The $29 Uniqlo Harrington Jacket

In a few spots in the country, spring is finally deciding to wake up and get to work. We've been caught in an extended “shoulder season,” a term the travel industry uses to refer to the time between peak travel seasons. In fashion, it's those frustrating few weeks when, like my hometown in central Pennsylvania that I'm visiting this week, is 35 degrees today and expected to be 89 degrees on Thursday, cycling between snow, rain, and desert-like sun.

For that, you need a jacket that can traverse temperature swings and keep you dry without bulk. Enter the classic Harrington jacket. Made famous by the likes of James Dean, JFK, Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, and Craig's James Bond, the Harrington jacket has long been a staple of well-dressed men with a few dashes of edge.

The problem though? The original Baracuta G4 can go upwards of $400, and more budget alternatives have such a loose, blousy fit you feel like an old man on a golf course wearing it.

That's why I was so excited to stumble across Uniqlo's budget Harrington option that rings up at only $29.90 full price. It fits slim in the arms and torso, and has a waterproof coating on its matte finish. And, the design features raglan sleeves – which I love on everything from t-shirts to sweaters – a feature of the original that often gets replaced for standard sleeves on lookalikes.

Available in olive, khaki, and navy. Pick one up in store or on

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  • Patrick Farabaugh

    I have been thinking about getting that jacket but I know the style is that the lower part sits pretty high on the waist and it keeps me from pulling the trigger on it since I would worry about how few shirts I have that are short enough not to poke out too much from the bottom. How tall are you and what size did you wear?


  • diversification

    The thing that always keeps me from buying a G4 style jacket is the elastic at the waist, which often creates a muffin top type of look for guy who are more of a slim build than athletic. Having said that, I do like the style of the jacket, so I keep my eye out for versions without the waistband. I found one about 4 or 5 years ago at JCPenney that I grabbed for cheap and looks much better than a normal G4 style on me, however I’m still on the lookout for one in Navy and/or tan.

    • harry_options

      Uniqlo does have an alternative Harrington jacket without elastic, but not the exact same as this one (good & bad). It’s on sale for $49.90 (reg $69.90). No comment on the model’s “style”.

      Also, the version reviewed here is a sale price at $29.90 – $49.90 is full price.

      • diversification

        Thanks for the tip, that is what I was talking about. I just wish they had it an a different color than that brown.

  • Chris Taylor

    I ordered the khaki one yesterday in large. I’ve never bought anything from Uniqlo so I’m hoping it fits.

  • Zac Silk

    I’ve got a pair of Harrington jackets, one in black and the other is navy. They’re perfect for these in between season, and are my go to jacket, when I’m about to head out.

    I’d like to give Uniqlo’s olive jacket a try, I’ve got an olive field jacket but an olive Harrington would be a nice change of pace.

    • Andrew

      Love this look!

      • Zac Silk

        Thanks Andrew, same to you, some really great looks above.

        I can’t wait to see you feature the grey jeans from the Thursday loafers article. They’d work really well with the green of the Harrington.

  • Rob

    I just got this jacket on Saturday. It’s a trim, comfy fit, and definitely not blousy. My one disappointment is that it only has a partial tartan lining, unlike the traditional Baracuta.

    • Bob

      That was my thought. I don’t like Harrington’s where the tartan (or check) lining doesn’t bleed to the zipper. When the zipper is down 4-5 inches, you should be able to easily see the lining.

  • Ross

    Disappointing that the normal sizes, medium, and large etc. are all sold out in each color other than khaki

    • Andrew

      They were in stock before I posted 😅

    • Andrew
    • Andrew

      Also check a local store if you have one nearby, they had plenty when I bought mine.

      • Ross

        Thanks Andrew,

        I was wondering if I could get your thoughts or opinion on something else:

        I’m a very staple and neutral essentials shopper with a tendency to be on the minimalist side of things. I hate logos and labels so I have had a lot of luck with Old Navy clothing. In fact the majority of my clothing is either Old Navy and Target’s Goodfellow and Co. I like the style and obviously the price, but should I be concerned with lack of quality from either of these brands because of the affordable prices and is it frowned upon as being ‘non-adult’ or ‘lacking class or style’ if I stick with these brands. Will other adults, my peers, and most importantly the ladies, look down on my wearing these brands? I could use your thoughts and opinion on this issue. Thanks!

    • Ben Clark

      I was about to comment the same, just saw the post on my Instagram feed then got disappointed when the only colour in normal sizes in stock was the old man beige. Also seems that their Canadian site doesn’t do online ordering and the nearest store is 3 hours away in Toronto.

  • Bernardo

    Hey Andrew! Loved the jakcet and the outfits. What size are you wearing in the pictures and what are your stats at the moment? Thank you for sharing!

  • Joseph Padilla

    I SO regret not getting the olive green Harrington when it was still available. And to think, when I tried it out, the small size fit me quite well! I’m a medium in shirts but small in outerwear hits the right spot for me.

  • Caesar Merlin

    but is it warm?

    • Rob

      It’s not all that warm, but it isn’t supposed to be.