The Look: The Leather Cycle Jacket

Cycle jackets have been around for decades, and the bold statement a man declares when he slips one on is buried deep in American tradition.

Cycle jackets have been around for decades, and the bold statement a man declares when he slips one on is buried deep in American tradition.

When it comes to function AND looking like a badass, nothing comes close to a leather cycle jacket.

Cycle jackets have been around for decades, and the bold statement a man declares when he slips one on is buried deep in American tradition.

Every man can wear a leather jacket, but not every man does. As a result, hand in hand with the jacket's rugged history, a part of the man's character is on display.


The Black Rivet cycle jacket is the perfect companion for the everyman's wardrobe because it can be paired with any style.  From a shirt and tie on the weekdays to a polo on the weekends, the slim form of the cycle jacket adjusts perfectly to any style. No bulky pockets or flaps, hell, it barely has a collar.

The Wilsons jacket offers a natural weathered look that is precise and not overdone. More importantly unlike it's bomber jacket compatriot who has long been the standard-bearer of leather jackets, the cycle jacket doesn't have any elastic around the bottom and cuffs, allowing for a relaxed flow that doesn't bunch.


The jacket feels well-made: the leather is thick, though it isn't bulky or constraining. One of the reasons we chose Wilsons is because they've been crafting leather for 111 years.  These guys have been making leather jackets since before there were motorcycles.

It feels like it will last for years, and its performance will improve with life's battle scars that you'll beat into it over time.


At a quarter of the price of “designer label” jackets with no loss in quality or style, the Black Rivet Cycle Jacket is the perfect choice for the guy looking to pickup a great leather jacket and some edge, but not spend $500. Currently the jacket is available for $199.

It's a small price to pay for a jacket that will be the envy of all your friends, (expect to be called “badass” a lot), will last you years, and, in a couple decades, have your high school kid pull it out of the closet begging to have it.

Available on Wilsons site for $199.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Saad

    pretty nice!

  • Dan

    What are some Primer-approved, not-leather alternatives?

  • Andrew

    Hey Dan,

    I would go for a military-style jacket. They’re pretty popular right now in most retailers, and have a similar badass-ness to them. I’ve got one in blue and love it. Here’s an example at Gap:

    For some more outerwear options check out our piece we did a few weeks ago:

    Good luck!

  • Justin Brown

    Elasticized cuffs are really good at making you look short and stout — always stay away from them.

  • timothy

    I had a jacket like the one above when I was younger. It brings back great memories.
    .-= timothy´s last blog ..How do you replace the pickguard on a Fender Jazz Bass? =-.

  • scoob

    nice lol.

  • stillz

    This looks pretty sweet. I wonder if they make it in big & tall…

  • David

    I bought this jacket on sale from Wilsons last year for only $120! Its the best leather jacket Ive ever owned.

  • Billy

    Check out the Black Rivet Washed Leather Moto at wilsons site, it’s light but a great fit (not as good as the Cycle Jacket) looks very nice and surprisingly durable!

  • Jose

    I got this (but in the shirt collar style with snaps at.the sleeves) when I was working as a bodyguard in LA. I agree great style, well cut to make you look fit and slim and very thick protective leather.
    The only downside is that the quilting doesn’t offer much warmth but a $5 zip-up hoodie sweatshirt from a local Walmart in the same size (they run a little small) to wear as a liner solves that problem quick. 🙂

  • Andrew

    Hey Jose, That’s a good point. I consider it a light to medium jacket in terms of warmth. Great tip for adding more insulation.

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  • Elliot Robertson

    *Thread bump* I will just interject and say, I’m a smaller framed guy, 5’9″ or so, 145 pounds, and I ordered the smallest size Black Rivet like the one pictured. It was surprisingly large for a size S. Just an observation. 

  • sogelegos

    Thread bump.

    Wilson’s is doing a big Father’s Day sale, including 25% off all jackets.

    Additionally, you can put in the code 7392S to get $20 off $100+. If that doesn’t work, RMN2013 will get you free shipping.

    So, I’m getting the jacket featured here for $135 all told. Can’t wait to get it.

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