Gamer Kitchen: Vietnamese BBQ Pork with Rice Noodle Salad

Mix things up at your next barbecue with this delicious Vietnamese dish that's sure to please.

We've probably all been to our fair share of BBQs by this point in the summer. (Hopefully you rocked your BBQ contribution and took something besides a half smashed bag of chips.)

Here's another way to mix up the standard cook out menu of burgers, dogs and kabobs…Bun thit nuong, a Vietnamese dish of rice vermicelli noodles, mixed with fresh vegetables and topped with marinated-then-grilled pork, all of it splashed with a lime dipping sauce (nuoc cham).  This dish has got something for everyone–your meat loving friends can pile on the pork and your veggie loving friends won't feel left out because they can enjoy the dish minus the meat, but still get all the flavors.

At first glance, this recipe might look really involved, but that's only because there's cutting of vegetables and marinating the meat to be done.  Once all the prep work is completed, you're free to hang out with your guests and grill the meat at your own speed.

Don't let this recipe intimidate you because it is TOO good to pass up.  This is the one dish I consistently crave–although I find myself craving all Vietnamese dishes because of their clearly pronounced flavors, use of fresh vegetables, and colorful presentation.

In this episode, I walk you through every step of preparation. There's even a short video about setting up a charcoal grill if you need a refresher.  This video explains how to prevent meat from sticking to the grill and how to achieve perfectly grilled meat that is evenly cooked (something that can be hard to achieve if your grill is too hot).

So round up your mates and get ready to be wowed by these flavors! And if you know someone who has access to garden fresh cucumbers, ask them to bring some along for a truly seasonal summer time cook out.  Be sure to share a picture of your barbecue event to @primermag #gamerkitchen.

Need a hard copy of the recipe when cooking?  Print it here.

Luke Bryce

Luke Bryce reviews games at Leisure Gamer Network. He also makes videos, teaches cooking classes and rides an old blue bicycle. Follow him on Twitter, @lukebryce.