Gift Ideas for Guys: Over 150 Gift Ideas You Can Actually Ask For

Gift Ideas for Guys

As a career-having guy, it’s tough to come up with a wish list to send to generous, well-meaning family and friends. If you want or need something that’s reasonably priced…you’ve probably already purchased it. If there’s a big-ticket item you’ve bookmarked, you probably don’t feel comfortable asking for it.

The truth is, most guides for men are mostly (if not entirely) useless mish-mashes of the overpriced, the unrealistic, and the just plain weird things  magazine editors *think* guys want.

With that in mind, we’ve created a practical gift guide for practical guys. Collected below are more than 150 cool, helpful gadgets, essentials, apparel, and household upgrades–items you probably don’t have, but could definitely use.

And this is an interactive gift guide: you can sort it by price point as well as category. Check it out, share it, and even use it for birthdays, graduations, etc. Pretty much everything was selected because it’s useful year-round, not just in December.

Our biggest and most interactive gift guide ever.

primer approved
What is Primer Approved?
On some of the gift ideas there’s a small “Primer Approved” badge. This is a classification for some of the products we’ve tested hands-on and feel they’re worth the money. Companies can’t pay for this distinction: The product we used must have met both the advertised promises and our expectations.
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