Spruce Up Your Home Bar With These 6 Free Vector Cocktail & Alcohol Patents

Our latest collection of free art you can download and print at whatever size you need it.

Art and Wall

Nobody wants a home with empty walls. And nobody wants to drop tons of money on art and frames. Known in high brow academic circles as the Primer Print Paradox, the PPP (or P3 for our UK readers), is a frustrating condition that afflicts 97.428% of dwellings housing men between the ages of 23 and 35. According to one notable, highly scientific study not based on my own experience, if someone doesn't hang art in their new apartment or home within 3 weeks of moving in, chances are they never will.

That's why the scholastic minds of the Primer World Problem Solving Institute unanimously voted to turn away from the melting ice caps and instead drop some serious mental know-how in tackling the PPP head-on.

The result is a solution so obvious it's hard to believe it took humanity this long to recognize it. Some deride it as Home Decor Communism, others an overlooked loophole by high-priced interior decor conglomerates. Whatever your politics, Primer's Free Art Printable Series is the answer to your bare walls you've been looking for.

For over 5 years, Primer has been sourcing beautiful public domain photography and graphics, as well as designing things in-house, and prepping them to be downloaded and printed by you. Most are giant or vectors, meaning they can be infinitely scaled, allowing you to take advantage of the cornerstone conflict of the Primer Print Paradox: Wall decor is so expensive because we must take the art we buy, in whatever size it comes, and try to find a frame that fits it. We either end up wasting a lot of time trying to find a frugal option, or we end up spending a ton of money having it professionally framed. The result is paying a lot for the art and a lot for the frame.

Our philosophy says start with the frame first. This allows you to find budget options that fit the space you're looking to fill. From there, downloading and printing our versatilely sized free printables at a place like Costco chisels huge chunks off the price of what it would normally cost to decorate your place.

Today, the Primer World Problem Solving Institute proudly releases our latest set of free art printables: A collection of vintage patents showcasing the invention or innovation of essential cocktail and alcohol tools like the whiskey still, cork extractor, jigger, and more.

Offered as PDFs, these vectorized patents can be printed as big as you can find paper for. Showcase as a series or pick your favorite – however you end up displaying them, take pride in the fact that you've tricked all your guests into thinking you've dropped a ton of cash on filling your walls.

If you print them, we'd love to see a photo of how you used them! Share a pic in the comments or tag @primermagazine on Instagram or @primermag on Twitter!
Download the Patent Series

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Cocktail Shaker – Filed September 27, 1935

cocktail shaker patent art download

Cork Extractor – Filed October 29, 1928

cork extractor patent art download

Jigger – Patented September 5, 1893

cocktail jigger patent art download

Cocktail Strainer & Mixer – Filed October 4, 1902

cocktail strainer patent art download

Whisky Still – Filed August 27, 1906

Whiskey still patent art download

Keg or Barrel – Filed November 18, 1897

whiskey wine barrel patent art download

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