Stafford Deacon Wingtip Leather Boots On Sale for $39.99

Stafford Deacon Wingtip Leather Boots On Sale for $39.99
The internet's favorite pair of affordable full-grain leather wingtip boots are 60% off at JCPenney.

The Stafford Deacon is currently on sale at JC Penney for as low as $39.99.

The sale price is actually $49.99, but applying the coupon code “27DEALS” gives you an additional $10 off (for orders of $25 or more).

I consider that an absolute steal since these originally retail for $100- $120. With the sale and the coupon code, you're not going to see these for lower than $39.99 – and you'd be hard pressed to find any similar leather boots at a comparable price.

Leather wingtip boots can be dressed up or dressed down. They're an easy way to instantly add versatility (not to mention a touch of class) to your wardrobe, pairing well with all kinds of trousers, chinos, or jeans. Several of my Getups and outfits have featured the Stafford Deacon. The pair I own are in cognac, and they're a personal favorite of mine.

Stafford Deacon Wingtip Leather Boot

Stafford Deacon on sale now

Stafford was launched as a house line for JCPenney in 1991, following a long tradition of other successful house lines that began over a century ago when store founder James Cash Penney first started his own private brands because he couldn't find the quality he wanted from other suppliers. According to John Tighe who currently heads the men's division at J.C. Penney, Stafford is now the fourth largest tailored clothing brand in the U.S. But what began as men's tailored clothing and suits has expanded in recent years to include a vast universe of business casual shirts, pants, accessories, and shoes.

I've been a fan of the Stafford brand since high school. What I love about their Deacon boot (aside from its simple, classic look) is its democratic price tag, which is probably one of the reasons this shoe has been so popular within the internet style community. I picked mine up for $60 – and I thought that was a good deal!

Click here to pick up the Stafford Deacon boot

Stafford deacon wingtip boot

Check out this full Getup, and see a bunch of other ways to wear dark gray jeans!

  • Toro

    I took a look at these and have to say that their craftsmanship is pretty shabby – they are stitched together crooked, and they fit poorly.

    I’m not willing the shell out the money for a pair of Thousand Miles or Iron Rangers, but in this case, you definitely get what you pay for: literally cheap…and figuratively cheap

    • Andrew

      Interesting! I haven’t had that experience, mine are pretty comfortable. They are definitely budget boots that I wouldn’t pay the $120 full price for, but at this sale price it’s good.

      • Toro

        In all honesty, I tried on the cap toe version, so maybe they made improvements or changes despite looking almost identical. the toe caps were so crooked, it looked like i was pigeon-toed, and I had to tighten the laces so much the wings of the uppers touched, despite being the proper sole size.

        Definitely not worth $120, but that is a good sale price for anyone who is or needs to be frugal. I would advise people make sure they fit well before purchasing regardless.

        • browneagle44 ロベルト

          I’m in the same boat as Andy- my wingtips are still looking good two years in, were made well and fit well to boot (ha! pun.)

          They might pull and Old Navy and change manufacturers every now and again, but I hope not. The Deacon is a win in my book, and it would be a shame if they let the quality slide.

          • Toro

            maybe I’ll have to go give them a second look

        • rogun

          I’ve also tried some on in the store and I agree with you. The way the uppers touch prove that it’s a poor fitting boot and I can’t stand how that looks. The leather felt like plastic, which is okay if you’re willing put in the work to fix that, but I’m not. I chalk these up to another case of internet youngsters not knowing what the hell they’re talking about.

      • aarrrrrimapirate

        They’re made in two different countries. I think the Bangladesh made ones are pretty high quality (I had a pair that were in great shape for like 4 years) while the Indian ones are terrible.

  • Ben

    I wear size 15. If anyone knows of a similar brand in that sizw please respond.

  • TrumpJobs

    These are not the best fitting boots around the ankles, but at $40 its worthwhile if on a budget. They do look nice enough for the price and you can experiment by weathering them, staining them, etc. I think you covered that in previously articles about these boots.

    Andrew, you do a great job alerting us to important deals & more. Believe me!

  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    @andrewsnavely:disqus you can save more than 39 if you use 27shop – picked up a pair for $37.49 (with ship to store) just now!

    • Harris-Mikell

      Same. Fully loaded I picked up mine for $40.00. Bought them on faith in you @andrewsnavely:disqus . Excited to see them in person.

  • cv17

    I typically wear a 10 1/2 for most shoes and a 9 1/2 in Clark’s desert boots, what size do you recommend I try for these shoes?

    • Andrew

      I’m a 9.5 in Desert boots and my Stafford Deacons are also 9.5.

      • cv17

        Thanks Andrew, they came yesterday and look great! The fit was spot, thanks for the recommendation and keep up the great work!

        • Andrew

          Oh nice! So happy it worked out. 🙂

  • Seth Carnett

    Those shoe’s are actually cheap but they’ll make a profit on it… a very small one but they’ll get extras on the sides… I’m not totally in love with them but they are a nice looking pair!

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  • Eric Gay

    Just wanted to revisit this to say I still wear these boots 2-3 times a week. Still look and feel great.

    • Andrew

      Thats so awesome to hear! 😀