The $29 Uniqlo Harrington Jacket

In a few spots in the country, spring is finally deciding to wake up and get to work. We've been caught in an extended “shoulder season,” a term the travel industry uses to refer to the time between peak travel seasons. In fashion, it's those frustrating few weeks when, like my hometown in central Pennsylvania that I'm visiting this week, is 35 degrees today and expected to be 89 degrees on Thursday, cycling between snow, rain, and desert-like sun.

For that, you need a jacket that can traverse temperature swings and keep you dry without bulk. Enter the classic Harrington jacket. Made famous by the likes of James Dean, JFK, Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, and Craig's James Bond, the Harrington jacket has long been a staple of well-dressed men with a few dashes of edge.

The problem though? The original Baracuta G4 can go upwards of $400, and more budget alternatives have such a loose, blousy fit you feel like an old man on a golf course wearing it.

That's why I was so excited to stumble across Uniqlo's budget Harrington option that rings up at only $29.90 full price. It fits slim in the arms and torso, and has a waterproof coating on its matte finish. And, the design features raglan sleeves – which I love on everything from t-shirts to sweaters – a feature of the original that often gets replaced for standard sleeves on lookalikes.

Available in olive, khaki, and navy. Pick one up in store or on

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Andrew Snavely

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