The Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide

For anyone dreaming of a Flat White Christmas.

Coffee Lover's Gift Guide

John David is a barista and a coffee blogger. He has worked in the coffee industry for 5 years, spanning from a barista and trainer in the cafe, to working in marketing within the industry. 

With the rising popularity of specialty coffee, the odds are pretty good that you or one (or more) of your friends is a coffee lover. With the holidays looming ever closer, here at Primer we’ve compiled an extensive list of gift ideas for coffee lovers that will upgrade the setup of anyone who loves making great coffee at home.

Listed below are products that my friends and I have purchased and used at home; consider these to be “barista-approved”. This guide covers a broad range of affordable coffee products and subscriptions that will appeal to both the beginner and the connoisseur.

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Aeropress Bundle Kit

Image of AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker   Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee without Bitterness   1 to 3 Cups Per PressingAvailable on Amazon, $29.95

Invented in the early 2000s, this popular brewing device makes a range of styles, such as espresso-like brewed coffee, drip coffee, cold brew, and many more. With the thousands of Aeropress recipes available online, this affordable device is a useful and versatile choice.

Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle (Beginner)

Image of Bonavita 1.0L Electric Kettle Featuring Gooseneck Spout, BV3825BAvailable on Amazon, $60

If you read my post on pour over coffee, then you know having a gooseneck kettle is necessary for even water flow. This 1-liter electric kettle allows slow, precise pouring control, which is great for brewing coffee and tea at home. This kettle features an ergonomic design and an auto shut-off when the water boils. Not only is it affordable, but there’s also a 2 year warranty.

Fellow EKG Stagg Kettle (Upgrade)

Image of Fellow STAGG EKGAvailable on Amazon, $159

A step up from the previous kettle! If you know someone who already has a gooseneck kettle, this is the perfect holiday present to up their pour over game. The EKG Stagg kettle is one of the coffee industry’s top rated electric gooseneck kettles, and is known for its sleek design and precise, unbeatable temperature control. Plus, it looks great on your kitchen counter even when you’re not about to brew up a cup of something delicious.

Atmos Vacuum Canister by Fellow

Image of ATMOS VACUUM CANISTERAvailable on Fellow, $30

Oxygen, moisture, and odor can make your coffee stale within hours of exposure to air. The Atmos vacuum canister eliminates all three of those factors. With just a twisting motion of the lid, you can create a vacuum-sealed environment that extends your coffee’s shelf life by 50%. Available in many sizes, this canister is also great for other things besides coffee – cereal, nuts, cookies, etc.

Brew: Better Coffee At Home (Hardcover)

Image of Brew: Better Coffee At Home Hardcover

Available on Amazon, $25

A great coffee table book – or coffee coffee table book, if you will. I have this hardcover in my living room, and it never fails to entertain and educate guests. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and informative on the coffee basics, it features simple how-tos for different brewing methods, recipes for coffee cocktails, and much more.

Presse Coffee & Tea Maker

Image of Presse by bobble Coffee & Tea Maker, Press Coffee Maker, Travel Tumbler, Stainless Steel, On the Go Brewer, Brew Press & Go, Portable Coffee Brewer and Tumbler in One, 13 oz., Black

Available on Amazon, $25

For the friend who is always on the go – whether they’re a coffee or a tea drinker. This 13oz all-in-one brewer and tumbler features a plunger system similar to a French press that brews a delicious, full-bodied cup of your favorite hot beverage. The signature microfilter keeps out grit and prevents over-brewing, keeping your cup deliciously consistent (and consistently delicious) until the last drop. It’s available in many colors.

Coffee Scale

Image of ERAVSOW Digital Hand Drip Coffee Scale Stainless steel precision sensors Kitchen Food Scale With Timer Weight LCD Display & Hanger Hole 6.6lb/3kg Black Batteries IncludeAvailable on Amazon, $18

If you read my four coffee fundamentals, one of the tools I recommend for anyone interested in making great coffee at home is a kitchen scale. A scale provides consistent ratio of coffee to water, which is useful when you’re scaling your usual recipe up (or down) to accommodate different sized crowds. This scale is a great one to start with, as it features a built-in timer and measures in both ounces and grams.

Chocolate and Coffee Flight

Image of Bean Box   Deluxe Coffee + Chocolate Gift Box   Whole BeanAvailable on Amazon, $69

This one is one of my favorite gifts to give to friends, and a fun set to enjoy solo or as a group. Just like wine, coffee has flavor notes that pair well with certain foods – like chocolate, for example. This bean box includes handpicked fresh roasted whole bean arabica coffee from Seattle’s local specialty coffee roasters, paired with an array of chocolates to create a perfect symphony for the palate.

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Image of Blue Bottle coffee subscription box

Available on Blue Bottle, starting at $11

Blue Bottle is known for its unparalleled quality of blends, single origin coffees, and espressos – all sourced by hand. Blue Bottle roasts each bag of coffee per order and ships within 48 hours, ensuring the recipient will enjoy only fresh, delicious beans. You can modify the frequency and amount of coffee in each kit depending on the recipient’s brewing habits.

Capresso Burr Grinder (Entry)

Image of Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr, Black

Available on Amazon, $98

Fresh coffee isn’t fresh coffee without freshly ground beans. Get this for your friend who is brewing with pre-ground coffee or store-bought Folgers. This coffee grinder has commercial-grade conical steel grinders, designed for precision grinding. It also features an adjustable grind setting, from ultra fine Turkish coffee to a coarse cold brew grind. Having a grinder allows you to grind coffee in small batches, which ensures each cup will be as fresh as possible.

Baratza Encore Burr Grinder (Upgrade)

Image of Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Available on Amazon, $170

The Baratza Encore grinder is one of the most trusted and popular home coffee grinders available. Known for producing consistent grind sizes, this grinder will make anybody’s cup of coffee better. It’s the perfect holiday present for a best friend (or yourself)!

What coffee-related items are you gifting this year – and which ones are you hoping to unwrap? Let us know in the comments.

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John David is a barista and a coffee blogger. He has worked in the coffee industry for 5 years, spanning from a barista and trainer in the cafe, to working in marketing within the industry. He currently lives in San Francisco, CA.