The Boat Shoe: Primer Approved

Not owning a boat is no reason to not have a pair of boat shoes in your footwear arsenal. With a timeless look and a versatile style, you'll look great at a company barbecue or just heading out in the sun.

The laces that wrap around the sides arent just for looks

Until recently I always thought boat shoes were reserved for guys that are my father's age and the New England prep crowd. I was wrong — the boat shoe is THE quintessential summer shoe for all guys, regardless of age or proximity to Cape Cod.

A well-chosen boat shoe is the most versatile light shoe in your wardrobe armory. Looks great sockless with a pair shorts? Check. Dresses up a pair of jeans for a date while remaining casual enough to not scare her off with your formality? Check. Combined with khakis keeps you professional at your company's summer barbecue? Of course.

Boat shoes also serve another important summer function: they keep our feet, a part of our body oft not seen, safely out of view while not looking out of place on the boardwalk.  This doesn't apply to the dapper readers of Primer, though it's safe to say foot grooming doesn't rank high on the to-do list for most guys.

If you're a guy who has never felt comfortable fwapping flip-flops in the summer, you should definitely check out a pair of boat shoes. There are tons of brands who make them, from the original Sperry Top-Siders to J.Crew. Our pick comes from the  Canvas line from Lands' End. Their low profile keeps the shoes either dressy or more casual depending on the situation. They keep you casual and comfortable while you're enjoying a summer weekend afternoon, and dressy enough if you make your way to drinks in the evening.

Boat shoes look great with pants and shorts

Once you start looking for them, you'll see tons of guys wearing them, and the more they get beat up the greater they look.

If you're nervous about any negative side effects of wearing shoes without socks, our pal Brett over at Art of Manliness has an excellent guide on going sockless in the summer. Definitely give it a look-see.

Check them out, currently on sale over at Amazon.

Boat shoes primer approved