Skagen Watches: High End Design, Priced for Every Man

Every man needs an eye catching watch - it's the perfect accessory - but many guys think well-designed watches have to cost hundreds of dollars if not more. Enter these watches from Skagen with high end looks and wallet friendly pricing.

With the ubiquity of cellphones, many may start to question the need to wear a watch.  After all, why have something strapped to your wrist that requires battery changing or a physical act to change the time twice a year for daylight savings?  Well my friend, two things.  First, you're incredibly lazy.  Second, you're denying yourself the simplest and most accepted form of accessory for men.  Everyone can appreciate a nice watch and more importantly, everyone can pull it off.  In addition to just telling you the time and looking nice, the watch is always a great ice breaker.  Clearly wearing one invites cute women at the bus stop to inquire about the time and gives you an easy in for continuing conversation.

Just as you've heard people can read a man by his shoes, the same goes for his watch. It boasts an attention to detail and personal style in one of the few pieces we wear that still has a function.

Skagen silver watches

Back of a skagen watchNow that I've hopefully convinced you to wear a watch, let me introduce you to Skagen, a company with deep roots in Denmark who design quality and affordable timepieces.  In particular, their stainless steel watches, that feature (obviously) stainless steel construction, large dials, and a unique steel mesh band with an easily adjustable clasp system.  The simple, clean designs make the watches the perfect pairing with jeans or a suit and fit into any social situation.  As a guy with large wrists, the watch lays comfortably and the large face doesn't get dwarfed by my oafish hand.

One particularly sleek watch now available is the Skagen 20th Anniversary watch.  The clean design features a beveled face, platinum plating, a numberless design and a lack of a second hand — true minimalism in design.  The back features the signatures of Charlotte and Henrik Jorst, Skagen's founders, the first time this has been done in the watchmakers history.  If that's not your particular flavor, Skagen offers many more designs that are just as stylish, though slightly more functional.  When it comes to stylish design in watches, often we're expected to shell out big bucks, not the case here.  The Extra Large Steel Case with date function retails for $115 while the 20th Anniversary model sells for $140.  Both are waterproof to 3ATM (about 100 feet), won't break the bank, tell the correct time for 3 years on one battery, and will catch the eye of any cute bystanders.

20th Anniversary Limited Edition: $125 on Amazon

Extra Large Steel Case on Mesh: $115 on Amazon

Robert Fure

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