Boots That Make a Stomping Statement: The 875 by Red Wing

Whether or not your shoes actually offer a window to your soul, they definitely reveal if you've got good taste or not. Make a bold style statement with these classically designed and eye-catching boots.

There is a time and a place for loafers. Some nights a pair of Converse will treat you right. At the office, your suit might demand wingtips. But some days, your foot calls out for something a bit more manly, something that will help you take on the world and stomp the adversity out of your way. Sometimes, you just need to lace on a good pair of boots.

There are a thousand reasons to wear boots – here are just five. They look awesome. They make you look taller. Most of your heroes of years past wore them, either liberating countries or taming the West. They're classic footwear with lots of history. They go perfect with a pair of jeans.

Now what to pick? A classic pair of cowboys? Something straight off the construction site? Something for the nature trail? Slow down, fella. You first pair of boots probably isn't meant to stop a falling sledgehammer or help you rustle a steer. What you need is a boot you can wear for 8 hours that looks at home beating the streets or conquering the office on casual Fridays. No gimmicky webbings or vents, just the same stuff your granddad's work boot was made of. Don't want to be confused for a construction worker? Then trade in the yellow leather for russet leather.

Once you start thinking russet leather, you start thinking Red Wing shoes, a company that's been in the boot business for over a hundred years – quality? Check. Style? Obviously. A well maintained pair of red leather boots is the perfect cross between style and functionality. Sure, these are tough boots that will let you pound the pavement, but they look like they could cost a pretty penny and be seen clomping down the runway. Lucky for you these aren't some $500 pair of Italian Alligator shoes – because there are no alligators in Italy. Around $225 a pair, Red Wing's can be considered a life long investment. Provided you don't lose a foot, you'll always have a pair of boots that look better with age. Hell, you'll probably have to smack your kid's hands away when he tries to take them before you're in the grave.

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Robert Fure

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