Look for Less: Chris Pine Fall Casual

Look for Less: Chris Pine Fall Casual
Take command of your weekend style with these frugal alternatives.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/maxwell.wergin42 Maxwell Wergin

    I have to admit, I love how you guys call a $88 cardigan and a $200 duffel bag “frugal.” The rest of the outfit? Spot on, according to my definition of frugal anyways.

    • Brandon H

      Frugal doesn’t mean cheap. That $200 duffel will be the only duffel you’ll need to buy for a while.

      The cardigan, I agree, as Express is neither high quality or cheap. A better option might have been:


      in the “Black” colorway.

      • http://www.facebook.com/maxwell.wergin42 Maxwell Wergin

        That…wow. That looks a lot better. Something I’ve gotta ask, though; does H&M have issues with quality?

        • CS

           Express may not be awesome quality (especially for the price) but I feel like H&M is much worse.  Half of their stuff looks like it’s going to fall apart while it’s still hanging on the rack.

  • Tom C.


    When Chris Pine is wearing a $700 cartigan and carrying a $3,000 duffle than yes, $80 and $200 are frugal. Not to mention, that’s full list price up there, you find a sale on those and $80 becomes 65 and $200 becomes 125. Frugal can also be a verb.

    • http://www.facebook.com/maxwell.wergin42 Maxwell Wergin

      OK, that does sounds reasonable enough now, put into perspective like that. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound abrasive.

  • Joesalami

    Express has crazy online sales at the end of the every quarter, that’s the only time I ever buy anything from there. For sure that cardigan will be $30 end of december

  • Patrick

    Something doesn’t feel right to me pairing khakis with white sneakers. Feels like i’m walking around in socks. Is there a different shoe option you’d suggest?

    • John

      Black, or navy, or red, or….

  • http://twitter.com/alancassinelli Alan Cassinelli

    I just got that Express cardigan and I love it! The quality feels really good and I have got tons of compliments on it. Just like everything from Express, I never buy it without a coupon, and knocking $25 off a $88 cardigan makes it affordable and well worth the money.

  • McD :{ D

    No Express here in this part of Canada, any other suggestions on where to find one of similarity? Not a fan of H&M.

  • victor

    h&m is for kids under 17….

  • themodestman

    Love the cardigan, not so sure about the pants. H&M stuff either doesn’t fit or falls apart. Maybe it’s just me though.

  • Jimmy

    anywhere to still buy a similar cardigan? express has stopped selling them.

  • pickmeohnevermind

    Out of curiosity, what bag is Pine actually carrying? $3000K?!

    I know I’ve seen it somewhere… maybe I’ll put it on my “won the lottery” list.