How to Wear a Tucked In Shirt Without Looking Like an Old Man

how to properly tuck in a shirt

You’ve probably heard colloquially that you should never tuck in your shirt unless you're dressed up. You'll look like a dork. An old man, they say.

Well, there's some truth to that. Growing up in the 90's, we went through a rough patch as far as the tucked shirt goes. Button up shirts were cut big during that time, and we're only now starting to recover from all the excess fabric.

These baggy shirts ballooned when tucked in and it was a horrible look, that's why we've grown up hearing we shouldn't tuck in our shirts.

But these days lots of brands are creating trimmer options that look sleek and clean when tucked in, not frumpy and baggy.

The trimmer cut goes by many names: trim cut, modern fit, custom fit, athletic fit, slim fit. Don't be scared, you don't have to be ripped to wear a shirt that fits. As long as it doesn't pull anywhere you'll look great.


»Shirt: Ralph Lauren Custom Fit

»Jeans: Gap 1969 Authentic

»Boots: Clarks Desert Boot

»Sunglasses: Anon Kennedy

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