Really This Time: Nike Killshots Return to J.Crew March 1st – Official Announcement

Really This Time: Nike Killshots Return to J.Crew March 1st – Official Announcement
J.Crew confirmed! With a special pre-sale event in LA and NYC.

Coming straight from the horse's mouth this time, J.Crew Men's Instagram account posted an announcement that the Killshots were being pulled from retirement and returning to stores on March 1st. Even better, for gents living in New York and LA, J.Crew is having a pre-sale event on Saturday February 25th where you can sign up for free and be one of the first to buy the shoes. You can get a free ticket here.

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The Nike Killshot sneaker has grown a crazy cult following over the last few years. A classic model that originally debuted 40 years ago, head menswear designer Frank Muytjens cemented its cult status with a fashionable 2009 revival, the Killshot 2. The vintage-inspired update retains all the timeless appeal of the ’70s original. Online menswear forums like Reddit's MaleFashionAdvice have had a love/anxiety relationship with the model because of the shoe's incredible versatility but limited availability. People have even sold them on eBay for 2-3 times the original amount.

The Killshot features a golden gum sole, giving the low profile shoe a unique appearance without make it look flashy or out of place in your otherwise smart casual outfit.

Check out some Nike Killshot 2 outfit inspiration photos below.

Nike Killshot 2 outfit

Nike Killshot 2

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  • BovineTipper

    Exciting news! Been wishing I had got some back when they were stocked.

  • Magru85

    Just as a heads up the pre-sale event in LA is sold out already

  • Lewis


  • Lewis

    Do they go on sale online at midnight on the 1st?

  • Brian

    cool looking, but probably the least comfortable shoes I own

  • Brandon Atkins

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about. These shoes are average looking at best.

  • Mike Wargo

    Unfortunately, they are already sold out. i was up at 3am central time and they were already sold out of size. Three hours later, completely out of stock

    • Omar Velaochaga

      Are you interested in buying a pair? What size are you?

      • Mike Wargo

        Maybe. I’m a 12 in converse, so probably 13 in nike

  • Omar

    Just got a pair at my local JCrew!

  • Jordan Laman

    Walked in and started to ask if they had them in. Before I even mentioned the meme shots the associate was like “What size you want?”

  • Matt M

    Thankfully I was able to pick up a pair at the Grove over the weekend. The online raffle said they were sold out of the 50, but they had plenty of sizes when I walked in.

    Everything sold out within minutes online yesterday, but my local J Crew store still had a bunch. Picked up 2 pair so now I have a beater pair and a pristine pair.

  • Sean

    just FYI, I walked into a J. Crew on 3/13 and walked out with a pair. Best day ever.

  • Hugo Berrios

    Have recieved Yeezy V2 ZEBRA with 30% discount on , perfeeect kicks!!! paid via Paypal.