30 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Type of Dad, All Under $200

30 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Type of Dad, All Under $200
The best father’s day gift ideas, whether your dad likes working with his hands or his mind.



Whatever he goes by in your house, he’s your old man and the time has come to celebrate him. This year, however, you’re not going to fall back on the usual. No. This year, we’re helping you go the extra mile for the guy who taught you a heck of a lot about the world and how to be in it. 

We Found The Best Of Old Standbys

An electric drill? Forget it. Unless it’s a hard-hitting 20-volt hand cannon with one of the best batteries available. 

We’ve dug deep to find the best of some familiar, guaranteed-to-please items your dad might be lacking or need to upgrade. 

But we didn’t stop there. 

Out-Of-The-Box New Ideas

Want to push the envelope with this year’s gift? We got you.

Premium, hand-cut steaks from a master butcher.

A subscription to a powerful learning platform.

The hottest new kitchen tool he’s heard about, but not tried yet. 

We’ve designed this guide to give you fresh ideas that will be both surprising and useful. 

Father’s Day Ideas For Your Kind Of Dad

Does your dad love books? Or is he more into working with his hands? Does he adore Tom Clancy, or the Great British Baking Show? 

Whatever your flavor of dad, we’ve broken out the guide by archetypes. Play it safe and hew to his interests, or get spicy and give him something outside his comfort zone … the choice is yours. 

The Elder Geek

father's day gadget gifts

1. Apple Airpods 2

Amazon, $130

apple airpods 2 fathers day gift guide.jpg

Sleek and long-lasting with three hours of battery life, Airpods are the simplest wireless headphone to set up – period.  

2. Radio Scanner

Amazon, $102

radio scanner fathers day gift guide.jpg

Compact yet powerful, this handheld radio scanner will connect your dad with weather and emergency broadcasts, sporting events, and a nationwide community of radio enthusiasts. 

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8” Tablet

Amazon, $150

samsung galaxy tablet fathers day gift guide.jpg

Samsung’s Tab A series offers solid performance at a more affordable price-point and set up is familiar and fast for Android users who love their Google suite. 

4. Solid State External Hard Drive 

Amazon, $126

external hard drive fathers day gift guide.jpg

For the dad who loves editing family pictures and home movies!

When it comes to video or photo editing, nothing boosts performance like a solid state hard drive. This external gives performance and redundancy – simply mirror this to your internal hard drive and you’ve got peace of mind with blazing fast transfer speeds. 

5. Casetify UV Phone Sanitizer

Casetify, $120

uv phone sanitizer fathers day gift guide.jpg

Casetify’s nifty device uses six UV light bulbs to zap germs in just 3 minutes. And it’s a wireless charger, too. While the company doesn’t provide data about which microorganisms are eliminated, UV light is widely used in healthcare settings to reduce germs. 

The Craftsman

craftsman fathers day ideas

6. 210-Piece Stanley Tool Set

Amazon, $99

stanley tool set fathers day gift guide.jpg

Primer tested and approved, this toolset is the perfect refresher for anyone who's watched their tools scatter to all corners of the garage over the years. 

7. Telescoping Magnetic Pick-up Tool

Amazon, $8

magnetic pick up tool fathers day gift guide.jpg

Able to heft 15 pounds, this is the perfect add-on gift for the handy-man whose joints might be creaking a bit more when he has to pick up a loose bolt. 

8. Lithium Battery Drill

Amazon, $199

dewalt battery drill fathers day gift guide.jpg

Professional grade for serious applications, this beast of a drill delivers 620 in-lbs of torque with a precise chuck and long-lasting battery. Pros love this. 

9. General Tools Contour Gauge 

Amazon, $22

contour gauge fathers day gift guide.jpg

A must-have for serious wood-working and home projects, this contour gauge copies molding, tile, and flooring in a snap. Help your dad make his house in to This Old House!

10. Leatherman Charge Plus TTi

Amazon, $155

leatherman tool fathers day gift guide.jpg

The Charge Plus TTi sounds like it should be a performance sedan from Audi or Lexus, which makes sense: it’s the standard by which all other multi-tools are measured. Lighter, stronger, and sharper than the rest, plus made in the USA. 

The Home Chef

father's day chef ideas

11. Hudson Durable Goods Denim Apron

Amazon, $30

denim apron fathers day gift guide.jpg

Every serious home chef or grill master needs a serious apron. Four large pockets and a quick-release buckle make this denim apron a welcome gift for any cook. 

If you’d like to upgrade to waxed canvas – quicker to break in and acquires that wonderful patina – check out this American-made Flint & Tinder model from Huckberry for $80

12. Pat Lafrieda Beef

Pat Lafrieda.com, $20-200

pat lafrieda beef fathers day gift guide.jpg

The last of the great family-owned New York butchering companies, Pat Lafrieda supplies the likes of Shake Shack, Minetta Tavern, and hundreds of other top-notch eateries around the world. By giving LaFrieda steaks or burgers, you’re giving the best – at an incredibly competitive price compared to other “high end” steak order companies. Can be ordered online and received in a matter of days.

13. Air Fryer

Amazon, $99

air fryer fathers day gift guide.jpg

Get your dad in on the air fryer craze …and reap the benefits when you come over for dinner! Says Primer founder Andrew, “I’m probably taking mine on a roadtrip in a couple weeks … it’s what microwaves should be!” 

14. Cuisinart Electric Smoker 

Amazon, $165

cuisinart smoker fathers day gift guide.jpg

Easy to assemble and propane free, this Cuisinart free-standing smoker is the perfect upgrade for a dad who’s been grill-smoking, but would like to take his game to the next level. 

15. Global 8″ Chef's Knife

Amazon, $88

chef knife fathers day gift guide.jpg

The ideal upgrade from a big box store $40 chef’s knife, this professional grade blade designed by designer Komin Yamada holds its edge. The Japanese brand’s line is made of a harder alloy with a thinner blade than European knife brands. The knife has a lifetime warranty and is trusted by professionals. 

The Gearhead

fathers day tools

16. Racing Series Subscription

NASCAR, $45 | IndyCar, $55 | Formula 1, $80

Racing and Formula 1

Give your dad the gift of speed with an all-access subscription to his favorite series, whether it’s NASCAR, IndyCar, or Formula 1. Unlike regular cable, these digital subscriptions come with fun bells and whistles, like leaderboards, in-car cameras, and more goodies. 

17. Steve Mcqueen: The Man And Le Mans

Amazon, $20

steve mcqueen the man fathers day gift guide.jpg

Amongst gearheads, Mcqueen is just as famous for his racing career as his movies. This gripping documentary tells the story of a man obsessed with capturing the most legendary race in motorsports … and how it almost wrecked his life. If you’ve got a few extra grand sitting around, pick up McQueens famous square watch too

18. Exotic Car Experience 

Xtreme Xperience, $200+

exotic car experience fathers day gift guide.jpg

Help your dad check a big one off his bucket list by giving him a few laps on track with his favorite supercar. Check your local groupon or find a track near you with Xtreme Xperience, which hosts events in 35 cities nationwide. 

The Scholar

fathers day gift ideas learning

19. Pilot Falcon Collection Fountain Pen 

Amazon, $145

pilot falcon pen fathers day gift guide.jpg

Nothing says old-world class like signing documents and notes with a genuine fountain pen. Boasting a 14 karat gold tip and a reputation for polished, unique writing output, this is the perfect entry-level fountain pen for your scholar dad. 

20. On The Road: The Original Scroll 

Amazon, $13

original scroll book fathers day gift guide.jpg

Kerouac wrote his first draft of On The Road on tracing paper, which he later assembled into a 120-foot long scroll – like the latter day bard he was. This is the unedited version of an American class, more visceral and rollicking than anything before it. 

21. Masterclass Subscription

Masterclass, $180

masterclass fathers day gift guide.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to learn more about cooking from Gordon Ramsay, or biology from Jane Goodall, fitness from Steph Curry, or thriller writing from Dan Brown. Masterclass brings the biggest names into your living room. 

The Classic Rocker 

fathers day musician

22. Abbey Road Anniversary 3 Vinyl Set

Amazon, $70

abbey road vinyl fathers day gift guide.jpg

Packed with alternate takes, remasters, and revealing moments, this three 180 gram vinyl set is a collector’s item for collectors and non-collectors alike. 

23. Crosley C100 Belt-Drive Turntable 

Amazon, $145

crosley turntable fathers day gift guide.jpg

Recommended by Rolling Stone as the perfect synthesis of classic styling and modern technology, the Crosley C100 will bring old collections to life.

24. The History Of Rock N Roll Definitive Documentary Box Set 

Amazon, $144

history of rock and roll box set fathers day gift guide.jpg

Rare interviews, disappeared performances, and over 200 exclusive interviews make this must-viewing for any music nerd. We mean it. Why else would we suggest actual DVDs? 

The Best Grandpa 

father's day grandpa

25. Freestanding Hammock

Amazon, $109

hammock fathers day gift guide.jpg

Give the gift of kicking back, chilling out, and enjoying summer with this freestanding, tempered steel frame hammock. 

26. Baby Bag/Backpack Crossover

Amazon, $46

crossover backpack fathers day gift guide.jpg

Grandpas love spending time with their grandkids … and you love having some free child-care. Make visits to the park or splash pad easy with a backpack/baby bag two-in-one that he can use during his civilian life, too. 

27. Lovevery Subscription 

Lovevery, $36/mo.

love very subscription fathers day gift guide.jpg

Age and brain-appropriate toys and learning resources sent to your door every 2-3 months make going to Grandpa’s house a treat. Lovevery is Primer baby tested and approved.

The Style Scrooge

style scrooge

We included a special category for those dads – you know, the ones who wear their favorite t-shirts and sandals down to the threads in summertime. 

28. Anson Belt Box

Anson.com, $25+

anson belt box fathers day gift guide.jpg

These Primer tested belts are buckle-swapple and micro-adjustable, meaning your dad can gain his fall football 5 and still have a perfectly tailored belt every day. 

29. Champion Athletic Gear 

Champion, $12+

champion hoodie fathers day gift guide.jpg

We asked ourselves, “What’s Lululemon for old guys?” The answer is the same as it was in 1985: Champion. Quality, affordable, and newly upgraded with techy fabrics, Champion is clothing your dad will actually use. 

30. Sandals

Amazon, $25+

sandals fathers day gift guide.jpg

Who knew that in 2019 “Dad sandals” were an honest-to-god high fashion trend (but we’re not endorsing it). Your dad didn’t know, and chances are he needs to replace his. 

Only you know what kind of sandal your dad wears, so shop Amazon right now and save up to 50% on sandals for dad. After all, we wouldn’t want to recommend Keen if he’s a Birkenstock guy.

What are your favorite father’s day gift ideas? Share them below!

Stillman Brown

Stillman Brown is a writer and TV producer who has created prime time content for National Geographic, Discovery, Travel Channel and many others. His interests span science & the natural world, personal growth, and food. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.