The Shirt Company with 75 Sizes Has a New 4 Way Stretch Performance Fabric

The Shirt Company with 75 Sizes Has a New 4 Way Stretch Performance Fabric
The look and feel of a dress shirt – with the comfort of a t-shirt.
Stantt Logo I'm constantly frustrated with off-the-rack shirts that are stiff, hot, and wrinkle easily so I'm proud to partner with Stantt on this post, go check out their Kickstarter campaign for their brand new performance dress shirts!

What is this?

A Dress Shirt Engineered Like Performance Clothing

It's a lazy Saturday morning. You're up early, drinking your coffee, and catching up on the Primer articles you missed that week. What are you wearing?

If you're like me, probably your favorite pair of stretchy, performance exercise pants and a t-shirt. Why? Well, beyond that I know no one is going to see me, it's because ease and comfort are a priority. When we have to dress up – for work, a date, a wedding – social utility takes priority. And for the entire existence of dress shirts, that sharp style came in exchange of comfort.

But what if there could be a chameleon dress shirt? One that looks sharp and pressed and classic, but is actually a stretch, moisture-wicking performance shirt?

For over 1 year Stantt worked with the most advanced fabric mill in the world to apply the latest sportswear technology to the man's dress shirt. The blended materials and the proprietary weaving process make for a classically crisp dress shirt, with the stretch and all day comfort of your favorite top performance gear.  This new fabric we're talking about is called ComforTex, and it features four-way stretch, which allows for a perfect fit without restricting movement or sacrificing comfort. It's akin to the highly flexible, functional, and comfortable clothing you wear to work out (or lounge around on a Saturday) – but now you can wear it to the office.

ComforTex fabric also addresses some of the most annoying things about traditional dress shirts: how much maintenance they require. Because it's made from a performance fabric traditionally used for high intensity exercise, it boasts superior moisture-wicking and quick drying features, which means no more worrying about back sweat or pit stains before those big meetings.

The shirts are also wrinkle-free and for me, wrinkle-free equals stress-free. This is a dress shirt you can just toss in the wash, and it’ll dry before you know it. No more pressing, starching, and adding to your collection of the world's largest supply of wire hangers from the dry cleaner. And it's easier on the wallet in the long run.

The Kickstarter campaign launched on October 7th, 2017 and will run through December 8th, 2017. Stantt needs your help to bring fabric technology to life! You can save 30% by getting in now. And with a system that provides 75 sizes, they guarantee a perfect fit with free exchanges and returns.

Click here to join Stantt's Kickstarter!

stantt performance shirt

An Evolution in Sizing Has Arrived

Where did small, medium, and large come from?

Simply put – how did we get the five to seven mass-produced clothing sizes we all have to squeeze in to (or swim inside) today? It's a simple question with a complex answer.

Standardized sizes apparently didn't come in to wide use until the 1940s and 50s, when clothing manufacturers supplied a rapidly expanding middle class with off-the-rack sizes based on statistical data.

Of course, manufacturers have modified, deviated, and refined their systems since then, but pause and think about that for second.

The basis for the S-XXL system we have now was created over 70 years ago. Isn't it time for some evolution? 

men's dress shirt sizes

There are more than 4 men's body types – shouldn't there be more than 4 sizes?

The clothing industry came of age offering Small, Medium, and Large, and along the way everyone who didn't fit into them perfectly got left behind. If the neck fits, the sleeves are too long. Or too short. Or for the chest and shoulders to fit, you have to deal with a billowing waist.

But there's a company who's doing something about it.

I know I'm not the first guy to wish there were more than just those 4 sizes. So how about 75 different sizes?

This is what compelled Stantt founders Kirk Keel and Matt Hornbuckle to offer a better, data-driven solution by using a proprietary database of 3D body scans to identify men’s body types all across America – and with these sizing profiles, they created 75 distinct shirt sizes, guaranteeing a perfect fit for 98% of men.

After more than a year of development with one of the most advanced fabric mills in the world, Stantt is rolling out a newly engineered sportswear fabric with one thing in mind: comfort.

Photos of the founders of Stantt

Stantt's founders, Kirk Keel and Matt HornBuckle

Finding your Stantt size only requires 3 simple inputs: chest, waist, and sleeve. And while most made-to-measure shirts take 3-6 weeks, Stantt shirts arrive in 7 days – with free shipping, free exchanges, and free returns, so there's no risk to trying them out.

Bottom line: Stantt gives you the perfect tailored fit of a custom shirt, for less hassle, less money, and in a lot less time. Check out their Kickstarter page for the new ComforTex dress shirts, and save 30% off retail.

What's your biggest frustration with the industry's 4-sizes-fits-all system? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pyung Kim

In addition to being an avid Primer reader, Pyung Kim is a Los-Angeles based writer / filmmaker who firmly believes that clothes and fit make the man.