The Getup: The Casual Fall Weekend

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  • Max K

    Like it! The shawl cardigan is a cool touch. Hope to see more.

  • Ashe

    A thicker leather bracelet and taller, darker size-zip boots would rock this outfit.

  • JB

    Desert boots dont do well in cooler climates. I say go with some redwings.

  • Kevin

    I’ll pick up a pair of cool quality desert boots anytime.

  • Daniel

    Can’t wait to bring the Henleys back out.

  • Matt

    Love this post and the look and detail of it all.
    This helps people like me know what to put with what to make it look well… PUT TOGETHER. Keep em coming!

  • Andrew

    Hey JB,

    Red Wings look great with everything! I included them in yesterday’s article, so I thought I should probably mix it up. 😉

  • Matt

    Henley’s are now $14 down from $20. Just FYI people!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Matt! Most excellent.

  • Samantha

    I like it!!!! Can’t wait to have that desert boots and henley for my husband.

  • Stan

    I like the wardrobe selection, especially their reasonable prices. Although some of the stores haven`t set up shop in Canada, similar versions can be found. This combination serves as inspiration.

    • Andrew


      Glad you liked it!

      Anything homemade is awesome if it looks good!

  • John

    How do you feel about rope bracelets from your art school wife? Just wondering. I love all of this but I want to make my wife happy.

  • John

    Thanks for the prescriptive. It’s good to be married to an artist. I’m moving to FL and I need new shoes that are good for that weather. I have some Clarke desert treks but I need some new boots what should I get for that weather?

  • TJ

    I have two henleys from target and they are great (inexpensive too). I have those gap jeans as well, love them so far. i actually got the skinny ones and they are more slim than skinny, fit me great.

  • Jon

    I really love that cardigan. It being a year since this getup was put together, have you seen any shawl collar cardigans like that one out there? Thanks!

  • Lika

    Andrew, I used your getup for inspiration for my men grooming class. They are awesome! Especially when they asked me,which piece goes with what. I’ve becoming an expert in men styling because of you.. Even tough we’re thousand miles across the sea and all the brand you mentioning not available in our country. But, we got the idea, Thanks Andrew..

  • brandon.

    ill shall be looking quite menacing in these winter cloaks

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