Shower Tunes: Bringing Your Morning Music to the Shower

Everyone knows how much an effect music can have on jump-starting your morning. You’re listening to something that’s really got you going and then it all stops – you hop in the shower and over the bathroom fan and the water, you can’t hear your tunes from across the room.

Enter the Eco Extreme dock from Grace Digital. This waterproof case, with surprising clarity and oomph in sound, connects to any mp3 player via the headphone jack.

I picked this up for the shower, but it isn’t limited to it. It’s shockproof, waterproof, and floatable. It also works great on hikes, just clip the attached carabiner to your bag or belt. Or use it outside during your kettlebell workouts.

Pick one up: $40, Amazon

Need some new tunes for your morning playlist? Check out the “Just Woke Up” tag on Stereomood.


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Andrew Snavely

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