My Experience with the LA Protests on My Street + Resources That Have Been Personally Helpful

Yesterday, I posted this video to Primer's Instagram account. It shows my first hand experience of the LA protests, which have been happening in my neighborhood for over a week now.

There are problems without clear answers. I believe in America, I believe in equal rights for every American in practice not just on paper, I believe in government accountability, I believe in protecting our neighbors and businesses, I believe most of law enforcement is good and means well. I believe we need more empathy and conversation.

It's been an awakening time for many of us in our country, and it's important to individually seek the answers each of us need to gain a better understanding of the issues and history of racism, bias, and violence.

For me, I'm including links, quotes, social media posts, and videos that I've come across in the last week that have helped me personally better recognize the differences in the American experience people of color endure that I don't.

If you want to try to learn more about the “why” things are happening right now, @trevornoah posted an amazing and accessible deep dive on @thedailyshow IGTV. For those who already can feel why these things are happening but can’t find the words it will clarify. For those who are dismissing literally thousands of fellow Americans as criminals, it will shine a light on a blind spot many of us have been unable to see.

A History of Why We Are Here Now

George Floyd was murdered by America: a historian's perspective on the history of U.S. police brutality against Black people – A fantastic and easy to read history from historians on Reddit's r/History.

Systemic Racism Demystified

If you think systemic racism isn't real in America, ask yourself this:

Chris Rock perfectly explains how we should not accept ‘bad apples' as an excuse:

‘Unarmed Black Man’ doesn’t mean what you think it means – An eye opening example of systemic racism in our media.

An appreciated message from the head of the navy:

What Black Lives Matter means, and why All Lives Matter is a straw man fallacy

What Black Lives Matter Means (and Why It's Problematic to Say “All Lives Matter”) – Good Housekeeping has a thorough examination on what the “Black Lives Matter” mission means, and more importantly, what many in the white community get wrong.


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An important lesson from @givensharp in 37 seconds. #BlackLivesMatter

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Further resources: This Google Doc has been circulating social media with toolkits for parents, recommendations for documentaries, podcasts, books, and more.

Organizations to follow and support:


I support the black members of our community. As Americans, we're all in this together.

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