David

    I’m 6’5″ so buying shirts is always a nightmare.

    Look around, fashion industry. There are lots of guys well over 6′ now. Please adjust accordingly.

  • Will S

    I’m 6’4″ with broad shoulders. Not a lot off the rack these days that seems made with a guy like me in mind.

  • Avery

    I’m 6’6″, have very broad shoulders/chest (42XL) jacket, long arms (37 inch sleeve), and a narrow waist (34 inch). On top of that, I’ve got thick thighs from a couple years of weightlifting, as I’m training for my club volleyball team. OTR clothes don’t fit, and tailoring my whole closet is outside my budget right now… need the custom shirt!

  • Ron M

    Sure, I’m working on getting rid of my gut, but until then I need a shirt that doesn’t make me look huge! Further, I am tired of shirts that are too tight around my neck or arms that are too short.

  • John

    I have trouble finding a shirt that fits me properly, because I have long arms but a short torso.

  • Jin

    tall, skinny, slight gut, long arms, long torso

    makes for many shirts that don’t stay tucked in

  • david flynn

    I got stuck in the “slightly bigger is better”, now at 44 and a firefighter, I don’t really dress it up very much.

  • Kevin

    My problem is almost always the arms. Alot of slim fitting mediums fit me right everywhere else.

  • SJ

    I always had issues with my shoulders and arms, while my body shape allows me to wear a small, they want to fit into a medium.

  • Ben

    at 6’3 170lbs and with a 6’4 wingspan I’m in the XL arm length but M body… been wearing my sleeves rolled up for the past 10 years.

  • Lorenz

    I’m a tall and skinny guy, OTR shirts won’t fit me. Would be nice to add another custom shirt to my wardrobe!

  • Dan Lau

    My dress shirts never fit properly. I have a thin / athletic build but a larger neck size and shorter arms. I tailor all of my shirts but even then it is hard to get shirts that fit correctly.

    I am a 38R, 16 neck size, 33 arms, and a 31 waist.

    Hope I have a chance to win this. This sounds great.

  • CMH

    The tendency of American men’s clothing fits to, unsurprisingly, cater to *many* American men, it is hard for me to find a shirt that fits off the shelf. Show me a shirt that doesn’t need to be pinned around the mannequin to look trim and clean, and I’ll replace my wardrobe with them!

  • ken

    I have one arm longer than the other and I’m pretty short so it’s hard to find anything that will fit. I’m just kidding but custom shirts are awesome!

  • guest

    I’m also very thin

  • Matt

    Like previous posters, I’m 42 chest but 33 waist athletic type. Brooks brothers extra slim fits are the best shirt I’ve found off the rack, but even they billow a bit much at the waist and bite just a tad at the shoulders. Definitely about to take the plunge for MTM.

  • George

    I have a “short torso”, which means I have a disproportionally long arms and legs in relation to a small torso. This means it is impossible to find shirts because they always look too long in the torso, but are usually too short in the arms.

    To put it in perspective, I am 5’9, but have a 16 inch neck, 36 sleeves, and wear 32/34 pants (width/length) I am used to having clothes altered.

  • Paul

    I’ve been cursed by the blessing of incredibly broad shoulders. If a shirt comes close to fitting in the shoulders, it’s a parachute around the waist, and if it fits around the waist, I can’t move my arms and look like I’m shrink-wrapped. I’ve never had a shirt that fits me properly (even tailored are still too tight in the shoulders), and being a recent college grad who’s trying to start an NPO, I don’t have the funds to buy custom clothing.

  • Ben

    It’s hard to find dress shirts that fit well on me. I have a slim torso so it’s hard to find shirts that aren’t too baggy on me. Sometimes even “fitted” shirts are too baggy for me.

  • Josh Hall

    Unfortunately I have a really hard time finding well fitting shirts as well. I’m 6’6, 265 pounds and I have long arms. Most shirts fit my chest well but then are waayy to big for my waist/stomach area and look like drapes hanging from my chest. I need some serious help.

  • Jeremy Armstrong

    Gooooooooooooooood shirts, could definitely use them

  • Hamish

    I’m a paunchy (working on it) 6’5″ and 275 lb guy that can’t fit the “Big and Tall” yet, but find “normal” sizes don’t fit either. Couple a long back (I’m only a 35′ inseam) and I can’t find ANY shirt or jacket to fit at my waistline. HELP!!

  • Matt C.

    My trouble is I like to try to find gently-used quality stuff and good clearance items, but since I’m a pretty average size, the stuff in my size typically sells out or, in the case of used, is too worn.

  • Elliott

    I have a hard time cause I am a tall and broad shouldered guy with a long torso. It’s tough to find shirts that are baggy or neat and trim because most are cut slim for tiny guys. Not for us big guys, yet not big enough for big and tall…. or want something better than what the big and tall has to offer!

  • Bryan H.

    I’ve yet to find an off-the-rack brand that would fit me. I have the worst of luck and ALWAYS in between sizes EVERYWHERE. My neck is too thick and body too slim for slim fit shirts.

  • Bryan S

    I have a hard time tailored or fitted style that fits well or that aren’t too big in the torso.

  • Jim L.

    I have a pretty big chest, so it seems like off the rack stuff always fits everywhere but there, and I end up with a lot of button pull in my chest!

  • Art

    The ectomorph of ectomophs, even the slim/tailored/trim fit shirts are always to wide around the waist and arms. Shirts can be purchased and made to fit the body closer through a tailor, but why not solve the problem beforehand and go with custom?

  • Michael

    Clothing manufacture clothes to fit the population. Am I defined by the population?

  • Galen

    I’m six feet tall with really broad shoulders and it puts me in an awkward in between for many brands…sleeve lengths and collars always seem to be awkward.

  • Mike

    Sleeve lengths and shoulder size. One fits, the other does not.

  • Patrick

    I’m 5’5″ and i normally wear a small in t-shirts. My problem is usually if its fits properly in width it’ll be too long. I have to pass on a lot of casual styles because of this. When it comes to dress shirts, i feel that the front pocket usually hangs too low. I’m usually forced to purchase dress shrits without front pockets. Which I prefer anyways. The lenght isn’t usually an issue because I normally tuck in a dress shirt, but sometimes i wish it was a bit more fitted. I’m always forced to alter sleve lenght. Sometimes i pass on shirts when sleeve width is too wide.

  • Ryan

    The sleeves always seem to be just a bit too short.

  • Peter

    I suffer the problem that a lot of your readers seem to, I’m just very wide in the shoulders and trim in the stomach. It’s partially genetics and partially Rugby, but it makes for buying clothes a pain sometimes. Because I like clothes that are fit, to show off my fitness, but of course I don’t want the shoulders to get bunched up and look like I’m wearing a childrens’ clothing. A custom shirt would solve these problems, and my dapper scale would increase by +7.

  • Christian

    6’1″ 165 lbs. From my swimming career I have developed a V shaped body. My waist is a 31, chest a 41. I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit (even with slim/fitted sizing).

  • Marc

    I am tall, slim, with broad shoulders. Regular sized clothing is too wide at the gut and slim fit constricts my arms. I would love a handsome shirt that emphasizes my physique.

  • Conor

    6’3 with wide hips makes finding pants that fit in the waist without making it look like I’m walking around in a diaper is difficult, (Which must be the reason my paychecks seem to be going straight to Bonobos these days! :D) but I think it’s my monkey like arms that cause the most trouble. Granted, rolling up your sleeves isn’t *too* terrible a sin, but you know there’s a problem when blazer sleeves actually fit you off the rack!

  • Alex R.

    I am in the army so I have to wear clothes everyday that just don’t fit. You would think that they make the uniforms in every size and shape but they simply don’t. However, on that nice, once or twice a week, opportunity when I can wear a my own nice shirt I have struggled to find something nice that fits me well. I went to Brooks Brothers and found that if I wanted a proper fitting shirt that the collar would be too tight, and the large was just too large. These custom shirts seem awesome, and when I can scrap up some extra funds (or win a gift card!) I will definitely be getting one.

  • Jason

    I always have a hard time finding shirts that are long enough in the sleeves. Usually the ones that are, are ridiculously large everywhere else.

  • Joseph C

    I have the “Abe Lincoln” syndrome. I am a slim guy who has a really big wingspan. I find it hard to get shirts that will fit me in the chest without being too short in the arms. When I try to find shirts that fit my arms, it tends to be way to baggy in the chest. Le sigh.

  • Arun

    I have a pretty oddly shaped body. I’m a shorter person with long arms and broad shoulders. It’s pretty difficult for me to find shirts that fit me well without being incredibly long or baggy.

  • Mike

    Larges shirts are too big. Medium shirts are too tight… Need someone to make a size called “In Between”

  • Dan

    I struggle finding shirts with long enough arms and enough room in the chest. I am a tall skinny guy with a little bit of a chest so I don’t quite fit the exact mold of a lot of department stores and their standard fits.

  • John

    Former D-I athlete trying to dress for success in the business world. Wide shoulders, long arms and a smaller waist make it difficult to find shirts off-the-rack that fit well.

  • http://[email protected] Jason

    Since I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’m back to wearing larges! However, I find shirts that are either too tight, or if I go modern fit, its often fits on the arms and shoulders but it’s too long.

  • Kyle L.

    Pretty skinny but I have a long torso. I’m too big for a small, so when I buy a medium, I HAVE to get it tailored or else it ends up looking like a blouse on me. Usually ends up adding at least $15 to the cost of each shirt. I’ve paid less for shirts than the tailoring (although that’s probably part of the problem to begin with). Joe Button shirts are super dope.

  • Frank Corral

    Plain and simple my waist is too small my legs are too long my torso is too short and my arms are too thin i’m 18 and a college freshmen how about you throw something my way that i can show off on campus 🙂

  • Karl J.

    I’m a tall and thin guy. 6′, 150lbs. Small sized shirts fit nice and trim, but the necks are always too tight and they are too tight in the shoulders. Help a guy out here!

  • Andrew

    My arms are not too long, so the sleeves are usually baggy

  • James

    I’m a tall guy, but very slim.
    Dress shirts are tough to get not-baggy.
    Suits are so hard to find in a 36R with a 32×32 pant.

  • Peter

    I’m a naturally thin guy but I’ve worked to put on some inches in my chest. My shirts always look great through the top few inches, but billow out like a parachute around my waist!