This Frozen Pizza Only Has 8g Carbs Because the Crust is Made Out of Chicken (+50 grams Protein)

Check out this fast, low-carb, gluten-free alternative to regular frozen pizza.

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Hey guys, I wanted to share a personal tip I’m excited about. I’ve been eating low carb for more than six weeks now and the impact on my productivity and weight maintenance has been outstanding.

I have more energy throughout the day, and because I’m consuming less carbs I avoid that post-lunch blood sugar crash. It’s also been easier to achieve and maintain my target weight. All in all, a big success.

But wins don’t come free. The challenge to eating low carb is probably familiar to a lot of you: how do you find high-protein foods that are fast, healthy (or healthy enough), fill you up, and don’t break the bank? Carbs are literally in, like, everything man.

A few weeks ago I randomly saw an ad on Instagram (You follow Primer, right?) for Real Good Pizza that boasted 4g carbs. Their product locater showed it was available at the Ralph's around the block so I gave it a try.

The standout feature: the crust isn’t bread. It’s chicken.

I know it sounds like some Frankenstein of food science, but I was curious.

The large pizzas come in at a whopping 50 grams of protein and just 8 grams of carbs. That’s not per serving – that’s the entire 6″ pizza.

Real Good pizzas are the bizarro inverted image of pizza you normally eat, which has a massive amount of carbs and a measly afterthought of protein.

Real Good Pizza Co

So how does it actually taste?

Look, it’s still a frozen pizza. It's not revolutionizing the pie. The sauce is typical and generic and the chicken crust doesn’t taste much like pizza crust or chicken (or really much of anything).

But for a quick, easy meal that takes less than 5 minutes and is low carb/high protein, it's incredible. If you're able to enjoy other regular frozen pizza, then this will be awesome for you.

real pizza co chicken crust

Easy Enhancements

I do some things to punch it up:

  • Add basil, peppers, green onions, and garlic powder to enhance taste and freshness.
  • The instructions say most people prefer to eat them right out of the microwave but I found the results to be soggy.
  • Instead, cook it for 3.5 minutes in the microwave, and then bring a cast iron skillet up to high heat with a dab of butter and brown the crust to make it a little crispier

real good pizza three cheese chicken crust pizza

real good pizza nutrition

A great option for fast, high-protein eating

Don’t get me wrong: there are a lot of great options for eating high protein, high fat, and low carb. And you should definitely endeavor to eat fresh, whole foods as often as possible.

I love the Real Good Pizza for exactly what it’s good for: You want something fast and easy that isn't the typical keto fare. Chicken-crust pizza: mission accomplished.

Click here to find them at a local store or order online.

What are your favorite low carb foods or recipes? Tell me in the comments!

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