Buck Mason’s Super Rare 50% Off Sale

Buck Mason's Super Rare 50% off Sale

Only their 3rd sale since we've been following the brand.

If you follow Primer, you’re no stranger to Buck Mason, the LA-founded menswear company that offers a rugged American style with modern details and fits. The aesthetic is similar to J.Crew but without the prep or vibrant colors. Price and style-wise, they're a similar brand to Taylor Stitch, though Buck Mason is a little more casual-LA-rugged and Taylor Stitch is more casual-mountains-rugged.

The brand is one of my personal favorites, I stop into the Larchmont store every time I’m in the neighborhood to see what’s new and feel things. And, if you follow Primer on Instagram, you’re also no stranger to that since I go to their Dirty Cars and Black Coffee car events and post about them in our Stories.

Since I’ve started following them a couple years ago, Buck Mason has only offered discounts three times.  And that’s super annoying for a guy who loves buying awesome products on sale.

My experience with fit is consistent with other retailers I wear, like Gap, J.Crew etc. The line does a have modern, trim fit so if you find yourself constantly needing to size up in slimmer brands, it's something to consider. The size small leather jackets fit great, and is consistent with what I wear in my Levi's Trucker jackets.

Sizes are limited on a per item basis, but there are options in all sizes currently. Be sure to head to the sale page and filter your sizes so you only see what's available for you. 

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Andrew Snavely

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