You Have To See This: AI Generates Home Decor Ideas For You From A Single Photo

You Have To See This: AI Generates Home Decor Ideas For You From A Single Photo
A home decor refresh in seconds with AI.

We all know how hard it can be to come up with new ideas for home decorating. But thanks to a new AI site, Interior AI, you can try out 21 different home decorating trends in seconds, without buying a single new decor item.

Take a photo from one corner of your room, and this new software will generate a variety of different home decorating ideas that you can use as inspiration—from Modern and Minimalist to Bohemian and Cyberpunk—so you can find a fresh new look without spending hours on Pinterest or Houzz looking for inspiration.

Also, it's possible to upload a photo of your messy room and still get beautiful results!

We recommend trying this tool on your phone, as it’s easier to upload your photo into the generator, but a desktop works, too.

Check out some of our renderings below, and give it a try yourself: Interior AI.

Decorating Inspiration Renders Created by Interior AI

The original photo uploaded as reference:

living room with blue couch

The AI generated living rooms:

ai generated living room
Modern living room from AI generated image
bohemian living room
Art Deco living room AI render interior design
Art Deco

Have you tried Interior AI? Which look(s) did you like for your apartment? Comment below, or share your renderings on Instagram and tag us @primermagazine!

Lindsey Silva

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