Graduating Your Style: Effortless Gent’s New E-book for Learning to Dress Better & Shop Smarter

Whether you've recently entered the workforce or you've realized it's time to make a change, upgrading your style is a daunting task that can pose some difficulty. We're taking a look into the new ebook from Barron at which promises to graduate your style simply, elegantly, and affordably.

They say every journey, no matter how great, starts with a single step. Good wisdom, of course, but like many sayings, not totally applicable all of the time. If your journey is a single destination, say Mount Doom to toss some fancy ring into a volcano, sure. One step towards the mountain is the way to go. But what if you have a lot of places to go in a lot of different directions? What if you're brand new to this whole adventuring business?

Okay, so you don't have a magical ring to destroy, but you're here because you've made the decision to change your life for the better. Maybe you've recently lost some weight or you've just decided it's time to look better. It's time to get stylish.

Now what?

If you were to take that single destination path, you might grab an issue of GQ and spend $750 on one outfit that looks like a really nice version of something you could have bought at Target for under $100. So let's not rush this, let's take a lot of little steps and cover our basics before we really begin this journey. Our guide, nothing short of a Ranger or wise Wizard, will be Barron, ‘head gentleman' at Effortless Gent.

He's recently put together an ebook, The Effortless Guide to Graduating Your Style, a (digitally) handy 64 page guide to take you from drab to dapper without breaking the bank.

Here at Primer, we're all about creating a sense of style without spending a months rent per outfit. It's completely possible to look great and spend reasonably. By now, we're sure you understand the importance of dressing well: it's the first thing people see when they look at you. Clothes don't make the man, but they do convey a lot about how he sees himself.

Dressing well indicates that you take care of yourself, have it together, and care enough to make yourself presentable to the world. We've all cast a chuckle in the direction of some bro wearing flip-flops anywhere but the beach or the guy turned away at the bar for wearing shorts. Whether you're aiming to impress a potential employer, attract the eye of a lovely lady, or just look like you know what you're doing in the world, the right outfit can say all that without you saying a word.

Colorful socksNow, not everyone has an inherent sense of style – that's okay. Graduating Your Style starts at the very beginning – putting on your socks and underwear. While obviously some personal preference is involved here, in the year 2012 it's a wise move to skip the tighty-whiteys in favor of something more modern and less embarrassing. Socks, as Barron points out, are one area where men can go a little crazy and show some of their style.

It's well known that women hate a man who keeps his socks on during romantic times, but they equally hate white socks peeking out from the gap between your shoes and your pants. If you've got long pants on, you probably shouldn't be wearing white socks. Personally, I've started having fun with my sock selection: I've got skulls, sharks, and other crazy designs. They're a conversation starter and a quirky piece of my personality – have fun here.

The ebook has a friendly “shopping list” following each heading, allowing you to easily compose your own list of things to pick up on your next visit to the store,whether it's a compliment of multicolored V-Necks or a six-pack of comfortable boxer briefs.

As you breeze through the conversationally written pages, you get Barron's insight into his own personal style and a general graduation of style. If you simply follow what's on the digital page, you'll effortlessly upgrade from normal (or below normal) to put together (at the very least). With a wealth of pictures illustrating exactly what he's talking about, you'll be able to select a great pair of jeans, a grouping of accessories and a perfect fitting polo, among others.

When you're ready to graduate from the bare basics, things that can be picked up in bags (socks, underwear, basic t-shirts), the guide includes some intermediate knowledge that is vitally important: understanding and selecting fit. Graduating Your Style includes a section on how to measure yourself and how to use those numbers to pick the right fitting clothes for your body type. We've talked about it time and again – a great looking shirt that doesn't fit right looks bad, but any shirt that fits well can look good.

By the time you reach the middle of the book, you'll find some welcoming material if you're a fan of our “Getups,” as Barron covers “Putting it All Together” and provides well composed examples of a variety of outfits you can create from the various pieces you've picked up for a wide variety of situations. Whether you're going out for drinks, going on a first date, strolling through the park, or just looking great without looking dressed up, the Effortless Gent's guide has you covered.

Screenshot of Effortless Gent ebook

Graduating Your Style is a simple and elegant guide to get you started on the road to a more stylish you. If you follow the advice here, you'll ditch the garbage from your wardrobe while keeping the hidden gold, and replace your old style with something new, classic, and versatile.

If there's a lesson we're trying to convey to you here, it's that looking stylish just takes a little knowledge and a little forethought. We've all wanted a white blazer a la Don Johnson in Miami Vice, but just how much do you need that item? Is it versatile? Is it quality? Is the cost justified? No matter what you're planning on purchasing, you must answer those three questions. From underwear to socks to sport coats and leather jackets, the items you select should be something you can wear often, something you can wear with many other things, and something within your budget but of the proper quality. Two-hundred dollars for a t-shirt? Nah. Two-hundred for the perfect jacket? Definitely.

So whether you've been on the style path for awhile now or you've just decided to turn your life around, make the commitment to bettering yourself and showing that handsome you to the whole world. We all get a little lost sometimes, but don't fret. We at Primer, and Barron,, and The Effortless Guide to Graduating Your Style, are here to guide you.

Buy it:

The Effortless Guide to Graduating Your Style is available here for $26.

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